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Beared-itorial – Summer Slapdown Tournament report

Another tournament at the grid completed, another great 3 games played.

Have to admit I was not looking forward to the event because I just didn’t like the mix of strategies and schemes on offer. But in the end my opponents made the day a great one so results/games didn’t matter in the end and really isn’t that why we have tournaments to meet up and play some games and have a laugh?

Again I took outcasts in fact this is the first time in any system I have taken the same faction in back to back events!!! I am a hobby butterfly hear me flutter..

Round 1 – Turf War

This was against the generous (gave a model to McMourning4MacMillan) Nate (The_Big_Ned on Twitter) and his Levy crew, which he pointed out was 1e metal models and was not a band wagoner, I believed him……

So my crew for this was;

  • Tara with Eternal Journey, Knowledge of Eternity and Survivalist
  • 2x Trappers
  • Hans with Scout the Field
  • 2x Korpsmen
  • Hannah with Ancient Tomes, I Pay Better

From the available schemes I picked Distract and Take a Prisoner (on Ashes and Dust). In the end I lost the game 9-4 with 2 points for turf war and 2 points Distract.

The list worked OK and 6 focus sniper shots a turn make an opponent very nervous, however against Ashes & Dust and Howard Langston. He had 2 very quick hitters I had no really answer for. Although He couldn’t really do anything so nasty with Levy as I was making those Hollow Waiths hide :)

Best moments had to be an abomination hiding behind a lamp-post for cover, Nate’s Johan finally causing damage ever (he had to work for it though, apparently Korpsmen are hard to hit when stood still) and then the other korpsmen and hollow wraith enjoying a picnic next to a lake (no really)

In the end I was crushed but had a great game that results in me getting a School of Faux Golden Star :D

Round 2 – Headhunter

This is an odd one as you need the hitters to kill but then not have the head marker easy to pick up by your opponent. This game was against a very tall man called Tristan who was running Jack Daw for the second (first time was round 1), he also has the unique accolade to have lost to both me and my usual playing buddy (poor sod).

So my crew for this was;

  • Von Schill with Oathkeeper, The Shirt Comes Off and Survivalist
  • Bishop with Oathkeeper
  • Ronin
  • Johan
  • Strongarm Suit with Oathkeeper
  • 2x Void wretch

For this one it made sense to take Protect Territory and also Bodyguard (Johan). This one was a close game and I ended up winning 8-7 with 3 for each scheme and 2 for head hunter.

This was all about what the trio of Von Schill, Bishop and Strongarm Suit could do and in the end it wasn’t much, although in the end they did account for a Trapper, Taelor and a Hanged but my opponent was very cheeky and picked up one of those heads.

In the end we sort of avoid each other a lot, with Johan doing nothing but running and hiding for the entire game. Although I did make Tristan slightly nervous as I was dropping lots schemes that were actually not outside of the limit for protect territory. He thought it was me doing something nasty, in the end it was because I am a rubbish measurer but I did enjoy making him nervous about why (sorry sir).

Odd one with needing to kill but not in an easy-to-pick-up-head-marker-area-for-your-opponent sort of way. But in the end another fun match.

Round 3 – Reckoning

Never a fun one for me as never good at picking a mix of stompy and scheme runners. Lucky I was against the always a pleasure Connor (Proximocoal) not rocking his Gremlins but his new Ressers, which actually meant we had a #ToMB2 off which was pretty cool. Although he did take Nicodem instead of Seamus which made me very happy but this is ressers so would have prefered none of them..

In the end I went for the following list;

  • Von Schill with The Shirt Comes Off and Survivalist
  • Librarian
  • Johan
  • Korpsman
  • Lazrus
  • Strongarm Suit with Oathkeeper
  • Void wretch

For this one (after a practice with Panzer) I went for Plant Explosives and Breakthrough. We ended up drawing which I will take very nice against someone like Connor, 6-6. With all my points coming from schemes.

A very brutal match but with me only losing the Wretch and Johan whereas Connor only had the valedictorian left on the board. Alas I couldn’t kill two things in one turn :(

Void wretch has to be a man of the match contender holding up the Valedictorian for 2 rounds, now that is some ducking and weaving.

Also trying to get Johan to die to drop his scheme marker for easy plant explosives easy right with only 1 wound left. Lazrus, 3 shots didn’t get him once!!! No he nicely spread the damage around between 3 enemy models.

So overall I went 1-1-1 again (getting a habit) with a WP diff. -4 which means I did better from my results than expected but my diff is a little disappointing.

Probably didn’t help that I was testing gremlin Zorida the night before playing outcasts in a tournament :D

Anyway Gremlins are now back on deck for a while, we are going back to the Bayou.

Hobby This Week

I have started painting my Drudges for the Cepalyx list I have :O first bit of Warmahordes in a long time. Fingers crossed I can remember what I wanted to do..

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I am off to a tournament today down at the Grid in Doncaster again. Running my Outcasts again however at time of writing I am still wrestling with the idea of just running Von Schill as I have not had much luck with the Viks (at all) and Tara (recently). But time will tell what I actually do ;)

I have played Ironsides this week which makes perfect sense so close to a tournament lets rock out a new faction!! She is certainly interesting and wouldn’t mind trying her again, the adrenaline mechanic is a funny one.

A final quick note, I will be not starting a Skorne army for the third time!!

Nope not going to happen at all….*starts to shake*

Hobby This Week

Marcus is done I have had the kit for over a year but he is done at last, now just need a Rogue necromancy and some hounds and I think I will be happy with him ;)

But going on a Gremlin spree as damn it I love the little guys, also rumours of Brewmaster in the wild have me excited but still not believing them..

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Clockwork (Hells) Angels


My word these are frustrating models to stick together!! But they are done and I have no plans to do anymore of them. I am now terrified of gluing Aurora together..

Steelsoul Protector


The painting mojo is back for now, which means more, malifaux and shock horror more eldar (I know right who knew).

So what has tickled me this week? well nothing, I have become so engrossed in Malifaux and Guild Ball at the moment that I am struggling to get excited about anything!

I have signed up to the Breast Cancer Brawl again in October which should mean I need to paint some models before then as neither Merc list is good to go. After the holidays I will push ahead I appear to need a deadline to get anything done :)

While we all now know where I stand with GW they have burnt me out with there release schedule I can no longer get excited as there is always something else close behind it! Will stop there before I get to grumpy again.

Also well done to F&A host Kev ‘the Fighting Hobbit’ Bryant for getting BiF with his Mercs at the Welsh open last week.

Hobby This Week

Plugging away the urge to play gremlins again has meant that I am finally gearing up to paint the Whiskey Golem :)

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Nephilim protector

Do like a light beast with an abundance of armour don’t you?


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