Something a bit Different

So for those keeping up I recently reviewed the Wrathmonger box which is a lovely kit, but more importantly I was left with many spares.




So I have 5 torsos, a load of weapon options and some front plates to play around with but I need some legs. Skullreapers don’t strike me as something I could do as a snake body, too Slaaneshiiii

Since this is Chaos and Khorne I need something that has a nod to this….Maybe a Cenataur? but not sure a horse would work too well as I wanted to keep them on the 40mm base to be legal..

So after a dig around at the always helpful Triple Helix Wargames I came across the Fenrisian Wolf Pack which come on 40mm bases and as a set they are very cheap!

After cracking open the box all the wolves are a nice size and more importantly come with the heads detached 🙂

Lets get creative!!


well this certainly has some promise admittedly some of them are a little tall, so I decided to chop the wolf neck down a little bit.

So after some dry fitting and gluing I ended, we hit the next problem is the back..


Which should be easy enough as I still need to decide on the back banners and then its time to hit the Green Stuff!


But by far the best bit is they more or less match the size of the Wrathmongers!! This is key for me as you want to be able to say yes they are Skullreapers but they need to take up the same volume really and I think I have managed that!

With that in mind I have managed to get 2 units for the 3/4 the price of getting to boxes of the almost same models..

So if anything I am saving the environment with these……ignore the tight Yorkshireman writing.

The wolves I have to say are worth it for the price you pay plus I think they could be used in several armies.

Before the new plastic  Flesh hounds landed I had considered them with some conversion to be my count-as.











Adeptus Titanicus Cerastus Knights – Review

We are back again, this time to look at the new Knights for AT and the first of the baby brothers of FW only kit. I am excited to see these as I was not a huge fan of having lots of knights running around that are all the same!

As with all the AT stuff so far the box art is something special and they look the part. Seriously I would be tempted by an AT art book I really would!


The back is the same as well showing off the painted models and how shiny they are..


We get the same transfer sheet as the normal Knights which makes sense, however for me it feels like this kit needs it less but that is just me.

As usual the iunstruction booklet is lovely CAD work, but something that did throw me off (and I know I wasnt the only one with this problem). The printing wasnt done to fit the page. Now clearly only a small error I did find it a little jarring and dare I say cheap by GW not to fix something like this.

Now I know it is something silly, but I dont expect this from GW but there you go!


Anyway onto the shiny, the kit lets you build 2 Knights and come with just the one sprue, unfortunately you only get the one set of weapon options, so I would expect another kit/ (whisper) weapon sprue in the future to cover the other options.


But then as we look closer the detail is pretty much amazing, as all the AT kits have been so far.


Look at the crotch section and all the piping and rivets, for something that is so scaled down GW are not afraid to keep as much detail from the 28mm scale as possible…


While the carapace is again full of the details we have seen in the other knight kit and is generally spot on! Although feels odd that the extended shoulder pads are extra pieces, tiny extra pieces!

So a quick family shot before I slap some paint down. you can see they are significantly taller than the Knight and sit nicely in-between them and the warhound!



A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the price of under £20 from our friends and FLGS over at Leodis Games.

The slow grow continues at a nice pace and I am managing to keep more or less on target with a purchase a month. which at this point means I only need a Reaver to complete the collection. Which nicely gives me an Axiom maniple and 2 units of different knights when I get there!! Plus so far I am only on about £135 spent before the reaver to get me to this stage. which is still much less than the grand master box!!

And because I have started doing this here is some paint thrown on my knights…





So what do crazy bloodlust nutters of Khorne need? Thats right, even bigger nutters with chain skipping rope….

Time to look at the Wrathmonger kit.


Standard fair on the front of the box. Lovely looking models as always


However on the back, we discover that we have a dual kit in which we can build ourselves some Skullreapers as well!! I do love a dual kit as that usually means bits for the bits box. With GW moving towards a lot of snap-fit kits anything to allow easier conversions is a plus for me!!

So we get 3 spures in the box, with the parts spread across the different ones.


That banner is going to look great on any unit! While the ‘normal’ weapons all look suitably Khorney (it’s a word).


The Wrathmonger chains spure is very erm… chainy! I will be honest I was really surprised by the robustness of the chains, yes they could snap eventually but these are going to stand up well really. GW have clearly thought about the use of these.


The final sprue is aimed at the Skullreapers and all the daemon weapons which do look bad-ass and are going to be great fun painting.

Now for some close-ups and I have to say this isn’t a super new kit like the Warlord titan but the little details are there and they are sexy.


As mentioned the chains are not as bad as I feared and they are not going to need lots of thinking about for storage/actual use.


The building was pretty straight forward, the balance on the whole is good doe some top-heavy dynamic models. I could have been tempted to alter some poses, for instance the leader does look like he is skipping a little but that could have been easily tweaked but I like to build as instructions for these posts.


Now that has left me with a lot of extra bits;

Daemon weapons, torsos, heads, banners and shoulder pads. I have something special coming up in which I try to maximise what I am getting out of this kit so watch out for that.


A great set of models that fit perfectly into any Khorne force. In fact these would work in 40K as well with minimum effort.

So for the price of £26 from our friends over at Triple Helix Wargames, you are getting a decent unit but also a load of characterful extras to make use of for conversions across the Khorne range.

Adeptus Titanicus Warhounds – Review

Unleash the Hounds of Hell!!! <cough> sorry about that, so as I missed out on the Reavers till they get a restock. Dam you all for buying ten of them, you know who you are.

I am going to have to make do with some cute little puppies..

As we are still slow-growing these models, I am going to go into repeat mode and skip the box stuff and say. Standard fare from GW, we gets what we expect from them..


We get a warhound specific transfer sheet which is nice and covers the same legions as the warlord one we have already looked at.


Next we have the instruction book which is full of CAD pictures to help you build which has become the norm for GW so no surprises here.


Finally have the sprues and we have the different frames, one suggests that we could easily see a weapon sprue in the future!


Sad panda face, that we only get 2 of each weapon, I suppose it was to be expected but it does mean you are going to have to have a think about your load-outs.


But the detail oh my the detail!!!


I am going to be honest after doing the Warlord this kit left me feeling just a touch flat.

The warlord is the best GW kit around at the moment, which makes sense for such a flagship model. However the pose-ability of the warhounds is a less than its big brother.

On one part makes sense it is a cheaper kit and the models themselves are just legs with weapons. So in part the match so well with the 40k kit and the general historical feel of the warhounds that you could say that GW smashed it again.

But the lazy modeller in me just wished the legs had a join say in the middle area to give more movement.


The options for the armour continues where the warlord left off and gives us plenty of options to go loyal or traitor or more generic.


Since I started it with the Warlord I am continuing here where you see the finished paint job at the end instead of bare plastic…

The build is pretty straight forward with only things like the shield generators being particularly fiddly to clean up and stick on.



I went for more of creeper flame look and think it works.

I didnt magnetize these two warhounds as although it looks pretty easy to do, I was happy to run these as they are for now, a second kit may appear which will be magged up for more options. But as I am aiming for an Axiom build so one of everything for the time being will do me :).


A great addition to the AT forces and well worth the the price of £30 from our friends over at Triple Helix Wargames.

With the slow grow option I have gone for I have only just reached £120 and have a Warlord, a banner of knights and now some Warhounds, plus the rules box and all the gubbings it brings. Which still gives plenty of wiggle room under the cost of the GM box. I am happy how things are shaping up for them..

A Reaver when they are back in stock and maybe another banner of knights and I reckon I will have a decent force with no need to have worried about the GM box and scrabble to get one.

Zarbag’s Gitz Review

I have been playing Shadespire for a while now, yes I said Shadespire! It’s not Underworlds and no one can make me change my mind 😛

I find the game a great pallette cleanse of a game, quick to set up plenty of depth in cards and easy to change things up.

Now I admit I havent gone too deep with the game mainly getting back with the warband boxes I own. But with the updated rules and of course spells becoming a thing I had to get my hands on some new shiny. Step forward the Gitz I mean it had to be them right?! Everyone loves sexy goblins…

The first thing that strikes me is the box is not the usual one for a GW miniature, however as this is aimed elsewhere it makes sense. The artwork is still top-notch with Zarbag front and centre..


While the back gives you a nice look at the model, as well as what else you get in the box!


Time to dive into the box, you get a nice little instruction booklet for the models and 2 thick card decks.20181017_1848189057372838892311809.jpg

Really I was surprised by the volume for them, I will let better players discuss deck building etc. but even if you just have the box plus some dice you are going to have plenty of variation in your decks at least for a little while.


Speaking of the cards, something that came out on social media on was the cards being slightly different especially on the back.


I can report that all mine where OK and matched before shadespire and night vault cards.

Next we have the instruction book which is full of CAD pictures to help you build which has become the norm for GW so no surprises here.

As we are seeing more often with GW (and all shadespire stuff) it is snap-fit models and some of the connections can be really really weird. Because of this some of them can be hard to get into position to be perfect and leaves gaps. With this kit however I didn’t really see this so huge thumbs up from me.

Next we have the models themselves which come on 1 sprue and with the numbering system being sensible, you don’t necessarily need the instructions as for instance Zarbag is number 1 to 6 and so on (it’s a small thing but I have seen sprues that dont do this all the time).


The choice of colour is an interesting one, as well it’s not pretty. As it makes the models look softer than they are. So some of the sharp detail you wont necessary see pop until they are painted. Which isn’t a bad thing to encourage painting but the problem is there.

Now for some rogues gallery of Gitz..


Yes I did double-check that the actual size photo was correct 😀 Lovely model though.


The most fiddly model to build due to the chain, but its a Fanatic so we will forgive him.


Squig herder….heavy armoured herder at that. A fun model but not what we are excited about really…





Plastic squigs!!!!!! How many years have we waited for plastic squigs and to have 2 of them. YES! Ok a little excited but they are perfect absolutely perfect.


The Gitz aka cannon fodder, very character moonclan/night goblin models that take what everyone knows of these models and just updates them beautifully!

Group shop because why not!


A lovely little kit that will make a great painting project in general, a nice shadespire warband but also a glimpse to what moonclan will look like in AoS in the future.

For the price of a few paints you are getting everything in the box you could need to run these. Yes you need some dice and boards, but all those are in the monthly allowance band for purchases.

Well worth the price make sure you check them out from out friends over at Triple Helix Wargames.

A warning though, this does follow the mechanics of a living card game if you want to be ‘competitive’ then you are going to need other warbands for the cards…Which also happen to be on sale at THG 😉


Art of War (X-Wing 2.0) Review

Welcome to another review of some of the exciting and shiny things that AoWS are force pulling… (not sorry) out at the moment. Today I am going to be looking at two products, the new X-Wing 2.0 Movement templates and also the Core token set. Linky To Them

I am not going to go over what is in the movement set as, basically its all the straight and bendy bits you need to fly some spaceships!

But something worth flagging up is the (a)massing of tokens in the token set…

  • 10 Shield tokens
  • 5 Focus tokens
  • 5 Evade tokens
  • 5 Charge tokens
  • 5 Target Lock tokens
  • 3 Force tokens
  • 3 Stress tokens
  • 3 Ion tokens
  • 1 Jam token
  • 1 Tractor Beam token
  • 1 No Fire token
  • 1 Calculate token
  • 1 Reinforce Front token
  • 1 Reinforce Back token
  • 1 Cloak token

So nearly 50 tokens that should help cover most uses in-game, probably only time it is going to greatly impact is if you have a TIE swarm or you like to run stressed a lot. But on the whole most lists you are not going to be too worried.



Ahhh jiggy bag heaven, look at all the shiny things waiting to come out (for those just starting out the bags are the resealable kind, so be careful with the staples as its handy way to keep everything together).


So I got the Rebel set of templates a nice blue, I am a particular fan that you get numbers and squares/pips to denote which template is which. A nice touch also you get 3 measuring widgets so makes it easier to check distances rather than being (me) clumsy and whacking ships around trying to aim with the cardboard 3 zone one you get in the core set.


Look at all the colours like playing with skittles!! As already mentioned you get a healthy amount of tokens in the set and with plenty of colour involved shouldn’t be too hard to pick out the one you need (I like purple ones)




Something that is obviously really important is that the acrylics match those of the official sets you get in the core set. I am happy to report that all the movement templates are spot on.

You wont have any issues there, well unless you are a S&V player and want to cheat 😉

On the whole the tokens are also spot on although for obvious reasons some of them don’t quite match shapewise but size they are a great fit. So shouldn’t get lost on the table or will get as lost as the cardboard ones 😀

Finally, they like all your acrylics a splash of paint and they are going to look so so much better than the cardboard ones (and will last a significant time longer).




So for 8.99 for the tokens and 12.99 for the movement sets you are getting a steal for the quality they bring to the table. Really if you are going to be looking up some acrylics for you induction into the ways of 2.0 then please check out AoWS the guys are top-notch and at prices that keep a Yorkshireman happy you know that makes sense 😉