Daily Miniature Manual

For those of you that do not know I love a bit of Good the Battle 😀

Well they have no gone one further and have themselves a blog to keep us up to date with all their goings on. LINKY

But something else they are doing that I particularly like is a Daily Miniature Manual which gives the world examples of  the types of rules in Good of some of their favourite miniatures.

For their first one we got Kronen (Cipher Studios).

May as well start with one my favourite miniatures ever (mainly due to the huge sword and the way he’s holding it!). Actually from the light faction starter box in Anima: Tactics – but they never gave him any powers other than ‘hit-stuff’, so we’ve ‘Gooded him up’…

Kronen Roxxon

Close Combat Bonus: +3

Ranged Bonus: +0

Suggested Powers: Armour, Combat Master, Nigh Invulnerable, Sturdy

I could see these becoming very popular maybe leave comments to Good about the miniatures you want to see??


Nice review

So the Good people at Project Good have gone and released an expansion for their game Good The Battle and you may have read my review for it before. What do you mean you haven’t??? Well off you go I shall wait LINKY……

You back excellent than I shall begin.

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