State of the Union (S3) – sBrisket

The first Seasoned player of the game and they chose Brisket! They are stealing my bad puns dammit!!


She is pretty fast not fish fast but she is not bad. Her TAC is average as is her DEF (with some ARM) and average captain INF generation. She has a decent KICK as well. So overall pretty average for a captain but it’s her abilities that make her tasty.

Legendary Play

Worthy Sacrifice – Interesting legendary, you can place (which is incredibly powerful before anything else) Brisket into base contact with a friendly model. The model then gets to make a large dodge, this has many possibilities that we couldn’t flag them up here but some obvious ones is allowing her to get a friendly model into a nice snap shot position but you could just as easy move a model that is in a spot of bother from being taken out, to just increasing a friendly model threat range. Imagine Fangtooth being 6” up the board in a position you opponent is not going to like.


Unpredictable Movement – Great defensive tech available to any model but be wary she only has 1” melee so anything with 2” will eat her up and spit her out!

Scores for Fun – Reduces her target number for goals during her activation. Which means if she gets near the goal for a tap-in she is laughing.

Goal of the Month – Allows her to get a Screamer if she gets any 2 successful dice rather than just 6s. Which makes going for bonus time shots MP neutral for her which is pretty powerful.


Decent playbook for her with good MP generation (4/5 columns although that 1 is in at the 1 position which is frustration when the dice fail). She does bring a little bit of damage from her butcher days but as a goal scorer she needs those dodges and she gets plenty of them. While a low momentous tackle (with dodge) is going to be very strong for her.


I’m Open – Costs 2 INF, She can make a friendly model pass her the ball for no INF cost. This is pretty strong as someone can collect the ball and not have enough INF to do anything with it. Along comes Brisket to get the ball from them and is it is a pass she can use teamwork plays from the generated momentum helping increase her threat range.

Route One – Costs 2 INF, This can make her incredibly fast as it grants a free jog towards and enemy with the ball. Can give her a huge threat range (which is non-linear), people wont want to hold the ball anywhere near her to slow her down. Which is going to be tricky with a 12” bubble around her.

With Aplomb – Costs 2 Guild Balls (4 hits), the next time she scores a goal you gain an additional VP. This is huge and very powerful, although the dream is to get this in her activation for the easier chance of a goal. Although as it isn’t activation only she can become pretty powerful for snap shots as well. 5 VP goals are something that are going to terrify your opponent use this to your advantage as they try to play around when this is up.


A goal-scoring machine, that doesn’t grant much for her team outside a legendary push and access to some team work pushes if they pass the ball to her. Her goal threat is scary and allows potential turn 1 goals, she is as scary as Shark. She allows for a pretty balanced Union team in that herself and one or two models can deal with the ball with the others smash face or just slow the opposition down.

A selfish captain but one that can more or less win the game single-handed. A scary prospect to deal with.

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Tinkering the Engineers (S3) – Locus

I feel with the engineers we need to focus on one spot….Say hello to Locus


He is slow, normal big guy slow, his TAC is average. His DEF is meh but he does bring 2 ARM which is good and his INF is average. His standout stat is his healthy KICK for a big guy although like all engineers the distance is not amazing but he should succeed most of the time.


Gravity Well – An unusual ability when an enemy ends an advance engaging him, he can push them towards him. This does allow you to mess slightly with your opponent’s location. However a canny opponent can use this against Locus so be weary of it.

Reanimate – Seen on plenty of the Engineers, just means he is that little bit harder to take out and a little bit more of an INF sink against the hitty teams.

Stoic – Allows him to ignore the first push he suffers each turn, has it uses but more effective against certain models.


He has plenty of momentum generating choices (all columns have MP), easy access to knock down as well as lots and lots of pushes, he can also cause some damage although it will not be picked often if you want momentum. He also has access to a momentous tackle (with a push) which could be very handy to get the ball and then stop all retaliation.


Destructive Impulse – Costs 2 INF, The target suffers some damage and also a push. A nice way of freeing up Locus or just messing with enemies location. While the damage is a nice little bonus.

Remote Control – Costs 2 INF, Allows you to target a free ball and make a kick from the point of the ball. This is such an interesting play as the ball could be free from kick-off or after a goal. This makes him a nice choice to dealing with this play (and your opponent will need to play round it).


An amazing looking model, who certainly brings plenty of MP generation to the team and of course more knock downs and pushes (for when minefield is up). What really stands out for him is Gravity Well which although situation has the potential to mess just a little with opponents positioning and in a game where positioning is king it could be big.

His plays are really nice although Remote Control is not going to happen too often unfortunately. While Destructive Impulse is better when Gravity Well has done its job. Although situational it is always worth remembering that a certain other team member can borrow these plays to make the possible utility much greater.

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The Alchemist Formula (S3) – Crucible

I need to come up with some decent snooker pun for this one but I have been black balled…. Welcome to the world of Crucible.


Reasonably fast she can keep up with most of the team, her TAC is average as is her DEF (no ARM though). Her INF is also average while her KICK is ok nice dice poll but not striker distance.


Incensed – At the start of her activation she gains either the burning or poison condition, why we shall see next.

Chemical admixture – When she damages a model they also gain the same condition she has. Which means you have to decide between her doing damage or dodging around during her activation.

Covalence – An aura around her which is a momentum sink for your opponent as they need to spend an extra MP to shift conditions if they are suffering one of  the ones she hands out. Incredibly powerful when you consider what the alchemists can do against models with conditions. This can quickly hurt opponents momentum as it is always on.

Reactive Solution – We have seen something similar with the return shadows trait, if an enemy is suffering poison/burning near her at the end of her activation she gets a free 4” dodge.


She has plenty of access to momentum (4/5) and a lot of this is dodges and some pushes. She does have momentous damage but it is so high you will usually only get it on the charge. Her most interesting choices are at the low end with her play and tackle and dodge to keep her moving..


Nimble – Costs 1 INF, boosts her DEF up to good, but obviously she needs to go early in the turn to get the most out of it.

Sling past – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), allows her to ‘jump over’ an enemy she is engaged with. Actually makes her a little bit faster in an odd way as she can just engage a model and be moved to any point around the model staying in her engagement zone. This means against a 30mm based model it is almost an extra 3” of movement. If she manages to get a wraparound she can also move out of engagement as well making her movement possibilities interesting in the right situation.


She is a really interesting choice of team member for the alchemists, she brings an unusual condition game. Particularly in that she needs to be suffering the condition to hand it out. This means with burning you actually slow her down as she doesn’t have the same trait as vKataylst.

On top of this she is a bit tricky about when to active her (in the same vein as Venin) as she will get more out of Nimble she needs to go early but to ensure she gets the most out of the condition game she needs to go later in the turn.

Sling past is an interesting play that will work well if she goes on a goal run as if she has the ball already on the charge she has the chance to have a decent threat range which is always worth keeping in your head when looking for those lanes.

So really she can achieve a few things for you but when getting the most out of her during a turn is going to be a very delicate balance between her abilities/plays. Sometimes you are going to get it wrong, but she is naturally going to want to appear in a list that is strong on the condition game so keep that in mind (but still competing with Calculus, Venin and Mercury).

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Netting the Fishermen (S3) – the Hag

Say hello to the Hag the Grandma of the team and certainly someone you don’t want to cross…


She is very slow particularly in a team like Fish (she does get a boost from shadow like), Her TAC is meh but she probably doesn’t want to be in the thick of it unless she can pick on a smaller melee zone model. Her KICK is OK for a Fishermen but she is probably not going to score you many goals. Her DEF is average but she doesn’t bring ARM to the table so is pretty squishy if your opponent concentrates on her.

INF is average although she doesn’t have a high max level, but again like her speed there is more to her that first seems.

Legendary Play

Call of the Sea – Unusual legendary, she takes DMG for every model in the pulse area (minus herself obviously). All enemies suffer a 2” push and friendly models gain a 2” dodge. This has the potential to really help get your team moving or even just clear a path to the goal. As well as controlling where both teams are positioned. However with the damage taken it has the potential to be really damaging to the Hag so caution is needed.


Talisman – makes her a little more INF efficient as she can once a turn do a character play without spending the INF.

Shadow Like – She gets a 2” dodge at the start of her activation, which makes locking her down very difficult.

Fear – As seen on the likes of Ghast, the first time she is targeted by an attack or play it costs an extra INF to do it. Helps make her a less attractive target for your opponent (no joke about her looks here oh no not me…).


She has a small playbook (charges would give good chance of wraps though). She has pretty standard book really, plenty of access to momentous dodges, however her tackle will be hard to go for outside of a charge really. She can easily get her Guild ball result off which is helpful as it is a decent one.


Decoy – Costs 1 INF, The next attack/play that targets her is at +2 DEF, which means she is incredibly difficult to hit. On top of Fear she really is a target you won’t want to touch unless you really need to.

Fisher’s Reel – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2 hits), as this is not a once per turn play this is a really nice play. It allows her to make a friendly model make a dodge, but only once per player. This does mean she can move 4 players a turn like this if she wanted. The possibilities for a movement team like Fish couldn’t be written here if I wanted to do. Possibly the best utility play for the team!!


A team-buffer for the Fishermen, when you must have more movement shenanigans than you  already have may as well turn it up to 11!!

She is not going to be keeping up with a lot of players but she isn’t needed for that she goes early in the turn pushes her friends around to open up all sort of charge/goal lanes. Her Legendary is odd but again get be used to push her movement uses up or just mess with your opponent as it doesn’t need hitting. Need Midas out of snap shot range? Done, need to ensure tenderiser loses his free charging? Done, need to make sure Shark can’t get counter-attacked by a smaller melee zone model? Done!!

All the while Fear, Shadow-like and Decoy make sure she keeps out of trouble most of the time. She can be easily ignored by your opponent for those alone which means she goes about her work almost unhindered.

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Raising the Morticians (S3) – Brainpan and Memory

Next on the list is the frankly weird Brainpan and his friend, I forget his name….


Brainpan – He has average speed and his TAC is super low, this is not a model you want swinging unless it has help. KICK is a bit meh certainly passable but not a goal scorer without bonus time. His DEF is average as well but he does have some ARM and his INF is standard as well.

Memory – He can’t move and has no INF generation, his TAC is average and his DEF is very good. His KICK is unusual (like Hearne) it brings decent dice pool but mascot level range but as we will see that is not an issue.



Thought (Memory) – If Memory has been taken out before you activate you can remove the condition and place him close by and at full HP. OK he doesn’t have an activation but he is a road block.

One, Two! (Memory) – Allows you to pass to Memory with a bonus to his KICK (a pretty big bonus). It also allows Memory to make a teamwork action for 1 less MP than normal, which can make Memory move around the board nicely or even go for that cheeky snap shot as well.


Benched (Brainpan) – Basically means he comes along with Brainpan when you pick him and he doesn’t count as one of your 6.

Inanimate Object – He doesn’t have an activation and doesn’t generate VP when taken out.

Control Strings – At the start of every (other) friendly model he may make a 2” dodge, with no range on this it means he can move 12” a turn happy with no issue. So he is actually one of the fastest models in the game.


BP – Its rubbish, he does have a momentous tackle on one which is great but that is all he has going for him! He can dodge and causes a tiny amount of damage but he is not going to get you momentum so only use his playbook if you really really need to.

Memory – Brings all the MP generation for the duo, he brings plenty of damage output while also having some dodges in there as well and all this is momentous!!


I’m open! – Costs 2 INF, allows a friendly model make a pass which targets Brainpan without spending INF. It only has a small range but most players will be in range of passing regardless with this distance.

Puppet show – Costs 1 INF, allows memory to make an attack for free or make a 2” dodge, very versatile ability which lets you make memory do the heavy lifting for the pair.

Pulling the strings – Costs 1 INF, allows Memory to make a KICK without spending any INF, ties in nicely with his traits to allow for some puppet goals or even letting Brainpan doing the scoring..


They are an unusual pair, one will not work without the other however they are not the easiest pair to separate so your opponent will probably ignore Memory which can only be a good thing as he is a great little roadblock that is nigh on impossible to lock down.

Between the pair of them they can score goals from crazy angels and it is not impossible to have 3 passes in a brainpan activation with the last leading to a snapshot. Which makes them a serious goal threat. It is also worth noting they make great momentum generators as Memory will get something every time unless tough hide is round.

A very interesting choice for the spooks and one worth considering.

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Building the Masons (S3) – Granite

When you need a polished stone you may as well have a hard one.. Its time for some Granite.


She is the slowest model in the game, on par with a Tortoise!!! Her TAC is pretty good. While her DEF is poor but she does have some decent ARM. Her KICK is OK but she isn’t scoring goals with that movement stat generally. Her INF is the usual average for the game.

Character Traits

Determination – When she is engaged by 2 or more models she gains a boost to her DEF. Still pretty easy to hit but it does help.

Foundation– At the start of the game she may make a free jog before INF is allocated. This means that if she spirits she can move the same distance as most models the first turn (average 8”)

Sturdy – Once per turn she ignores the first Knock down she suffers which helps when she is so easy to hit.

Between a Rock – A healthy aura around her, once a turn when another friendly model takes damage from a play or attack. She gets to make a free jog, so if placed right she is actually faster than she looks but it is dependent of the enemy helping you out.


She doesn’t bring lots of Momentum (only half her columns) but it is all situated at the early side of the book. She has an early Knock down and does do some nice damage across the book. She does have access to pushes but no dodges which makes sense really.


Gut and String – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3/5 hits) – We have seen this Shark and Jaecar. Hands out a big MOV buff and also a DEF debuff as well. Which is always nasty..

Tar Pit – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (3/5 hits) – Enemy models within the aura (reasonable size due to her base size) count as being in rough ground. Helps slow a lot of models down to her speed which is cool idea. Unfortunately this is perhaps a little situational as her placement is key to getting legs out of this.


A really slow player that can surprise the opponent if they start handing out damage to your players. As any free movement is great to have, she is a tarpit (literally in some cases) but as she is slow and also slows down the opposition she is probably not going to be good to use against fishermen. She brings the debuff of the likes of Casket and Fangtooth but she needs to activate early to get the most out of it (and spending of INF but makes sense as it only affects enemy models).

She does represent a good wall for the masons to use to stop the enemy going anywhere near the goal. You will need to really think about placement with her as your opponent will probably want to play around her than go through her use this to your advantage.