Kharadron Overlord Ironclad Review

Try saying that title fast 3 times after some vodka..

Yes, welcome to a kit review something I haven’t done for a while, but then this kit is something spectacular. Now this is going to be a review over a couple of parts but we will come to that as we go.

But first big shout out to our lovely friends at triple helix wargames for sourcing me this kit (psst they are really cheap and very transparent about stock).

So where to start? Well let’s make a meal of it; the first bite is with the eye and you will need to hungry to get through this box my word is it impressive. GW have always been good at presentation of their wares and this is the same. Big bright colourful it screams buy me! Build me! Love me!!

Now despite this I have to honest I am not a fan of the outer box being a sleeve for the goodies inside it feels thin and usually the tab gets torn by excited gamers.

It also means I don’t have 2 containers to hold in anymore just the one :,(

But that is a minor gripe about everything. Once inside (1 torn tab) we a greeted by a lovely booklet of instructions which continues the use of CAD images and the like to build your model and also the rules.

Which is a nice touch as yes you have the app to get the warscroll but a neat little paper copy has its uses.

Now onto the sprues and boy what sprues there are 3 in the kit and all of them are chock full of shiny plastic goodness. The level of detail is as you would expect from GW – amazing and then some.

I would almost go so to say mind-boggling amount of detail. This ironclad is a self-contained diorama more than game piece.

It can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner and even the most seasoned hobbyer is going to want the instructions close to hand just in case.

So as you can probably guess i am a big fan of the kit and ticks all the boxes for flying airship manned by dwarves!!

So I have shown lots of pictures as they do a far better job than my penmanship can.

Now that may sound like the end of this little review but it isn’t as well I havent built it yet and the simple reason is this;

It’s a big imposing kit that if in one piece is going to be a pain to transport and also that flight stand looks really really small.

For those that know me know I love a good scenic base I can’t do sand and goblin green….plus i may have a cork addiction.

Anyway I want to do future posts on how i magnetized the ship to a) make it easier to transport and b) make it look cooler than just a flight stand base.

So till then here is a cheeky look at my Frigate to give you an idea for the base.

With that the Ironclad is an amazing kit with more detail than you can shake a stick at and is well worth its place as a centre piece to the Overlord army. If you want to get some of the best prices around then make sure you press the button and head on over to THW.


Death Guard So Far

Well for those keeping up I have been collecting Death Guard for nearly a year now! It started as a way to dip into 30K and I have been having great fun do the painting!

So since I started at the start ofd the year, this is what my 30K collection looks like. Well the collection that is painted I have some more tac marines and of course some more characters to do!

Then well 40k 8th edition happened with the death guard being one of the original releases…

Which means oh bugger collection explosion 🙂

I have to admit I have a little bit more to paint (shocking I know) but for now this is over 5000pts of death guard (and like 2500 pts of 30k as well).

I have never managed to get so much painted for a GW system, so I admit I am full of that warm feeling at the moment….Now time for a break and onto a new project 😉


I have loved, loved, loved painting this guy up he has been great fun to do. Yes he is a pain to transport but I cant help but love the wheezy one!



Fetid Bloat Drone

Really fun model that is let’s be honest a bit bonkers even as far as daemon engines go! But my word does this guy get some work done for me, so much so I am planning on having a couple more!



Chaos Spawn

Never been a huge fan of Chaos spawn models and he price they go for! So solution is some undead ghouls to tick a similar box, I probably wouldn’t run all 3 at the same time but they do allow for a cheap way to fill in the fast attack slot for a Battalion.