#WIPWEDNESDAY Chosen Witch Axes

Keeping up with showing my WIPs.

That’s right I am doing some Witch Doctor Dwarves.

I mean Fyreslayers are already naked.

May as well give some of them some grass skirts and the leader a voodoo mask…

Next stage is to do some weapon swaps



Leader gets a mask because why not…



Who knew the GSW tentacle maker, would make such amazing grass skirts!!


The Noble Knights of Nawing

It’s been ages since I showed any WIPs or ideas as just become very focused about end product. Hoping to make a change to that as well who needs real life 😉

So behold the mighty knights of my Flesh Eater Court. First up Lord Nawing himself, Sir Archibald Dinar and his trusty mount C’Hop..


So obviously this was picked up on the cheap and needed some TLC. So I have magged up the wings for easier transport and such a noble steed needed to have his masters colours on him so he has a lovely Caparison.


Archie is also magged to his steed for when he wants to go it alone, but figuring out if he needs armour as well, he will be getting a flowing cape at some point!


Having such a steed for so many battles has left scares and C’Hop is no exception, after losing an eye his master had the best blacksmiths in the land craft a faceplate to protect him from further harm..


We also have the first unit of bodyguard for the Lord and don’t they look magnificent in their robes of refinement!



Shaltari go fabulous!!

So I have been busy lately sticking some colour on things. Plus after some thoughts about making this blog a little more live rather than I have in the past. 

Here is my WIP of my Shaltari for DFC

All the red 🙂

Which is actually turning out to be an easy job just lots of stages. So this is a brass basecoat and nuln oil wash. Then a seal followed finally by pink elephants…..

Sorry I meant Tamiya Clear Red….boy is that stuff some gooooood shit 😉

Now comes the hard part carefully  adding details with messing up this won’t go well.

Gremlin City #WIP

More work in the gremlin houses. We now have some colour on them 🙂

Which means next week we can start adding even more and get these table ready. I am hoping another weeks worth of lunch times and will have these done and ready.