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January Dystopian Wars Previews

Some very shiny new DW stuff coming out in the new year, this please me….


Shiny cute walking robots :D I may have to get round to starting that land force..


This is very cool everyone loves a steampunk mole machine


These like all the CoA stuff look cool…and just shifted mine :(


That is one cool land ship very cool


Interesting new design I like the nod towards WWI tanks with the track design


Why do Prussians always get the fun looking turrets???


Can certainly see the look of the Black Wolf in these..

Overall January is going to be a bad month for the wallet lots of good looking things here…

CoA Aristotle Battleship

Now this is my favourite of all the Covenant naval ships. Hopefully I have done it justice.

CoA tiny flyers

Well the Covenant are the most advance faction around are they not? and as such they get drones not fighter pilots, shame as they do not get some of the fancy MARs but we can live with that.

CoA Plato Cruisers

Some more Covenant today this time with my Cruisers, admittedly I kept the turrets as both types as I like the different but in the game they will probably be both the same for easy of use.

CoA Ptolemy Bombers

I do like these bombers they have a real cold war feeling to them which just makes them even more full of win ;)

Dystopian Wars goes for the aerial route

So we can now finally get our hands on the Aerial battlegroups for DW.

These look great the FSA one has certainly caught my eye


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