Last chance to win a gaming mat (in lovely wipe clean vinyl) all thanks to BoardMatz!!!

You can win either a 3×3 or a 4×4 WAAC mat! You have 12 hours from time of posting so lets make it count..

Also remember they also sell them at a great rate which also gives to WAAC as well, so why not enter the competition AND buy for loads of money to fight cancer!!


  1. 1 Raffle ticket = £1 donation to
  2. Multiple purchases are fine (MOAR tickets = MOAR chances) so feel free to give me all your monies 😉
  3. When you donate please ensure that you say Mat Raffle in the comments
  4. Please make sure JustGiving have your email (you may need to log in) as I will need those emails to contact the winner. IF you don’t want them to have your email feel free to drop me a DM on social media.
  5. The raffle will close at midnight (BST)  8th of July 2016 to allow BoardMatz chance to do the draw.
  6. Winners will be contacted asap after the draw is made.
  7. Please remember if you are entering OUTSIDE of the UK then you will need to cover postage.
  8. I am not responsible for rules governing other countries, with regards raffles/gambling so you as individuals will need to take responsibility for those not me.
  9. Finally remember WAAC has a new meaning Wargamers All Against Cancer!

Herne and Jonne

Although BCB is now passed here is some more of the painting I managed to get done for it 🙂



Time to diffuse the situation………Thank you I am here all week try the fish!!

I have yet to use the Vector at moment he is still very new to me, but on paper he is certainly an interesting one to play with 🙂

Floaty Vectors

Finally got one of these guys done and magnetised no less. Although I havent got al 3 options open to me which is a shame plus the heads proved harder than I thought so just plain old one choice in that department.