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SR2014 cards

There are some very handy Stream Roller 2014 cards doing the rounds, apologies as I can’t remember who did them :(

But they are awesome and many internet points and Kudos to them. Click the link below


Gaming Resolutions

It is that time again where people make promises they  can not keep past the 5th of January ;)

We all try these things and more often than not we get distracted, forget or just decide that the shiny is toooo tempting!!

Now usually I do not subscribe these sort of things mainly as I have a habit of forgetting about whatever I am suppose to try or give it. Lent is the same I remember about half way through that chocolate bar :S

I am however going to try something this year which I would imagine will be highly taxing for me (especially doing this blog and getting so much exposure to all that the hobby brings).

I am not going to start any new FACTIONS!!!

What this means is for all my current systems I am stuck with what I have for this year, no more chopping and changing. This means that for the following systems I am shaping up like this.

40K – Orks and Eldar

Warhammer – Warriors of Chaos

Warmachine – Cygnar and CoC

Hordes – Skorne and Legion

Malifaux – Gremlins

Dystopian Wars – Empire of the Blazing Sun

Deep Wars – Fortune Hunters

Freebooters Fate – Pirate Goblins

Surely new releases for these should keep me busy for a year? Now I do have some side projects going on as well. Such as my Grotau but they are count-as allies so I can use them normally within the Ork Codex so they dont count (this is not bending the rules).

Overall I believe this is very doable, as Orks are due an update and PP can keep feeding me book updates anyway ;) I am relearning Malifaux M2E finally and rumours of newer Dsytopian Wars rules has them on to chill anyway.

Now I am allowing one twist to this no Factions rule, I am allowing a new system to enter the stable but I am in no rush to do something like that ;) On top of this I am allowed to drop armies BUT cant pick up new ones..

So what say you all? Can I do it? Am I doomed to fail? Are you also looking into some gaming resolutions?


Prime Axiom Review

So I have my hands on probably the oddest model PP have created in some time, a 3-legged floating HUGE robot….what is not to love :D

The Box

The box is nice and shiny showing of the model in question. The packaging of the Axiom is like the other huge based models from PP is impressive as to get so much into the box is always impressive and slightly overwhelming if you are not expecting..

The Bits

Once we get all the bits out of the box (which takes some time), what do we get?

Some of it is standard the big ol’ 120mm base, stat cards, wreck marker and finally a handy instruction diagram.

As you can see there is much going on with this beast..

And when you compare it the mass of resin and metal well it is a scary scary model to consider putting together. weighing in at over 50 individual pieces, you heard me OVER 50 :O.

It is a lot to take in.

The Pieces

The actually finish is very nice on the model the resin PP use is so much better than their restic can be (See the CoC battlebox). Nice and clean plus with very little flash in general on most pieces.

The little orbs are great on the pelvis section.

The log of rock of Doooommmmm. I appreciate that they had to find a way to make it ‘hover’ but the rock in my opinion was the worst choice possible (surely). Especially with the nice swooping stems they have for the various servitors.

They only parts that caused some issue where the shoulder pads and legs as they had to deal with some ‘chunks’ of resin for removal


Fortunately they are no in terrible places but they are in slightly awkward places to get a knife. Needle files could have been handy..


The Build

Was pretty enjoyable if very extensive!! The majority is pretty easy to deal with. In fact I did very little pinning on this model the contact points are large and my super glue strong ;)

Most of the load-bearing points are ok to deal with without for much concern.

That is to say apart from the arms, as you can see below the connection from shoulder to ‘hand’ is a small piece of metal, which in part has some pretty small connection area. These were pinned for that reason and for the most part it has done the job with no tumbling Jazz hands..

As mentioned I do not like the pile of rock..SO instead I have a different plan for my PA which involved drills and knife. Which gives me the hole I now have the bottom of him. As for the base you will have to wait and see. But for those  wanting to go down a similar route the piece is hollow so is easy enough to get through without problem and will allow for a very sturdy finish if the hole is tight.


As always time for some lovely scale shots, in this case my Stormwall and also a plastic Centurion.

As you can see PA has a much bigger footprint compared to the SW and also heightwise there is not much between them. Even when you consider the base height I have on the SW

He really is a beast!


A great, great model as long as you ignore the rock pile….

Like the over Huge base models, he goes together pretty easily more so than some of the smaller models PP produces.

I would expect you are going to see this in a LOT of CoC builds as it is such a great model to have around for most of the warcasters.

You can pick up your own Prime Axoim from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150

For those intersted here is the PA overhang on the base (and sneak peak of my base).

Captain Caine

I do love this model, going to be a pain to transport but still he is pretty sexy ;)

This was my attempt at stubble, does look a bit better in real life promise!!

Warmachine Rules Mistakes and Being a Rules Lawyer

Found a couple of fun little posts over at Ray of Paint Studios.

The first one about being a Rules Lawyer is a pretty good read on its own.

The next one is that I have found really useful just because I am forever forgetting rules, making them up from memory. So hopefully this little post could be of use to others Top 10 – Warmachine Rules Mistakes.

Basically the big thing to take from it for me is the LoS with the bases, something I love to get confused :)

I think the diagram will help;

Make sure you read the blog to understand it if you dont ;)


Carrying on from my looks at Axis and Aurora, I thought it would be good to look at Mr Battlebox himself Syntherion (and a surprise at the end)

Overview Word(s) = Swiss Army Knife


Overall pretty average stats for a warcaster with OK Speed, DEF is pretty low (but again tempered) with decent ARM and Average Focus stat.

With how the Vectors share their casters MAT AND RAT what will we expect with Syntherion Vectors? Well simple pretty average stats, although with the amount of shooting around for Vectors I would have liked a higher RAT. Generally you will need to boost against a lot of things.

Weapons – Static Bolt & Workshop Array

He actually hits pretty hard in combat with 2 attacks at a decent P&S. While his electrical range weapon is mediocre it can still do the job with a boost.


As with a lot of the CoC he is a Clockwork vessel and also Repairable which is handy with so many chances to repair in the faction. He also has Resourceful which helps a LOT with all his upkeeps he has which means more focus for Vectors.

His Field Marshall ability is Auto-Repair which allows you to remove D3 points of damage every turn. Pretty good as this works across the whole battlegroup even Syntherion himself! BUt remember it happens after allocation so you can’t get your induction node (cortex) working before it happens.


Convection – A decent way of removing those pesky solos from the game as you have the range and POW to generally pull it off. With the added bonus as you get a focus back to give to a vector. Generally that is the only reason you would use it (higher POW and magical compared to normal shooting).

Hot Shot – Hands out boosted range attack damage rolls which on the right vector is just pain nasty and enhances the feel of focus efficiency from Syntherion.

Magnetic Hold – Syntherion’s signature spell it costs a fair amount but when it is reducing both the DEF and speed of the a target you cant say no. On top of granting a movement boost to anyone charging the target as well, means even the slow vectors can have a decent threat range. This spell is the reason you want some arc nodes around.

Reconstruct - A great spell that allows a disabled vector to come back with 1 box in each system. What makes this spell nice is it keeps you vectors running or at the least mean the enemy needs to spend at least one more attack to deal with the repaired vector. Interestingly I believe this is allowed to work on Huge bases, so Prime Axion is going to be even happier..

Syngery – A great spell to have for a warcaster who is very much based around his battlegroup. When you can very easily take 4+ vectors in a Syntherion list when including him as well you could be looking at some decent bonuses if you can time it right for your charges. A cumulative bonus to both melee rolls and damage rolls means even the little jacks can be hitting like heavies.

Feat – Technological Superiority

A 2 part feat in which the battle group can charge for free and they are also granted Weapon Platform. The charging for free is nice on its own as it makes you even more focus efficient which takes some doing in CoC anyway! What Weapon Platform grants is the use of both initial range and melee attacks in same activation. Expect to see a lot of combined arms jacks for this reason with Syntherion, it makes Prime Axion brutal with him due to the nature of huge bases and the drag from the range attack.


I really like Syntherion, yes he suffers from the problem that all high upkeep casters do as he needs them to run however when not running into bad matchups with really brings the heavy metal to CoC.

His tier list is also pretty good, I would imagine that we wont see many non-tier lists with him, very much in the same vein as a certain Cryx caster he may OR may not have ties to CoC.

In fact I did play around with a possible list at 35 points and surprisingly I managed to get all the way to tier 4 without trying and it looks like a decent list that I may and try to collect :D especially as it uses the battlebox as well..

  • Syntherion
  • Mitigator
  • Prime Axion
  • Corollary
  • Cipher
  • Diffuser
  • Galvanizer
  • Optifex Directive
  • Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex.

Not too bad a couple of targets reconstruct and hotshot. Plus a lot of synergy feeding going on if I could get everyone in combat on the same turn, then Syntherion would be doing straight damage to a Khador jack which is pretty nasty..

I am surprised as the next guy but for once with one of these posts here is my painted Syntherion :O


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