So Black Friday models for Wyrd dropped this week and some nice looking stuff is in there. Have to say as I move to concentrate on one faction at a time a bit more. That the mass buying has died down a fair bit, which means as I have moved onto NB for the next few months most other stuff can wait. So Lelu and Litiu will be had by myself. Plus the 10th anniversary model is very nice so that may need to slip in as well…… Question is nightmare Coryphee for Collodi yeah or nay mmmh.

In other news I host most of the blog photos on google BUT something has changed which means it is very hit or miss if people can see them so I am going to be trying a new site to see if it works better (keep me informed as I can always see them)..

Tournament Thoughts

So next week is a little Guild Ball tournament locally in Leeds which is awesome :) I had an easy time about which faction to pick basically came down to Butchers as a) not many in attendance from the look of things b) I am fully painted c) I sort of know what I am doing.

With that done it was down to the slightly harder task of picking the 8 players I am allowed to bring… First up Ox and Princess.. Hang on that was easy almost like I had to use them…..oh wait ;)

So 6 spots left and I have the following models to pick from; Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Decimate, Gutter, Meathook, Rage, Shank, Tenderiser.

As this is still season 1, I like Meathook but her lack of INF hurts me a little too much at the moment so she is getting cut. Meanwhile Boar as a big hitter always worth taking even if it is just as a nasty distraction to my opponent. Shank also gets the nod as he is actually my best goalscorer due to his ability to get out-of-the-way. Gutter also gets thrown in as I find that harpoon of hers too good to getting enemy models into my charge ranges, she is also proofing a helpful way to remove gluttonous mass for me as cheaply as possible!! Boiler is always good to have around and also brings the ARM debuff like Gutter plus some bleed is handy. So that is 4 picks and 1 drop so far, which leaves me with 2 spots and the following left;

So knowing there is some Brewers at least coming means early Knockdown hurts so Decimate second wind will be helpful more so if engineers are also about. However that would mean taking similar set up as last tournament which is boring ;) so he is a maybe at the moment.

So Brisket and I have never really got on (lowest number of picks by me), however against certain teams I think she makes something hard to deal with if she leads the line with the right buffs. I can have her at DEF 6+ and ARM 2 which means she is going to be a hard nut to crack. So perhaps she is worth another go?!

That leaves Rage and Tenderiser, now Rage is the equivalent of Boar BUT with much better DEF which means he isn’t as bad as the big guy as for giving up momentum. This means I will only take 1 of them to this event and the threat of Boar is always going to win out I feel. Next time Rage I promise..

While Tenderiser is the new guy and offers some interesting choices but brings so little INF it hurts, but I love the model and he has potential maybe he can deliver at last with it..

So the list is Ox, Princess, Boar, Brisket, Boiler, Shank, Gutter, Tenderiser/Decimate..

Yep can’t fully decide think it will have to be a call on the day between the last 2, unless I wobble completely and take Rage instead of Boar. DAMNIT!!

Games This Week

Had a great game of malifaux this week, playing against the band using Lilith. They are mental and although perhaps not greatly competitive but they do lead to a great game regardless of the result (did win 8-7). Lilith has so much utility and think I am only scratching the surface, I know that good players say don’t worry about her sword. But this game I couldn’t ignore it, she managed to kill Sloth, Envy and Lust over the game. I did use some of her other abilities which are just cool. More practice is needed.

Hobby This Week

Still on my no painting ‘ban’ only another week to go..

There has been some brain itches towards resurrecting the Grotau conversions, we shall see if anything happens

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Well the exciting news is that specialist games is coming back….if you believe a rather poorly put together flyer, which apparently is now confirmed, whoever colour me skeptical!!

IF it was true I have to say I am not really looking forward to it, there is a lot of nostalgia linked to the specialist game range and we all know reboots generally don’t do as well, even if they are enjoyable (Total Recall anyone?!).

What this will mean is whatever GW do it wont be seen as good which will result in a load of fan rage particularly if they touch bloodbowl and Epic which have both kept very vibrant communities regardless of official support. Look at the world cup held last weekend hundreds of players taking part, that is a lot of people to piss off. They have already push away a lot of WFB players due to AoS, this could be fire and frying pan scenario.

Unless we are seeing support returning and it is sustained support please GW leave things well alone. If we are having limited releases ala space hulk just don’t. The limited edition tag just feeds ebay sellers and nothing more. IF you must, follow Wyrds path and have limited ed but they are available semi-regularly.

In short would be cool to see new minis update rules BUT not sure it will be the second coming many seem to be hoping for. It will be 1 off boxes with little extra support unless FW are making the models which will then make them more expensive and harder to get (only via their own site). Actually with that in mind could the specialist games be gateway drugs to FW models like BaC boxset clearly is?

I hope to be proved wrong but I doubt it!!!

The Wall

I have hit the wall, I have no motivation to paint at the moment. Thank fully the blog is nicely scheduled into the new year so no need to worry about loss of content.

I am enjoying the games I have been playing and that is not going away BUT the will to paint is not there at the moment. I have a Guild Ball event at the end of the month and as I am already fully painted, there is no last-minute drive to get painted. As many will know I have used event deadlines to get the juices going and complete miniatures regardless of the system.

However with no Butcher models to paint I have hit the wall, perhaps if I didn’t know about the 2/3 players already going who are taking Brewers I would have continued with them. But not wanting to be another player of the same team in a relatively small event means I have reverted back to what is already painted.

So with this in mind the plan is not to paint for the rest of the month, unless I get a really strong urge and go do other things with my evenings. See if a rest will get me going again..

Games This Week

3 games this week but no malifaux as my campaign game got cancelled, so Guild ball games and went 1-2.

Went against Fishies and lost (4-12) using Brewers and lost against Union (12-0) using my Butchers.. Then managed a win against Masons with the butchers (12-8)

My brewers just couldn’t pin the Fishermen down plus as we know kicking off to them is not great. The Union game was just a bloodbath :( really outplayed so no complaints really other than some crazy rolls 11 dice should not yield 8 hits when needing 5s to hit, but things happen and at least I took a few things away from it to work on (like how to play GB).

The masons game was brutal all take-out points no goals a really stand in the middle and slap each other and as it was against Oli that meant lots of ones on both sides :) I did try Minx in this one and she could be a great answer with dealing the low INF generally seen with butchers especially if running, Boar/Rage/Tenderiser/Meathook. So she is now on the list even though I hadn’t planned on picking her.

Hobby This Week

No paint this week, although I have built my Alchemist goal with working party poppers.

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P.S. I hope to be less grumpy next week

Floaty Vectors

Finally got one of these guys done and magnetised no less. Although I havent got al 3 options open to me which is a shame plus the heads proved harder than I thought so just plain old one choice in that department.




Managed to get a few games in this week, so not too much painting going on. But then I am back into one of my lulls, must be due to the time of year and the darker days…

Doesnt help I am getting the itch of computer gaming again with the likes of CoD and FO4 drop(ed)ing means wouldn’t mind picking up the controller again for some variation.

Games This Week

Week 5 of the Vassal Campaign sees me add a Lightning bug to the arsenal.

My game this week pitted the Gremlins vs Aaron’s Neverborn a rematch of week 3. It proved to be another win this time 8-0. It was an odd game as the cards came up in my favour and the weekly event shut down Aaron more than me. In the end I came away with no injuries and scrip to spend on the final week which should be interesting.

I also managed to get 3 guild ball games :) 2 for the local club league as well. So I went against the Morticians (8-12) and Butchers (12-0) with my own butchers and then got to try Alchemists against fishermen (12-8) as well.

Still struggling against the morticians, they are proving pretty hard to crack at the moment but then I did take Tenderiser and I am finding his low INF is pretty restrictive with Boar/Rage in the list as well.

The butcher off was a bit of a daft game my opponent wanted to try some bits and I took the bleed list (Rage, Meathook, Boiler and Gutter) and it proved to be pretty effective especially with Tooled Up available to me. One shotting Boar with Ox was worth it even if I needed the Legendary play as well to do it. I also managed to score a goal in each game as well which ruined my every other game ratio ;)

The Alchemist are a completely different feel to either the Butchers or Brewers and the fact I scored 2 goals probably shows this :) I found it really difficult that I wasnt handing out loads of damage with my team which was unusual. Although I did enjoy the condition game that Mercury and Calculus brings and Midas is a monster of a captain, he is a one-man whirlwind and with Replication play he can be tailored so much it is mind-boggling.

Hobby This Week

Butchers are fully painted (only need to get Minx now) and I have moved back to Malifaux while I paint up the Collodi boxset which is a very cool little set.

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