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40K – Help design a rules package

Over on Heros Gaming Blog he has suggested making a fair rules pack for competitive play that doesnt ban anything but helps calm the madness down.

If you are into competitive play go have a read and help out Hero if you can.

HERO’s Gaming Blog: 40K: Designing a rules package.


Lots of interesting things appearing on the radar this well..

First Wyrd have a Malifaux Starter set in the works which is pretty exciting. With 8 brand new models for a Guild VS Neverborn-off. What I really like is they are all new models that will appear in the next book but that they are also Mercs so other factions can use them. Very clever approach to starter set and cant wait to see it. Maybe some card terrain as well wyrd? ;)

Next up the MASSIVE new model from the GW, Smaug, they have really gone to town with this guy judging by the pictures and the price!!

Amazing something like this can be mass-produced but suppose they are still the biggest so they get the biggest miniature?!

Not overly inspired by the new Primarch BUT my word the base is absolutely stunning. I think better than Horus one, which is saying something..

 Painting & Hobby

I am on December slow down, always seems to happen this time of year, motivation begins to slow.

Been getting more Malifaux games in recently however I will be moving away from 10T for a while as starting to get a bit of burnt out :( which does mean more Neverborn for a bit :)

So close to Christmas now but with the Outpost it’s always Christmas with 20% off RRP on everything on their site (what? too cheesy?).


Slow week, really slow….

 Painting & Hobby

I am painting Legion :O

Been over a year since I have done any, but I maybe back on it ;)

Getting close to Christmas and with the Outpost it’s always Christmas with 20% off RRP on everything on their site (what? too cheesy?).

Responsible One’s Wargaming: GW Conjecture, Speculation and Vile Rumour

Came across this recently and have to say it is worth a read for people out there with any love/hate for the big elephant in the room that is GW.

I haven’t done a post like this before, so I’d like to start by putting this in context. I went and talked to a lot of people at the weekend who work for Games Workshop and Forge World. They have to be very careful about what they say, because they are working on things two to three years in advance, and run a pretty tight ship about it. I would consider quite a few of them friends, and I would never want to get any of them in trouble.

Want to read more? then head on over to the full post – The Responsible One’s Wargaming Blog.


Look look I do paint Eldar sometimes! These guys where good fun to paint, although like all eldar for me, was a bit of a challenge.


First set of Jetbikes at last Wooooo!


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