This page is hopefully an up-to-date collection of the reviews from the blog.

Rule Reviews

Good the Battle and follow up Nice.

Gruntz first thoughts


Hind Commander


Freebooters Fate week – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

Freebooters Fate Deep Jungle

Freebooters Fate Equipment Cards

Third Plains

Modern Havoc


Heavy Gear Arena

Drop Zone Commander

Evil Baby Orphanage


A Call to Arms: Star Fleet

Miniature Reviews

Critical mass games and some of it painted

Coppplestone for 7TV

Hind Commander miniatures

Avatar of War Dwarf Bersekers

Prussian Empire Naval set

Inari Scout Gyro

Ika Mechanical squid

Kingdom of Britannia Naval set


Blucher Dreadnought

Majesty Dreadnought

Avenger Fleet Carrier

Covenant Naval set

Pericles Fleet Carrier

Kiyohime Assault Carrier

Kitsune Escorts

Infamy Miniatures – Jekyl

Wargames Factory Shock Trooper

Shaltari Starter set

The Scourge Starter set

Avatar Somer

Avatar Seamus

Relics Miniature Review

Soapy Bearbox – Carnosaur

Soapy Bearbox – Butcher Unleashed

Basing Reviews

Evil Mushroom bases

Terrain Geek Bases

Fat Spider Bases

616design Bases

Basecrafts Autumn

Basecrafts Steampunk

Other Reviews

Kindles 1st thoughts and Linking it to wargaming

Blu stuff

Amera Islands

Terrain Geeks – Objectives

Sally 4th Warchest

Counter Attack Bases



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