He might not be as big as his 40K version anymore but I still love this model and will continue to use (mainly as the 40k pose is daft also I am cheap).





Been awhile since we have an update, honestly been getting my head down as I am off to Warhammer World in November for a massive game of 40k. Imperium versus everyone else 🙂 Which means we are all furiously painting to get up to speed, I am currently sat at about 3500 pts painted with still some big kits to go. Yes, yes I have Mortarion the beast of a model that he is so 😛

Lots happening since I last waffled, with some game companies shutting doors but the IP lives on with new companies which is super cool as Relics and Dystopian Wars have a place on peoples tables!

We then have the new Fallout game up for pre-order (not kickstarter :O ) which is looking pretty cool and I know a few people already very tempted by it.

Games This Week

No other games this week I am afraid. Although I have to say with all the death guard painting I am getting interested in my other systems again, as is always the case. Need to concentrate on one thing oh look at that over there…

Hobby This Week

Lots and lots of Death guard work has been going on, I will be ready for painting something else very very soon though. But I want a lot of stuff ready to go for November..

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