I do love these newer Broodhounds, so cool and well slightly bonkers..


Sonnia Theme Idea

So it’s been a long time since I have spoken about malifaux. Games are always cyclical and I think faux could be coming back.

Helps we have new players and I won a Sonnia crew in a raffle. The gremlins I will always love and they have me right back on that track (yes, yes I know AoS drops this week. Yes I know I can’t help myself).

Anyway I got thinking about a theme for this Sonnia crew that would give me a small compact force but still allows some options.

So I went looking at the 2-player starter and well the guild half is all witch hunters as well. This plus the good Doctor and Nurse are always nice fits into a Sonnia crew.

So that got me thinking could I use the rest of the box and I am not so sure. An orderly is nice but not sure about the rest of the NB bits. Then I need a doctor model but alas McMourning is dual faction so not the best idea.

So then I thought why not use the next best thing. Rafkin the little scamp in his scrubs just needs a suitable weapon (need to check if the chainsaw is still with my TTB kit) and then the next is the Nurse…..why not just use a nurse and then the extra one can be an orderly. OK we are onto something here.

So the theme;

All my Sonnia games are going on in her head! As she has been sectioned into the malifaux asylum.

So the painting I am aiming for almost cartoony so I am going to try cell-shading so blocks of colour no blending going on.

I may add chains to her but not sure. Her totem and the witchling stalkers are going to be painted as ghosts.

I am hoping to source a puppet wars model for the effigy to be her childhood toy.

Rafkin, nurse and orderly are painted as you would expect. The witchling thralls are other patients.

If I go with the emmissary I am going with the idea that is an imaginary friend. So perhaps a headless form of the actual model (Sonnia is broken after all) or thinking something akin to the ghost of future Christmas..

The witchling handlers and Mr Hopkins I am trying to figure out what to do. Almost see the handlers as asylum sercuity staff.

While Sam is perhaps a “spirit guide” come to save Sonnia from herself so he is slightly disembodied.

Any thoughts are welcome or more ideas 🙂

Also thinking the sewer bases as they can be made to look clinical but still bonkers..

Great Unclean Slug One…part 2

For those keeping up my GUO is getting there from where it was in post number 1 GUO1

So I am at the stage now where I think he is done! As hopefully you will see..

The next stages I had to do were the arms which you can see came out very very well, thanks to some blue stuff that let me make some molds of the arms just to help me get the scale OK, as I was nervous about getting them right especially the right bend/lengths.


The other side of things was to ensure the size of him matched the official model.

As you can see I think I have that nailed from the Birdseye view, so at least my original sketches are measuring up OK 🙂



I also ensured that I kept checking things sat OK and as you can see the hands are almost perfect fits as is the head, however I then knew that the belly needed to be more substantial!

Then the fun could really start, the green stuffing of the details, as you can see I did go mental but hopefully not too mental that details are lost in the crazy!


But then I also wanted to make sure I didn’t create something too large and next to his brother Rotigus I think we have this nailed 🙂


So something I did learn from this is Green Stuff is shiny and can be difficult to actually see some details. So anyone out there wanting to give it a go on any sort of big scale then make sure you undercoat the model at a stage you start to go green blind. As it helps immensely.


Which leads me to the stage I am now, some more work on bits I had missed before undercoating.

The spots of white allowed me say I am happy with an area, as I am now at that stage in which I could keep adding more and more detail when really I wont get any benefit for it other than I dont get to paint him.

So soon he will be hit with paint and hopefully I dont mess him much.