Everyone needs some Blightkings in their Nurgle force and well make as well go bonkers with the conversions (Nurgle wills it)..

So this is actually 1 box of BKs and 5 of the snap fit stormcast. As well they fit so so well, just more fun to be had converting.

Just need 5 more to get to those battalion goodness..






WWX – Widowers

First batch of WWX models painted. the frankly bonkers Widowers…

Undead spider walkers with gun arms…Sure makes perfect sense



Behold the might of the Rotigus and the final piece of my GUO Gang (should get pics of everyone together).

He has been a blast to paint and almost wish I could have an army of them to play with…



Adeptus Titanicus Rules Box – Review

As is only right I started with shiny things in the Knights review. But now for some serious bits.

Today I am going to be looking at the rules box that GW have made up for AT. Boy is it a sexy medium sized box as well.


Art work is really nice as you would expect and once we crack it open we have a mountain of stuff to get through.


First the rulebook (will review the rules separately in the near future), this is FW level quality. Yes there has been a few posts online about the binding giving way at the seams but so far mine is holding up.


The full colour book and the layout really does make it feel like one of the FW HH books the art is so so pretty.


But after playing around with the AoS rulebook I think the overall quality has been upped at GW for all rulebooks anyway. So in general this is on par with FW and most newer GW rulebooks.


The only downer I have is I would have loved more info about the titans themselves. Next up we have a couple of plastic spures, the first being pretty important as it contains the arcs for the different titan sizes.

As well as the strategy pieces you can purchase at the start of the game and also a really nice touch is the cogs to use as markers on the titan cards for in-game damage etc.


So the strat pieces are very cute little bonuses to bring to the game as well, ‘bunkers’, be it void shield generator or missile silos. As well as an objective in the titan head and also the big T to show who has priority. A lot of games would have had these as card markers but GW has to show off 😉


Next we have the template set, a nice blue….what else can I say?!


Next we have a couple of cheat/rule look sheets and the standard free ruler. Why I don’t know as some of the ranges you are going to have to do some conga lining with it. But I have to say out of all the ones I have seen out of GW recently this one is pretty sturdy and has some backbone to it, I seem to remember the 40K one was little floppy o_O


Now onto the dice, and you get all the various crazy ones you need. But I want more I love the pattern of them I just want bucket loads of them!

They also have the advantage of rolling really well, so many 1s makes me happy! They fit in perfectly with the rest of my collection 😉


So the titan stat/knight cards, honestly I shouldnt call them that since they are A4 size and really thick card. Again you may notice I am loving this box and like so much of it the quality is pretty damn good. The fact they have given holes for those cog markers so no slight breeze moving markers around is a round of applause to the designers.

My only concern is you only get 2 of each card type, so depending on your list build it may not be enough and also it is only card after all. I wonder what the lifespan on these with heavy use will be.


The final piece of the puzzle is oodles of cards, little ones are the many weapon options you can can take for the different titans and also Objective cards and Stratagems.



So that is your lot, as I said a fair amount packed into the box and speaking of packing with a nod towards the board gaming community everything fits nicely back into the box as they have indentations for everything. Although I may not keep the box long-term as you can fit stuff into a smaller space really the fact it is an option is amazing.



So all this box can be yours for less than £30!! out friends over at Triple Helix Wargames,

There are not many gaming systems that get you a nice rulebook and dice and all the other gaming stuff you need to play (minus models) for sub £30 these days.

Yes you have to buy big stompy robots (OH NO!!!) but you can easily proxy and get a feel of the game for very little outlay

And looking at the rules themselves (more on that later) it looks like a really enjoyable game and honestly I am happy I am slow-growing this, as people who know me will say, I can’t slow grow (things escalate fast) but due to size/cost of the titans I can happy pick one up once a month take my time with some stunning kits and actually enjoy the growth rather than miracle growing (other fertilizers are available) my collection and hopefully you guys enjoy watching this grow as much as I think I will 😀

Breaking Down Warhammer 40,000 Conquest’s Rumoured Contents and Value

Worth a read for those interested in conquest

Vincent Knotley's Hobby Blog

Update: The image below showing off the collection can now be found on the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest site. As a result, I have removed a paragraph concerning speculation over the inclusion of the terrain as part of the standard or premium subscription. Looks like it’s all in there, fellow hobbyists! It is also worth noting that the numbers below are estimates based on the cheapest possible alternative. Some of the miniatures I figured as Easy To Build may in fact be the completely poseable versions. 

Two days ago I wrote about Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, its return and what it might contain. We’ve had a few hours since then, some from Hachette and Games Workshop themselves, and some from exceptional internet sleuthing. Part of which gives me the chance to present you with an estimated value of the entire thing. So let’s dive in to the new stuff that we…

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Adeptus Titanicus Knights – Review

As promised this is the start of my slow grow / baby steps / not going to go crazy move onto AT.

So it would be mad to start with Warlord although I really really wanted to do..

Instead we have some baby knight’s to start with.

As we have come to expect from GW the delivery of such things is spot on. The box is really nice and has a slightly different feel than AoS and 40k boxes. Maybe we will see this in the future as I like it.. The artwork is spot on and the knights are looking shiny.

Digging into the box the first thing we find is the bases (shocking I know) and a new transfer sheet that covers a couple of the different houses. They are all tiny transfers so you are going to need to be careful. One thing I particularly like is the checkerboard sections to add to the knight shoulder pads. A great idea for those too clumsy (hello) or too lazy (hello again) to do such things into a knight of any scale.

Next we have the instruction book which is full of CAD pictures to help you build which has become the norm for GW so no surprises here.



Finally have the spure and it is just one frame. But they do manage to pack everything onto there. So much so you will only have 1 piece spare at the end which is a torso gun option of your choice. Or in my case no options, pro-tip be incredibly careful with the meltagun it is one of those pieces that can break in half and fly away…


This is a 10mm Knight and they have managed to get the 28mm sized detailing onto the model…


I mean look at that leg! It is just insane levels of detail!


Or the fact the shield has the electrical wiring thingys on the back of it or the railings on the back


Seriously is this a tiny knight or something akin to snap-fit for 40k..

So the build on these was surprisingly easy, yes the torso gun is very very fiddly but overall the kit was a joy to put together.


Perhaps most surprising was the poseability of these models, yes they are simple but the small tweaks you can make on what is mainly ball joints allow for some deceptive uniqueness to them, so even across several knights you can give each a slightly different feel/character.

Perhaps one of the hardest part of these kits is the basing, as they are so small if you are wanting to do something different, you are going to have to think about the scale of things.

Hoping I capture the idea of trenches and entrances to underground bunkers and of course the odd bit of silo destruction.

I may need to find more broken electrical things 🙂




These are a stunning kit and well worth the price for £15 from out friends over at Triple Helix Wargames, you cant say no to 3 amazing pieces of design.

Yes much has been said about the price of game, but when taken in isolation you are getting a more detailed kit but with less options for similar price kits. I am looking at something like terminators for this example. yes the options are less but the detail is :O all the while being of similar size and to be honest I like not having extra arms/legs/heads I will never use.

I will be probably getting another set of these but my magnetise on the assumption we will get arm kits from FW!

P.S. yes I am excited for a bit of stompy action!!