Brood Starter Box Review

Its been a while but wooohoooo new shiny models πŸ™‚
This time we get to have a look at the new Brood starter box for Dark Age. With all the genetic freaks (the need to do a Scott Steiner model) that you could wish for.

As always with these newer boxes we get a 500pt force out of the box and I think a pretty decent starting point for any Brood player. Hell you could get by with just this box if you wanted…..but that isn’t going to happen in this hobby πŸ˜‰

So without any fanfare time to have a look.


So the box art is nice and something I have come to expect from these boxes, likewise the painted models look sexy. Dam those talented gits!!!


So cracking open the box everything is well package and this box is stuffed to the gills with shiny. You get 8 models in this box which is one of the healthier model counts for Dark Age starter, unusually for these boxes however you don’t get what we could consider a β€˜leader’ model but you do get plenty of grunt in the box.


Also from other boxes I have looked at this is the first all non-metal box I have got to play with! It also the only box with the newer flat bases rather than the deep ones. Now onto the shiny models..


Perhaps the biggest changing models from the original models. Although to be honest we are seeing a lot more organic feel to the Brood anyway. With one of the ratchets weapons actually part of its arm.


The models themselves are really nice, low part count which is always nice. The plastic of these models does need superglue (not plastic glue) to put together.


Really dynamic feel to the model, which I think sort of has a nod towards to zombies with the stance like the they are not completely sentient which is really cool for the faction.


The huge shift in design of the faction continues with the Sawblades. These guys are massive and the shield is amazing! Again low part count means they are really a joy to stick together!




More Organic conversion on the grists as their gun becomes part of them. A few more pieces for these guys, although I am unsure why the legs needed to be separate!



Really talented painters are going to have a field day with these models, the potential the sculpts give. Look at all the sinews on the arms etc really very nicely done!!


The black sheep of the box, the models themselves are very cool and have an Avatar feel about them. But they are gap city when built compared to the rest of the box, you will need to spend some more time dealing with gaps with this guys.


The number of parts is not horrendous levels but compared to the rest of the box a certain step up.



The continuing goodness of these starter boxes is incredible. For those starting out you cannot go wrong, yes those long toothed gamers may already have most of the parts of these boxes.

These new box sets are great value for what you get in them, a fully functioning army that gives you access to a fair amount of the rules in the game. Finally, the family photo with everyone together..


So for the cost of most starter sets you get yourself a full working list. Yes it may not be super super competitive but with this game you are still going to win some games. As it is mission led and you only need a couple of lucky rolls and things even the biggest things are going down!!

Now for those in the UK I cannot recommend my tame supplier enough Leodis Games, he does great work with the malifaux community and is working hard to do the same for Dark Age as well. Go give them a try you wont be disappointed πŸ™‚


Guild Ball Review

Kickstarters!! They have produced some hits and some misses in its short history, but the wargaming industry has exploded due to this type of funding, which has been both a curse and a shining light all at the same time.

Today I will be talking about one of the shining lights.

Guild ball produced in the UK (literally from the conception of model to production, printers, developers of rules all within the UK), which has delivered with a few hiccups lots of shiny models and rules to their backers and also retail.

Without any bad publicity (Relic Knights anyone?) and with a greater furore now surrounding it from backers and more importantly non-backers (me) than I expected for a fantasy football game.

I now will never mention Kickstarter again (in this post)!! So let’s have a little review of all things Guild Ball shall we?

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Mystic Spirits Review

Welcome to today’s post, which is a review of the latest expansion book out for Freebooters Fate – Mystic Spirits.

Carrying on with a similar theme from other FF reviews I will be looking at theΒ  Fluff; Miniatures; Rules/Mechanics; Price and a Summary.

Fluff – Carrying on from Deep Jungle, we see the pirates still enjoying their ownership of Longfall. While the Armada are running some guerilla warfare from the jungles. The goblins are starting their nation with the help of 2 orcs!! The Brotherhood continue their work and the Amazons are getting Angry (angrier). All this and we have to deal with The Cult and their walking dead.

Miniatures – As always the models look stunning and the characters the have generated make the world so much more enjoyable to play. Although as with Deep Jungle not everything is available yet as anything beyond artwork.

The Book – Another cracking book from the FF guys following the same size as Deep jungle and as always some amazing artwork and as mentioned good fluff (always positives).

The main focus other than new models is the new magic rules you can use in games, which brings me nicely to the mechanics section πŸ˜‰


Basically the new ‘powers’ work like the equipment cards in which case you purchase them for your magic user at the cost indicated. There are 4 different themed areas of magic which you may only have access to a couple of them through the faction you are playing.

All these powers are known as Loas and you buy like you do the equipment cards (review). There can be additional costs in-game as some of the Loas need blood, so your character may need to take some damage at the start before you even use the power.

The mechanism works in a very similar way to which a normal duel takes place but with an added layer of complexity based on what you are trying to cast. The basics you can see in my review week of Freebooters HERE. Although it is a straight 3 on 3 card duel unlike a normal one..

On top of this you now need to be lower or equal the invocation value of Laos for it to succeed. This is done by working out a total based on various things such as LoS, how much the duel weakened the invocation or if the caster got the preferred characteristic through.

So how does it work all Loas have a specific characteristic (RE: a like torso, head for a normal duel; here we have Sober etc..). Now it is possible to block this as in a normal duel, however the opponent may not/can’t block it fully but they can weaken it by matching to the offerings on the card.

See below we have additional pictures of a chicken and a candle, matching these means you have weakened. Once all cards are played you can work out if the Loas was succesful based on the modifiers mentioned!

That was a whistle top tour as I didn’t want to spoil too much πŸ˜‰

But what is clear is that you do not want to add these powers into the game until you have the game mechanics down, they are very much for the seasoned player. As the added complexity could get confusing for a newer player..

New Card Deck – Alongside the new book, there is also a card pack I recommend you pick up as well. If you are new to the game then get this set over the normal hand set as you get duplicate cards that work with both the magic use and normal combat (which is very handy).

On top of that you get more equipment cards that are optional extras (Check out my review HERE).

But the main use of these cards is to have the magic spells in easy format rather than using the book all the time.

What you get for your money – As always a cracking product by FF and certainly worth it for anyone wanting to take their pirate experience further. How could you not want to when the choices for adding Voodoo Magic is too good to pass up πŸ˜€

Summary – A great book that adds so much to the Freebooters Fate world, which is all you can ask for πŸ™‚

Sally 4th Castle Wall Review

So after doing the War Chest Review I also got a nice surprise of a castle wall section plus hoardings.

Like the war chest kit, the wall comes in a handy baggy with picture of finished product with the instructions on the back.

After cracking open the kits with have a great selection of mdf pieces πŸ˜€ for pieces of wood they really do get a decent amount of detail out of them. Be interesting to see how they paint up.

The hoardings I admit were a touch frustrating just because the bits are a lot more fiddly than the actual wall, but we got there in the end.

Finished product does end up looking pretty good

As you can see the hoardings has a lot of struts going on at the back (wonkiness related to them not being glued down yet).

Overall a fun little kit that makes a decent start for a castle wall although I would have liked it to be a bit wider perhaps as you would need a fair number of the wall sections to get a decent castle πŸ˜€

Eldar Wraithknight Review

After looking at the older kit of the Ork Bomba a while a go it is now time to look at a brand new (ish) model from GW in the shape of the frankly massive Warithknight.

The Box

This is one of the new types of boxes for GW, what this means is it looks very nice and very professional looking. On top of this we also have a very small box which means there is no wasted space like older boxes. Everything is very snug in there, which fits the new direction of the sprues which hardly have any empty space.

Generally pretty nice and a big step forward from GW.

The Sprues

Stuffed! The only thing busier than these are the Dark Vengeance sprues. Everything is as expected for a plastic GW kit. It’s all very nicely molded with some great details.

Now I have to mention the Sword, it is bloody huge!!! The model is going to be big we know that but this thing is really really over-compensating. More so than the dreadknight πŸ˜‰

The Instructions

Really nice instructions using the CAD-feel pictures that lead you through the build process..

Now you get everything in the box for all the possible builds that you can make for the Wraithknight. Including the should guns. What this means is we can have fun with magnets…

The Build

I did it again 😦 I got excited and ended up building it and forgetting to take pictures….

On the plus side I have completely magnetised the Wraithknight to completely cover all possibilities but more on that later.

The build was pretty simple really however there is a lot of possibilities with the build if you choose to as the legs are pretty moveable into different stances should you wish. Although I would suggest you plan carefully as getting the legs just right can be very unforgiving.

Generally the kit goes together very easily and with the fact there are 4 arms in the kit and all the possible upgrades. This kit wants to be magnetised, now you don’t need to go over the top in fact clever pinning can give you the same effect as magnets do.

Obviously the arms are done to ensure I can get all the builds I want (6x3mm magnets). While the right gun arm is magnetised to allow swapping between the wraith cannon and sun cannon (2 together 1x2mm magnets).

The should mounts are also magnetised allowing me to have additional heavy weapon choices (read: scatter lasers) (3×2 magnets).

The torso was magnetised for 2 reasons painting the model but also transport as he fits into a much smaller area when not complete (6x3mm magnets)!!

Finally the head has been done again for painting mainly but also to add a little poseability to the model (3x2mm magnets).

The reason that the arms have the same size/strength magnets as the torso is to allow a good holding position for the guns allowing for them not to be too droopy..

Generally an easy kit to put together and also to magentise which in the long run is very helpful πŸ™‚

The Finished Model

The finished model in its basic set up.

Scale Shot

Now usually I have my trusty Ork you show the size difference, well for this one I have stepped it up slightly.


A very nice kit which thanks to how GW do plastic kits these days you get everything you need inside which is great. Visually it is stunning and would look amazing on the battlefield (is it too big for 40K I will let you decide). It also helps it is a beast in the game as well as to look at πŸ˜€

You can pick up your own mighty Wraithknight from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

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Codex Eldar Review

Welcome to a review of the latest Codex for Eldar, now I admit I have not really dealt with one of the new 40k codices in hardback. Yes, I have WFB army books and also digital codices but not really dealt with a hard copy till now so a new experience all round really. So I am going to treat this in a similar fashion to how I deal with rulebooks just less rules heavy more oooo shiny pictures πŸ˜‰


Nothing ground breaking from GW here, still follows the back story (fluff), time-line, individual unit background and stats/rules, weapon/pysker rules, pretty pictures and finally Force Organisation and costs.

What is new is the fold out summary page at the back, with all the stats for units and weapons as well as other handy titbits. Now I have heard in older 6th ed codices (looking at you Chaos Space Marines) this gets battered pretty quickly. However I can report that the Eldar one appears to be holding up much better.

Moving onto the actual physical book it is well put together and feels pretty sturdy thanks to the hardback cover but on the flip side I am worried that it will suffer from use, however after a quick poke around the binding appears to be pretty reasonable and surprising it is bound with ‘string’ rather than just glue.

The pages are all of a high quality and to be honest with a lot of price increases GW are famed for I can actually see/feel the reason for at least most of the increase (which is at least comforting).

Obviously the big change is the move to full colour which is a welcome one indeed.


The artwork is nice although there is a split between old and new artwork (would have perhaps liked more new) at almost 50/50 split by my reckoning, Ididn’t have older books to hand so based on memory.

It is easy to see the difference between them as the newer artwork has a darker feel to it, which I kind of dig for a race that is doooooooooomed.


The fluff hasn’t moved on terribly from previous books, but it is still a decent read for any new or old in the hobby. What I did find interesting is that there is more mention about the fight with the Necrons, which makes sense. However if my memory is working they had never previously been much a of a link.

Alongside this the fluff around the Wraithknight being a piloted by twins one of which is dead. This is a clever way of having them introduced and helps mirror the idea that there is sadness and loss in an already doomed race. Actually makes them more believable..


Not a great deal of new models for the eldar, which is a shame as I would have loved some updated aspect warriors although suppose plastic ones would have been pushing it. That and newer jetbikes the current kit is older than me!!

We do see the wraiths get all the love though with the new guard and knight (more on that soon πŸ˜‰ ). Which is no surprise based on the supplement we have already seen. As for the pictures pretty standard fair nothing that makes me go wow.

As a side point this section is where digital codices really win as you can zoom and get 360 views of the models.


As a product the Eldar Codex is pretty nice (ignoring the rules etc.) just as a book GW continue to generate great looking quality products, I am not going to argue the price is a little high BUT at least it has gone up in quality over the older soft-backs.

You can pick up your own Eldar codex from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

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