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Steelsoul Protector

The special boozy SSP is a great little model that I really like.


Carrying on with my look at the Cephalyx models, this time the leader of all the Dominator. An unusal model as he is a Ranking Officer that opens up any (small/medium) non-cephalyx unit into a Cephalyx list


Like the other Cephalyx you come across they can hit reasonable well and their DEF is ok but they suffer the low ARM and the weapons wont scratch much thankfully they do have Anatomical Precision as well.


They Grant some nice abilities to the unit they take over (lets face it, they aint using strong character and leadership to move the unit around) with both Fearless and Tough being excellent abilities to hand out to any of the Merc units. To add to the survivability of the Dominator you also get Sacrificial Pawn as well which should help protect him as when he dies it isn’t good for you.

He is the Linchpin which means if he is killed then the unit loses fearless for a turn AND will immediately flee. I really like this rule as it is a great fluffy rule as the controller dies the unit suddenly ‘wakes up’.


So out of the box which units will help bring something to the Cephalyx that they don’t already have (we can ignore Cavalry as they aren’t allowed anyway). There are a lot of units so bear with me;

  • Press Gangers – They bring some advance deployment and range attacks to the army and will benefit from fearless but they already have tough.
  • Sea Dog Boarding Crew – As the Pressgangers, they bring range threat and enjoy being under control for the tough and fearless. They need some help so you will probably be looking at using their UA (Mr. Walls) and WA (Rifleman)
  • Sea Dog Deck Gun – Cheap long range gun but there is a slightly better option elsewhere.
  • Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt – They have a great boost to damage through the Lady and Holt adds some range however with all the other Cephalyx sprays they don’t need to worry about magic weapons.
  • Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps & UA – Will grant plenty of shooting with the UA around, they can also be surprisingly quick as well.
  • Horgenhold Artillery Corps – Huge range on the gun and nice damage output, the point difference between this and the SD deck gun is probably worth it.
  • Horgenhold Forge Guard – Weapon masters which will love the tough and fearless, just a shame they are pretty slow.
  • Ogrun Assault Corps – They have range attack plus assault ability as well as. Plus they are medium bases, so ok blockers.
  • Tactical Arcanist Corps – They bring some cloud effects to hide crucial models (like Thexus) but also everyone loves fire.
  • Herne & Jonne – Lots of AoE shooting fun.
  • Precursor Knights & UA – Shield wall and pseudo- weapon master as well. They also ignore DEF/ARM buffs
  • Steelhead Halberdiers – They bring Reach but apart from that not much else they are another cheap unit.
  • Steelhead Riflemen – Having CRAs that can be rerolled make them dangerous.
  • Alexia Ciannor & the Risen – Lots and lots of chaff, really goes for the attrition list type.
  • Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs – They bring some knock down and additional damage against beasts/jacks, so tough and fearless will be very good for them, to get in.
  • Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters – The bring CRA with hunter as well as weapon masters when you need it. The low ARM means both tough and fearless help loads.
  • Dannon Blythe & Bull, The Bounty Hunters – They bring ability to have Prey in the list but not much else.
  • Greygore Boomhowler & Co. – They are already rocking the (super) tough but fearless is great. They are also great trample blockers.
  • Kayazy Assassins & UA – They bring Backstab and gang, while the UA helps with kill stroke. But like the Eliminators it’s the Dominator keeping up.
  • Kayazy Eliminators – Fast and Stealthy already so the additional bonuses are great, just difficult for the Dominator to keep up.
  • Croe’s Cutthroats – poison, back stab and bushwhack; Plus the benefit a lot from the tough and fearless.

So what is best for the Cephalyx to take bearing in mind they can only take 1 unit, 2 if you go tier with Thexus. At the moment I am liking the look of Croe’s Cutthroats as with poison and backstab on all their attacks with the manipulation of Thexus it could be a match made in heaven, especially against hordes. The Forge Guard with their weapon masters could be nasty, especially as he can protect them a little from shooting and helps with their slowness as he can bring enemies to them.

For a hard to shift unit I could see Boomhowlers being great at this as their built-in super tough and then fearless as well is a nice combo. Tactical Arcanist Corps with their clouds will also be very handy with keeping Thexus well hidden, well except against Legion. Then there is obviously the Nyss hunters that gain a lot from the Dominator and make them a little more scary.


After looking at the Man with the Brain Thexus, I figured better to look at his jacks…..sorry monstrosities.

To start with these guys are treated exactly like Warjacks however they are living and as such do not leave scrap markers.


All three guys have the same basic stats, so they are pretty average SPD for a heavy. While the MAT is also average while the RAT is on the low side. Their DEF is Khador Jack low, while their ARM is almost Cryx heavy low. This means that they are in an odd place as their DEF and ARM are both pretty rubbish for what is a heavy jack.

However what does really help this is the huge number of damage boxes. They have a full set, that’s right a total of 36 boxes, which is a crazy amount of damage. These guys take damage pretty easily BUT they can take a lot of damage.

Another nice bonus for them, is eyeless sight which is great when having to deal with those cloud problems. Something to remember that can be an issue with Hexeris is that Thexus will not be able to ignore the clouds when using the Monstrosities as arc nodes.


The range choice from the 3 big guys. He comes with a Net Launcher which is a low range AoE attack that does no damage.

But what it does give is Quake which allows you to knock down everything in the AoE on a direct hit (shame it is only a small one). While Catch allows you to drag the direct hit target and then hit them with the Impaling Blade for free. This melee weapon is an OK attack for a heavy not terrifying but OK.

The Subduer suffers from low stats to hit with both weapons (although with the knock down this is mitigated a little). If you want to hit something then you will need to boost in general, however like all monstrosities you will need an Agitator which will come to later..


The cheapest choice of the 3, coming in with 3 attacks 2 Mecha Fist and Head Plate all at the same low (like medium infantry level) P&S, again the Agitator helps mitigate this but what helps the Warden is its other rules.

It has 2 open fists for those double-handed throws when you need them, its head is also a Buckler :) which makes its armour almost worthwhile..

The Head is then where it’s all at as it is Hard Head which allows you to hit a big harder for head-butts and slams. Speaking of Slams we also have Grand Slam and Follow Up, which makes the Warden slightly better on the focus and also lets it force a path through enemy lines for a possible spot to be an arc node for some spell assassinations.

Finally there is Shield Guard which is handy if you want the warden to protect other Cephalyx beyond Thexus himself.

Very cheap heavy that can with the right set up actually be pretty nasty..


The big hitter of the 3 with its two Ball & Chain weapons which are the highest P&S capable. Which also has Reach and Chain Weapon which is always nice. They also have Beat Back which in theory allows you to move him an additional 5 inches which can actual place the Wrecker where you need him.

The Wrecker also comes with a chain attack Bloodbath which allows for an additional attack for free which also is a thresher type of attack which can really help clear out support from around a heavy target.

Pretty simple Monstrosity really point, release and enjoy the carnage..


Now generally the monstrosities are cheap and the stats suggest this, however what makes them shine are the Agitator solos so it makes sense to add these into the post at the same time..


Very fast and squishy solo who is clearly a support solo really, although at a push they can hit stuff if need be. They have OK DEF and poor ARM but they do have Sacrificial Pawn [Monstrosity] which helps this lots and also they will be near the big guys naturally.


They have some Prosthetic Blades that is on the low side damage-wise but they do have Anatomical Precision which at least lets them take down normal infantry on their own.


The agitator comes with Fearless and Pathfinder which is standard for the Cephalyx, but what does make the Agitator worth the points is its Magic Ability which has a decent target number.

  • Influence – You will see this across all of the cephalyx really, as they do enjoy taking control of enemies.
  • Psychic Assault – Again another one that is popular across all of the Cephalyx, it is a nice magical attack which is a spray that is decent POW but also ignores LOS, which is very nasty.
  • Instigate – This is what makes the Agitators huge targets for your opponent, they hand out +2 to attack and damage rolls for ALL Drudges and Monstrosities close by. This is incredibly powerful and creates some nasty possibilities. But with the Monstrosities for this post in particular it makes them hit at very nice levels (character levels) and pushes the damage into more scary possibility particularly the Wrecker, but even the Warden with its 3 attacks make for a scary prospect.


Very unusual heavies so surprisingly cheap and yes their stats reflective this BUT those damage boxes are amazing!! They can take a hit so well. The Agitator is going to be the Choir for Cephalyx for the cost which in theory adds maybe a point to the cost of the monstrosities in a list it grants so much help with the Instigate ability, it does make the big guys very scary.

Obviously Thexus helps in a couple of ways, boosting DEF and ARM against shooting is helpful to deliver the big guys. While some healing and pseudo movement boosts also makes them a little bit more scary..

Bendy Boards Battle Board Review

Today I will be having a look at the new Battle Boards (cue thunder and lighting) from Bendy boards , you may remember when I looked at the crew boards which are suitable for Malifaux and other small skirmishers..

Well Mr Leee has expanded his scope and has now started creating BattleBoards which are daddy versions of the crew ones which will cover large model counts for say Warmachine and Hordes (or people with massive Malifaux collections *looks over at Marc*).

As most tournament tray business comes in from the US its nice to see UK-based availability of these sorts of trays. Lie all BB trays they have plenty of space for models but also the various paraphernalia, you need as well such as stat cards, dice, pens, tape measures etc. freeing up your hands for some juggling :)

You can see Leee has learnt much in the time between my reviews, as now we have a flat-pack arrive rather than the block that is the crew board.

The whole thing is very nice and clean and goes together very easily, even with my daft hands..

Some nice features worth mentioning are the support beams underneath the tray, they really add some rigidity to the tray and make it feel as solid as the block crew boards!!

There is also the lip around the tray although small, it is certainly high enough to help catch the minis before the fall when you do have a brain fart during a tournament..

As always we are provided with more than one type of board configuration and in my case I went with the ‘A’ board but you do get a further 3 choices as well. Below is the layouts on offer;

Battle board A

  • 1 x 120mm or 2 x 50mm and 2 x 30mm
  • 8 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 29 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 4 x 30mm

Battle board  B

  • 1 x 120mm or 7 x 30mm
  • 4 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 8 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 38 x 30mm

Battle board  C

  • 1 x 120mm or 7 x 30mm
  • 15 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 6 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 22 x 30mm

Battle board  D

  • 7 x 50mm or 40mm
  • 9 x 40mm or 30mm
  • 40 x 30mm

Plenty of variation across the different boards, in fact the only thing not catered for is those broken players who take 2 Prime Axioms……Colossals I meant all Colossals and Gargantuans.


Ignoring the drunk Angel (which the lip stopped btw) I can hold a fair amount of models in this tray with little fuss. So what about the price then? Well for the currently reduced price of £30 you can not go wrong!

Overall if you play Warmahordes (or another lipped base game) and need a tray to carry your miniatures from table to table, then the Bendy Boards one is what you want!

The only question I have left is do I theme the board up like my gremlin one…

Earthbreaker Review

Been a while since I have done a model review and boy is it a belter. The Rhulic Dwarves have themselves a colossal :D

The Box

As with all the PP boxes it is nice and shiny showing of the model in question.

I am impressed that they have managed to get all the kits into these boxes as I am sure it has been tight on a few of them ;)

The Bits

Once we get all the bits out of the box, what do we get?

A nice set of models, I have to say there is a large amount of resin compared to metal in this kit compared to others I have looked at. The standard stuff is of course the big ol’ 120mm base, stat cards, wreck marker and instruction diagram (forgot to take pics).

There is a large amount of pieces, but surprisingly this is down to the arms as we shall see..

The Pieces

With this kits the pieces are generally very nice as you would expect from the resin PP uses. What did surprise me is the amount of chunks of waste resin my kit had. I am not used to the large amount in here, yes it is less than some of the FW kits I have built but significantly more than other PP models I have done. The flash amount was on the low thankfully with only the odd bit here or there (some of it was noticeable though).

As mentioned the arm/shoulder sections are significant number of pieces in the kit, this is great though as the arm is very long and account for a lot of the width of the model so any metal on here would have made them pretty impossible to keep attached to the body. On the flip side the legs are only in 2 parts!!

The main body comes in 2 sections and feels surprisingly solid I actually think the is more to main hull/body than other kits I have come across. I have to say the level of detail on the one-pieces is awesome and PP are showing they have really got to grips with the resin..

Do think they would make great steampunk submarines ;)

Detailing on the back section is very nice for such a lump of resin!!!

The long arm sections appear to be the worse areas for the flash I have mentioned as you can see on the plate other long sections suffer a little as well.

Here is a pic of the waste which actually surprised me on this build.

The metal bits are nice and are really just small additions on this model over anything else.

The Build

This was a very simple build and went together quicker than the Stormwall and Prime Axoim. Although it was the most labour intensive build for the pliers!!













A lot of cutting is needed to get rid of the excess..












But the ending result is very nice and I have to say I like the kit a lot, my own reservation is the size of the arms!! Are they too big? Maybe but they look nasty!

You can see a little of the flash (maybe mold slip) on the longer sections, which is a shame.


Now for the standard scale shot. He is the squattest (it’s a word) of the colossals and as such maybe that is why he has the big arms.

He really is a beast!


Like the over Huge base models, he goes together pretty easily and from my experience probably the easiest of any of the PP models I have dealt with (maybe bias after dealing with clockwork angels recently).

The only misgiving is the size of the arms as they really do broaden the model significantly and with that body it is certainly the bulkest of the big models, especially if you ignore the shoulders on the Prime Axiom..

You can assume to see a lot of these guys on the table when facing the armies of the Rhul.

You can pick up your own Prime Axoim from The Outpost with 20% off RRP HERE

Exulon Thexus

Well, after winning Mr Thexus at the BCB, figured I may as well have a look at him….What this now means is I have a target for next years BCB for a pink army. Yep, I am going Merc well Cephalyx anyway. So what does the floating Brain bring to the table? Its been a while and I am incredibly rusty but lets have a little look shall we ;)


As a floating brain Thexus obviously gets pathfinder and he can actually move pretty well. Enough to keep up with the rest of the army while not needing to run so much. He has amazing amount of Focus which grants him a massive control area obviously. Then things start to go downhill a little, his RAT is very poor but he doesn’t shoot so that’s not too bad. His straight offensive abilities are based around average MAT and very poor Prosthetic Blades this guy should not be in combat or anywhere near combat.

Now defensively its also not so good, Thexus is basically part of the old man club with Nemo and Sevvy. Thankfully he doesn’t need to be anywhere the action with his control area.


Obviously he is a Merc who will work for Cryx but as for contracts he is Selective and as such will only be found in Cephalyx contracts. This means he can’t be found in other contracts to really mix up choices, it does make sense from the background.

As mentioned he is very squishy, even if he sat on all of his focus, so he has 2 things that help with this. He gets Sacrificial Pawn with his Monstrosities which helps against any range hurt coming his way. Spell Driver allows his Monstrosities to be arc nodes for a small amount of damage to them. So again keeping him out of melee range of most things, although extreme charges will catch him.

Further to support his pets there is Aggressive Reaction which allows his battlegroup to run/charge for free when an enemy model is in his control area. This adds a little focus efficiency from turn 2 onwards, allowing you to make sure your monstrosities are in the right area for some spell channelling or smashing face.


Thexus’ feat is Telekinetic Tide, which is pretty simple one. All enemy non-caster/lock models are pushed in any direction a small distance. A simple feat that is also incredibly powerful, with that huge control area means you can in theory catch nearly every enemy model. The 2 obvious things you can do is clear area for an assassination run but also to help clear an area to score on scenario.

However other possibilities are to pull a unit out of command range of the unit leader or pull stuff out of combat etc.


Interesting spell list for him, in that he has no upkeep spells which makes for some interesting choices.

  • Deceleration – His only direct buff for his army, gives a bonus to DEF and ARM against ranged attacks. Helps deliver your army as they don’t generally have a lot of shooting themselves.
  • Hex Blast – Thexus shooty spell that everyone will know. Probably only worth it against packed opponents (which is possible with the feat), It is also handy for setting up other things as it removes animi and upkeep spells.
  • Influence – A little bit situational as you again need models bunched up or they have reach but in the right instances (like the feat :D ) this can be nasty to use. Khador Demo Corps with back swing to hit 2 of his mates for instance..
  • Pyscho Surgery – This is a great spell as it heals all your monstrosities by the same possible amount as what the Spell Driver ability causes, which is incredibly helpful.
  • Rampager – Very powerful spell against Hordes, yes it cant target character beasts but all others are fair game. Allows you to take control and take one hit, not only is this nasty when used against a heavy hitter but you can ensure they are in position that is better for you.
  • Telekenisis – An incredibly powerful spell as it is a place you can change the facing of the model hit never mind the movement involved…Hands out those lovely back strike bonuses and also stops charges.


He is an pretty selfish caster with only deceleration around to protect his army not that he cares for such things, although he can at least heal his monstrosities as he abuses them.

But with his feat and spell list he can at least bring the enemy closer to where he wants them and on the odd occasion cause mischief within their ranks.

Currently the Cephalyx are a limited contract to take for Mercs but still pretty effective. As everything is so cheap with a mountain of muscle one choice or simply infantry spam. However it is very easy to run both in the same list as you can squeeze a lot into even 35 points (this is the size I am planning at the moment) as these 2 lists show.

  • Thexus +5
  • Subduer – 7
  • Warden – 6
  • Wrecker – 7
  • Agitators x2 – 4
  • Full Mind bender unit – 6
  • Full Mind slave unit – 6
  • Overlords – 4

Whilst at tier 4, it is possible for ambushing mind slave units.

  • Thexus +5
  • Warden – 6
  • Wrecker – 7
  • Agitators x2 – 2 (one free)
  • Full Mind bender unit – 6
  • min Mind slave unit x2 – 8
  • Dominator with Croe’s Cutthroats – 11

Both are pretty scary with at least 2 heavies and 20+ infantry each certainly nothing to be sneezed at. I am sure I will be looking at other Cephalyx choices in the coming weeks because I have not fallen under their spell at all….

Would be cool to here other peoples thoughts on the cave dwellers and how they have found them.


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