Plague Marines


2 Guys done so far and for good reason as I only have 2 units of Plague Marines done. Another 5 to go, Now for those keeping up. My aim was always to mix my 30k and 40k together. I like to think I have managed this with unit number 1, as what we have here is a plague marine champion, 4 normal bolters and those are not volkites they are blight launchers 🙂





So many Poxwalkers, it has been years since I have had to paint such large units (like when I had a Skaven army!!!)


I may MAY need another 10 of the them to make 2 units of 20 but we shall see if I can stomach that 😉

I did have fun with a glue gun though, melting faces adding glue which made for some interesting looks on some of the models, all random of course but still fun 🙂