Well no really news this week… oh wait

June is going to be a very interesting month, but thanks to the Primecast we have some ideas of what is coming.

  • Rebalanced every model – Goes without saying, but with no beta test this time interesting to see what they do (what was held back in MK2 FAQs for this reason) and how much ‘flavour’ is changed for units/solos etc.
  • Each warcaster has a unique spell/ability (outside of feats) – So bit more uniqueness to the main characters can only be a good thing. Although top of my head not sure if anyone doesn’t already fall into this anyway.
  • No more fear/terror checks – So no-one is scared anymore, honestly this was a rule greatly underplayed for me personally (always forgot about) so yeah one less thing I have to remember.
  • Jacks and Beasts get turned up to 11 – jack/beats points increased a lot to allow more jacks for free, what this means is that the new battleboxes are actually 0pts in the game due to the increase!!
  • As well as this we have 2 new rules to go along with that;
    New jack rule: they gain a free focus for being in warcaster’s control area in control phase
    New beast rule: As you lose warbeasts they still generate some fury ‘beyond the grave’.  Both of these are going to be amazing as I for one love having lots of stompy robots but no way to actually run them well.
  • Fluff is now only through Skull Island Expeditions – I like this as the move to more eBook status this means I can keep up with the fluff without worrying about the rules. I failed to keep up the last few books as I haven’t played a lot recently, but still wanted to see what happens
  • The safety net of characters not dying has been removed –  an exciting living, breathing and dying world.
  • Finally the big one premeasuring is in – woohoo because being able to eyeball distances is not a skill needed on a 4×4 board, to have fun playing models with!

It’s all very exciting and I look forward to seeing some more meat added to these bones.

Games This Week

No games this week unfortunately although I have been playing with myself going through the Operation Icestorm pack trying to get the rules down for Infinity.

Hobby This Week

The Fish are so close to being finished, only a week to go..

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Apparently I have started Infinity again, which is unusual as I am sure I have said those words before. But this time it does include the words Operation Icestorm. As regular listeners will know I have skirted with Infinity more times than any other game system to date.

I have always struggled to justify the terrain costs and the models scared me, real-scale models and ridiculous paint jobs seen around the internet make bear sad.

But with the introduction of OI it has meant that part of the terrain is solved as the 2×3 board you get to play on actually means you are half way there already! But I have also had a bit of a light bulb moment. Hobbycraft (UK shop that carries hobby supplies from knitting to baking) have some DIY keepsake type boxes that you can decorate to your hearts content. Now there are some that are perfect as not only are they the right size but turning the lid over gives you instant roof areas to play with, plus inside areas when you want to.

On the other hand I am still not going to win paining competitions I would like to think I have improved from my first go at playing around with Infinity models. So hopefully it gives me something to aim towards..

Games This Week

Another game of AoS in the bag with this one going to a stalemate, in which there was 2 characters, a monster and a small unit left. Certainly very bloody.

Also managed a cheeky demo of Guild Ball as well , with the might of Fish taking on the drunks. I am finding Corsair more and more like the ultimate tarpit he may even be better than Fangtooth :O

Hobby This Week

The fish are well on the way to being complete for the Leeds event in 2 weeks, with only really Gutter and my Goal left to go. Work continues on the Stormcasts as well (finally have the yellow I needed).

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P.S. I hope everyone taking part in DaffCon has had an amazing time this weekend:)


First game of AoS was had this weekend and since it is me dipping back into the fun and games of the GW system I thought I may as well have a ramble about it as well:)

We tried the SCGT comp, as my usual opponent is a Vampire lover so anything to stop the crazy amount of summoning is probably going to help…

We also used the scenario pack and ended up going with number 6, so the winner needed to control more realm gates than their opponent with 1 of the 4 exploding in turn 3.

We played with 48 pool points as that is literally all I have for the Stormcasts… we also cut the summoning pool to 10 as well (half everything basically).

So first impressions, it is actually an enjoyable game. Does it have the depth of something like malifaux (and Guild Ball) probably not at the moment, however I think as more Battleplans (scenarios to everyone else) and actual AoS models appear we will see some fun things.

Some things we did find, was it is clear that the Stormcast are made for AoS (obviously) whereas the Vampires felt a bit more shoe-horned in.

You need to play the scenarios be it from a comp pack or ANY of the battle plans, a straight fight I think is not going to show AoS in its best light. As much as it might be easier to just throw models at the table it will lead to some bad bad match ups.

I will say this was one of the most enjoyable game of GW since GorkaMorka for me, yes we had to play with a fan-based comp system but just giving stuff some balance via the points (as well as the summoning pool) made for a pretty enjoyable game for both me (who won😉 ) but also my opponent.

Will AoS be added to the rotation? More than defiantly! Will it replace Malifaux and Guild Ball as a ‘main’ game for me? No but throwing dice around the board and enjoying the spectacle is more than enough. Are we thinking tournaments? Not yet, a 50pt game hits in nicely into an evening while we re-learn the game again. Plus will need to double my collection….or just save up for load of Drakes😉

It is worth pointing out that you can now take a faction so Order/Death/Chaos that army building is very free form, which as a very poor collector of one army. This really interests me, as now no penalty for a few units of Stormcasts joining up with some Fyreslayers and a Slann. Why because SHINY thats why😉

So some nice stand-outs from the game was Prosecutors hanging with a Varghulf and taking him out. A realm gate blowing up and taking 6 wounds of another Varghulf. Blood Knights being monsters and rolling down my flank with little effect by me, well until the Retributors said hello with their hammers..

Games This Week

Thats about it as far games go this week, I do have a few GB demos coming up but I can’t count those:)

Hobby This Week

Still churning away on the Fishermen, I should nicely be on target for the Leeds event in April with them. So reasonable turn around. Now I just need a goal..

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Beared-itorial – Bradford Spring Ball Report

Last weekend I popped down to the local gaming club for a little friendly Guild Balling, in which I took the spooks for a first run out.

It was a standard format event, 8-man teams and played over 4 games and 45 min death clock. In the end we had 9 players take part with an interesting mix of teams, 2 Morticians, 1 Union, 1 Engineers, 2 Brewers and 3 Fishermen.

Game 1 vs Brewers

  • Result: 12-8 with 2-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

So Martin is more or less a brand new player, so this was an odd game as he has never played against Morticians and has little experience with his Brewers. So in the end, this was more like a training game as we both worked through the game. Enjoyable start to the day though.

  • Stand-out moment – Getting the Ball from the Right of the board to left and score a goal during a turn with Bonesaw to Dirge and Dirge handing off to Mist..
  • MoM – Ghast, just for being his tanky-self

Game 2 vs Brewers

  • Result:  8-12 with 0-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Casket, Mist

A face off against the Old foe JC this time with his Brewers, as always these games are fast intense and very close. In the end JC got the win after a huge mistake by myself, I panicked and made a really silly mistake😦

I had it set up for Obulus to go for a goal with a personal puppet master on himself for the extra range. But instead of activating Ghast to lock up Mash and gain some momentum, I activated Silence trying to Shutout Tapper. When I didn’t need to, as he had already killed Dirge once so couldn’t gain anymore VP for it. My gut was to go with Ghast but I panicked and over thought the game. Lesson learnt, but I admit I was very very grumpy with myself for this.

  • Stand-out moment – The Epic Battle of Mist VS Fangtooth neither wanted to do anything to each other..
  • MoM – Ghast again just for being a hunk of a monster

Game 3 vs Engineers

  • Result: 12-2 with 2-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

Game 3 saw me face off once again against local lad Dan and his infamous Engineers, the first time we met my Butchers may have hurt him a lot… It was the match neither of is wanted, apparently I scared him and I knew he had improved loads so didn’t fancy getting pierced by many arrows…

In the end, I ran away with the game just because flank play of Mist and Bonesaw is hard to deal with, when you are a slow guild and I just about managed to hold the centre with Obulus and Ghast.

  • Stand-out moment – Dealing with that damnit insect first turn and dealing with the damage/burning on my terms (plus Mist Goal) had me up 6-0 in Turn one..
  • MoM – Obulus helped me just enough with puppet master for me to gain the VP I needed.

Game 4 vs Union

  • Result: 10-12 with 1-0 goals scored.
  • Team Picked: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw, Mist

Final game was against Al and the nasty man Captain Rage. This was a very see-saw game I managed to get to 8-2 pretty quickly down to a goal and a couple of pushes off the board. However he managed to grind me down very well and I couldn’t get those last few VP in the end. Obulus and dice in the end failed me a little bit as I couldn’t take Rage down very efficiently. Which hurt me loads plus I got caught out by Red Fury after that which was painful.

  • Stand-out moment –Bonesaw getting it done with his pig 4” push (at last)
  • MoM – Honestly probably Ghast again hell he got deep into the opponents board and that never happens…

This meant I went 2-2 with a +8 differential, in 4 games I managed to score 5 goals and only had one scored against me was pretty good going (avoided the Fishermen). Strangely I was hoping to do slightly better and I may have done but for some mistakes. But oh well, such is the choice of playing lots of different teams rather than sticking to one.

I did however win best painted with the wrestling crew which shows sometimes strong theme can trump skill:) as there were some lovely painting on show (especially Martins tartan).

Lessons from the day

So what have I learnt from this tournament then;

Mistakes – I am still prone to mistakes, it is something that hopefully I can iron out of my game. However this will be an uphill struggle because;

Hobby ADD – As mentioned I am probably never going to break the glass ceiling that is a tournament win/consistent podiums. As I like to jump around a fair amount – 4 events attended and 3 Guilds used is evidence enough but I am at least consistent in that I am hovering around that 4th spot a lot.

Rainbow – There is going to be a strong chance that I am going to end up playing all the guilds at events over the next year or so. As let’s be honest I am half way through the Guilds that I own, shouldnt be that difficult😉

Next– the next guild is going to be Fishermen I think, which will take me nicely into the Leeds event next month. Can I learn a new team in a month? probably not but who cares:)

News This Week

Well what can I say but STARDRAKE, why would GW do this to me?? I am back on the AoS wagon happily painting up some Stormcasts and as punishment they bring out a stonkingly big dragon. What a fatty he is as well, apparently gone are the serpentine dragons of old, this guy has been at the stardust…

From the leaks as well he is looking like a nasty model to deal with as well. However I am still not sure I will get one, the price is always painful (£70 even after online discount) but we know this about the hobby anyway. I am not sure I like the pose for it something seems off with that front foot, plus the unusual wing pose although makes sense as a walking dragon it doesn’t sit right. Well from the horrendous pictures GW have used, but then is standard for their big kits anyway..

 Games This Week

Another Malifaux demo/beginner game this week with Dreamer coming up against Lynch at 35pts. Which came in as a nice 6-6 draw. Martin is coming along nicely with the rules and the interactions, it’s just that last step into only working to schemes rather than killing all and sundry..

Hobby This Week

I was planning to paint all the Fishermen at once, but this has been tweaked so going a bit more slowly with them. Which means I can throw some Stormcast painting in as well, which is going well..

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This weekend I am at a local Guild Ball event in Bradford, only a small one but should be a good laugh and also pretty relaxed.

I am taking Morticians with me this time, a break from the Butchers who usually come out for events. Aiming for that spoon, I have to win one eventually surely!!

So with no Scalpel yet out what is my tournament 8 going to look like, well unlike the Butchers it is looking like a pretty straight forward task with the limited games I have had.

Obulus and Dirge are well you know I have to….2 down already (see told you it was easy)

Then we have to take Silence, 3 INF is too good to pass up plus his other abilities are too handy not to take (control elements for the win). Then we need a relatively simple goal threat which means Mist, big threat range, missile-like simplicity whats not to like.. Half way there and I havent even done any thinking:)

We need another goal threat, if we want to go more goals rather than take outs (aiming for a 2 and 2) which means Bonesaw, which although not as straight forward as Mist he does bring goal scoring but more control elements as well.

Now we also need some muscle in the lists so it has to be that man monster Ghast, like Mist he doesn’t do lots of things but he hits very well and makes the opposition hurt if they want to hit him.

So that leaves me with 2 spots left and this is where I do start to struggle, as there are plenty of options around still. The likes of Rage and Minx are reasonable choices, but in the end I went with what I had painted:) So Cossett who can against the right crews smash people into a bloody mess better than anyone in the team. However there are going to be some teams that she will suffer against and give away cheap VP.

Finally we have the other big man who got a cheeky boost recently with Ghostly Visage not being once a turn anymore. Means he is bringing so much control it is untrue and if the Legendary does come off it’s a great boost in the VP column but also activations as well.

Alas no room for Graves, which is a shame I still want to get him to work but I am not good enough to do that in a tournament situation😦

Random Rambling

Alongside the fun I have been having with Guild Ball I have been tracking the players I have used in all my games thus far and it makes for some interesting reading.

My Butchers the team I started with and surprisingly one that I havent locked myself down to one list. I have used Boar (with shank very close behind) the most from all the players but even he is only in 84% of my lists.

My Brewers are next and both Hopper and Spigot make it into nearly 100% of my lists

While with the Alchemists and Morticians I always reach for Vitriol (and little lower Calculus) and Silence all the time.

Now this makes for some interesting reading, as I am a little surprised by some of these. What we are looking at is I like models that generally always perform when I use them. Boar is easy to use but also easy to shut down, however I always get some use out of him even if its people shut him down rather than the rest of the crew. Likewise with Shank he is my main goal scorer in Butchers, he scores better than Brisket for me.

Hopper brings the extra pain for the Brewers, Tapper sets them up and Hopper does what he does:) While Spigot is my support piece with his football legend and heroic AND tooled up it is very hard to drop the old soak.

While Vitriol is probably the best non-captain player in the whole game, so of course she will make it into lists and Silence brings a lot of INF to the table and enhances the control game no end.

So it all makes sense but it is something I have never noticed before that hal my teams are built before I even see the opposition, apparently I aint that flexible😉

Army Painter Spray

Picked up some of the Bone spray paint for my new Stormcast eternals to help speed up the whole process. After seeing some mixed reviews of the sprays and warnings to be very careful and respectful with them as they are unforgiving. I went in and did the usual things, left small child shaking it for 10 minutes while I did something else😉 sat with it in my pants to warm up the can etc..

Long story short it is amazing stuff, one coat of it has gone across 30 models with great coverage to the extent I only have a little bit of touch up to do before actually get paint on them.

So I would say this be careful with it as many people suggest but they do, do the job well.

Games This Week

Just a demo or 2, but I did manage to beat another pundit as well this. After taking on Spuddy of Tabled Podcast fame. Game ended 12-6 but it was this game that made sure Casket was in my 8 for Saturday.

Hobby This Week

I have started the Fishermen at last woop!! NO idea how long this will take. Plus have lots of Stormcasts to get past basecoat as well obviously..

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Another week down, we saw the majority of the Hunters guild get teased and also the last of the season 2 captains are coming to pre-order next week which is very cool.

Games This Week

No games this week, as I try to get my hobby on in different ways

Hobby This Week

I have been pretty busy this week, I have picked up some Stormcast Eternals….Yes I am back on the AoS bandwagon and I have to say the models are pretty nice. So I am gearing up on getting these guys painted Yellow: Yep, I am going yellow. Because if you are going to do something you may as well do it uber stupid.

They have also proved a nice distraction from the Fishermen I am supposed to be painting as I am too scared to start using the W&N7s I have as I don’t want to ruin them. Maybe next week!

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