It is the time of year when Summer has arrived……..and there it goes.

So back inside for more painting and gaming then?

Games This Week

Managed another game with Smoke this week against Fillet, a close game but I went down 8-12 in the end. I am enjoying Alchemists a bit more but I need to figure out my teams a but more, I am starting to think I need to be more savy when picking my 6 as they are much less forgiving as a team. This means 1 or 2 players wrong and I suffer a lot.

For instance against Butchers I think both big guys are just not worth it as they take such a kicking. I am starting to think that I need to go heavy on the goal scoring with Mist/Vitriol/Smoke as a set up, or I need to add in Decimate for all the momentum generation! As I am really struggling with MP generation mainly because I can’t roll 4s..

In an unrelated topic I need new dice.

Hobby This Week

Infinity painting continues apace, I had hoped to do some bright colours but in the end I have gone back down my dark and dingy look. I most try harder next time..

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Really slow week this week due to many real life things getting in the way, so not going to be a long one today.

Games This Week

Managed a couple of games of Guild Ball though as I try out Smoke. Lost one game against Fillet and my word is she a monster (I will resist and stick with Alchemists) and won a close one against Tapper. Its odd having a team that doesn’t generate a lot of momentum BUT then stops your opponent keeping any of theirs either unless they want to die slowly. Much more to learn with her though..

I just wish Kataylst worked better.

Hobby This Week

Continuing with the Nomads at the moment, I may be in love with the glazes from GW though.

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Beared-itorial – Leeds Spring Ball Report

So another Guild Ball tournament over in Leeds, I would say ran by Simon but his wife does all the leg work (and great cakes).

It was a standard format event, 8-man teams and played over 4 games and 45 min death clock. In the end we had 28 players taking part with a nice spread of all the teams including some Hunters for the first time.

I took Fishermen for this event and that marks Guild number 4 for me at all events. My team was Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Greyscales, Jac, Angel, Kraken and Gutter

Game 1 vs Fishermen

Result: 12-6 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Angel and Gutter

This was against new player Adam and in the end we had a complete mirror match, which produced a very cagey game. I took a 2-0 lead in the second turn and it stayed like that for something 16 turns till the points started  raining in. A fun game but very unusual as I have never played in such a mirror match before and that fact both corsairs got into each other they sort of shut each other down.

Stand-out moment – Corsair on Corsair action , like watching a puppy attack itself in the mirror.

MoM – Has to be Greyscales who did something and scored some goals.

Game 2 vs Butchers

Result: 6-12 with 1-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

Face off against the new girl in town, Fillet. My word I knew she was fast and deadly but didn’t realise how fast and deadly. This was a game in which I was forever playing catch up and wasn’t fast enough to chat up..

Stand-out moment – Greyscales scoring AGAIN.

MoM – Salt for not getting killed.

Game 3 vs Brewers

Result: 12-2 with 2-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

I was at a tournament which of course means I had to play one of my club mates at least once and shocking it was JC AGAIN!! He had his brewers again which had beaten my Morticians at the last event (down to my doh! moment). It is always a fun match and against his Esters could prove tricky, in the end the score doesn’t represent the game! He fed me his cat which caused some clumping up for esters AoEs. I took the bait as I would much rather gain some points and activation control. It the progressed into a slugfest with Corsair doing what he does backed up by Gutter. While Greyscales and Sakana scored goals and helped me with the MP generation.

Stand-out moment – Gutter for taking out Friday and Esters in one activation and putting Spigot down to 1 wound left.

MoM – Gutter

Game 4 vs Morticians

Result: 12-10 with 2-1 goals scored.

Team Picked: Sakana. Greyscales. Jac and Gutter

Incredibly cagey match for the last game of the day, in which we banter each other completely..

Very to-and-fro but as is the case in some games once you are ahead you can stay ahead, Just even if Sakana gives you a heart attack by missing an easy goal and then the very next turn making the harder one!!!

Stand-out moment – Jac taking a kicking off Obulus long enough to allow Gutter and Corsair to deal with Silence, Ghast and Dirge..

MoM – Jac going down like a champ.


This meant I went 3-1 with a +12 differential which considering my goal as always is 2-2 result and a positive diff, not bad at all. Overall I cam out 4th, which means I am just Mr Consistent at the moment.

Lessons from the day

So what have I learnt from this tournament then as far as Guild Ball goes.

HobbyADD – I am not going to be troubling the podium too much unless I stick to one faction and we all know that is not going to happen.

Season 2 Plots – Are amazing, allow for some fun things to happen on the board but don’t distract/mess up what is happening on the board.

Games This Week

Not much on the gaming front this week.

Hobby This Week

Been working on Infinity terrain mainly as, spray painting buildings using leftover random cans is recycling at its best:).

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This weekend was the Leeds event in which I have taken the Fishermen too, which means I have now played 4 different guilds at tournament:). Full low-down will be next week as I write these in advance (I know breaking the 5th wall or something).

Season 2 has officially started and MK3 is on its way, so lots of upheaveal happening at the moment. But also interesting times as there seems to be a decent meta shake up happening everywhere (even Infinity with Human Sphere coming as well).


Make sure you go back friends of F&A, the Paranoid Games guys with their Mythos game it is going to  be very cool and all resin models as well.



I am also in the process of trying out the gaslands playtest rules, which means like a few people I am trawling ebay for matchbox cars:)

Games This Week

Managed a few games this week, with some practice for the Leeds event against some locals (which I managed to scrape some wins) and also got in some Infinity and Malifaux. Full hobby overload in the last 7 days:) The Malifaux game was reckoning my Pandora vs Viks and thanks to some crazy/swingy cards on both sides I managed to sneak a 7-3 win. It was only my second Pandora game but I have to say I enjoyed her and don’t think my opponent had issue with her (more his cards back-end of the game)

Infinity is proving to be a fun but VERY deep game, this is not a game you can just pick despite the ease of the mechanism itself. So expect some random ramblings soon about all this..

Hobby This Week

The Fishermen are ready to rock for the event, so now I am trying to split my painting time between Stormcasts and these Infinity models.

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Well no really news this week… oh wait

June is going to be a very interesting month, but thanks to the Primecast we have some ideas of what is coming.

  • Rebalanced every model – Goes without saying, but with no beta test this time interesting to see what they do (what was held back in MK2 FAQs for this reason) and how much ‘flavour’ is changed for units/solos etc.
  • Each warcaster has a unique spell/ability (outside of feats) – So bit more uniqueness to the main characters can only be a good thing. Although top of my head not sure if anyone doesn’t already fall into this anyway.
  • No more fear/terror checks – So no-one is scared anymore, honestly this was a rule greatly underplayed for me personally (always forgot about) so yeah one less thing I have to remember.
  • Jacks and Beasts get turned up to 11 – jack/beats points increased a lot to allow more jacks for free, what this means is that the new battleboxes are actually 0pts in the game due to the increase!!
  • As well as this we have 2 new rules to go along with that;
    New jack rule: they gain a free focus for being in warcaster’s control area in control phase
    New beast rule: As you lose warbeasts they still generate some fury ‘beyond the grave’.  Both of these are going to be amazing as I for one love having lots of stompy robots but no way to actually run them well.
  • Fluff is now only through Skull Island Expeditions – I like this as the move to more eBook status this means I can keep up with the fluff without worrying about the rules. I failed to keep up the last few books as I haven’t played a lot recently, but still wanted to see what happens
  • The safety net of characters not dying has been removed –  an exciting living, breathing and dying world.
  • Finally the big one premeasuring is in – woohoo because being able to eyeball distances is not a skill needed on a 4×4 board, to have fun playing models with!

It’s all very exciting and I look forward to seeing some more meat added to these bones.

Games This Week

No games this week unfortunately although I have been playing with myself going through the Operation Icestorm pack trying to get the rules down for Infinity.

Hobby This Week

The Fish are so close to being finished, only a week to go..

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