Death Guard So Far

Well for those keeping up I have been collecting Death Guard for nearly a year now! It started as a way to dip into 30K and I have been having great fun do the painting!

So since I started at the start ofd the year, this is what my 30K collection looks like. Well the collection that is painted I have some more tac marines and of course some more characters to do!

Then well 40k 8th edition happened with the death guard being one of the original releases…

Which means oh bugger collection explosion 🙂

I have to admit I have a little bit more to paint (shocking I know) but for now this is over 5000pts of death guard (and like 2500 pts of 30k as well).

I have never managed to get so much painted for a GW system, so I admit I am full of that warm feeling at the moment….Now time for a break and onto a new project 😉


Lord of Contagion


Fully little model to paint, he is certainly a big point of where the game is going as he is a big ol’ boy and with some clipping he is certainly something that can be converted up to look very different if you end up with duplicates!


Plague bearers


So glad that GW dropped the AoS boxset to let me round out 2 armies at once 🙂 these guys were great fun and easy to paint so a win-win for me then!

Not used them yet but I do plan to try out the daemon summoning for them!