The 14th Blue Miniatures Badge

As I continue with my promise of getting these badges handed out more often (Blue Miniatures Badge) lets move onto number 14.

So who gets the badge this time?

It is for an awesome work done by Chris aka @FallenStudio on twitter for his over the top Menoth Judicator. Sooooooooooooo much smoke I think you will agree 😉

Awesome I think you will agree!! As an additional bonus here is both huge Menoth Bases 😉


Colossals Spoilers

All this was taken from Steamforged with a bit of my own thoughts thrown in 😉

The new toys on the block.  These gargantuan models look amazing and everyone is praying that the rules match up to the same inspection.  So what do we know up to now?

DISCLAIMER – All the information below is gathered from whipsers in the wind and secret notes passed around – as such it could/could not be true so take it with a pinch of salt!

Focus – They can be allocated 3 focus a turn like a regular warjack.  Unless they have special rules they don’t generate their own focus per turn and they also cannot be Jackmarshalled.

This makes sense I suppose although I did have something in mind along the Behemoth sub-cortex with each ‘side’ of the colossi being separate due to more advance cortex being used. Jack marshaling could have been fun…

Battlegroup – They are counted as part of the battlegroup and classed as a Huge Based Warjack – all very important for what spells effect them.

Interesting that they are very much identified differently suppose we could see future casters that love to use them. Maybe the eeNemo?

Damage – Little confusion here but the basics are this:  Damage wraps within left/right arc grid then transfers to the next once full, d6 to determine column.  If an attacker has its base in both the left/right arc they can choose which side to damage.  Back arc you can also choose the left/right arc.

Continuous effects, damage without a point of origin and damage not from an attack, etc. are basically randomised with a 2 step process.

Makes sense, but will be interesting to see it in practice.

Attacks – First up power attacks that come in 2 forms:

  • Power Swipe – Open Fist needed, basically a Slam without the direct line restrictions/movement.
  • Sweep – Thresher like attack

The Colossals can also make ranged attacks while engaged like Battle Engines.

They all have 2″ Reach as standard.

I am surprised they have given them reach…it makes sense I just didnt think about it 🙂

Conquest :

  • SPD 4, ARM 20
  • 2X P+S 22 Fists
  • Main Gun RNG15, AOE 4, POW 15 Crit. Devastation
  • Small Guns (4 of) AOE 3, POW 12
  • Creeping Barrage: Can put down 4 AOE 3″ Covering Fire Templates within 12″ of itself that cause POW 6 to anyone entering/ending movement in them

That is some scary looking stats I did notice that it appears you can use all the weapons in one turn which is crazy. Part of me feels that you have to choose between which gun type you will use that turn. No idea if that is fair or balanced it is just a gut feeling I have..

Kraken – Cryxian spoilers ahoy:

  • SPD 5, ARM 20, MAT 6
  • 4″ Reach on Melee Arms P+S 18
  • Big Gun RNG 16, POW 14, AOE 3
  • Meat Grinder ability allows the Kraken to gain corpse tokens (up to 3) each giving it +1 STR

That is some nice stats for the Kraken this pleases me 😉 oh to have snipe on a Cryx caster 😀

Poll: Favourite Battle Engine

So I am bored a figured I should do a poll just for something different. So then what is your favourite Battle Engine?

You can go on rules/fluff/miniature its up to you but you are allowed 2 votes if you want to split Warmachine and Hordes up.

Below is some pics as well to help you decide if you are not a PP player.

If you would like to discuss whys and what-nots head on over to the forum post HERE

New PP releases

So the guys over at PP have been spoiling us in the last 24 hours or so.

Shiny Errants that are all plastic Menoth rejoice. Not much to say but woohoo no half ton of metal any more 😉

So Mr Rok, I am liking the axe but unsure about the rest of him. But this is a concern I have with all the plastic beasts in that they lose something call it organic feel that the plastic Jacks just never had so they have lost nothing. I will stand corrected if I get the kit in my hands but I am unsure.

Very nice this thing has to be huge 😀 There is one part of me that is disappointed as the artwork is absolutely stunning for the horror and I know really they would struggle so I will forgive them.

New Privateer Press goings on

So the people at PP have treated us to some new shiny things this week;

As part of the new plastic Merc jack set we now have the Rover. That shield cannon is absolutely mad….I love it.

This has to be one of the funkiest beasts PP have ever produced. At least one of the most unusual, cant wait to see the rules.

Another release from Wrath, this time its Nicia  I do like her love the sword but part of me wishes she was a lot more leaping…

While over on BoLS we have had a little preview of one of eBaldurs abilities;

Devourerʼs Debt – During your Control Phase place 1 Wurm token on this model. For each Wurm token on this model it gains +1 STR. At the end of each of this modelʼs activations it suffers 1 damage point for each Wurm token on it. This damage cannot be transferred

This is interesting as if you can not remove these tokens by another ability it means over 6 turns means you will take 21 points of damage. That will kill most casters so I am interested to see how he can shift them if at all.

OK it does mean in the final turn he could be doing pure damage to a Khador Jack!