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Well Mantic are at it again with their KS and my word is it still popular, blowing past their goal of 25000 they are already at 10x that which is scary. Now many people have complained about their business plan of using KS as a glorified pre-order BUT they keep getting the cash in and in spades as well. Clearly the grumpy community on twitter and podcasters do not agree with the majority of gamers out there! If Mantic continue to have this sort of success fair play to them.

Games This Week

Got to try out the Brewers this week against the Fishermen (against an inexperienced player) and came out 12-4 winner. Have to say the amount of knock down they can generate is scary, especially with such an effective goal scorer in Friday. Although I would imagine they are severely neutered if they can’t hit some of their heroic plays in a turn.

I did enjoy the different way of playing them compared to Butchers, more so now with Season 2 incoming as I can bed down with Tapper more before new captain tweaks what they do..

Vassal Ball

Carrying on with the GB and getting games in dont forget about Guild Ball on vassal so please sign up on the FORUMS or the new FB page.

Hobby This Week

The end is in sight for the BCB painting a week to go and only 3 heavies to paint and they all have base coat on at least. Can almost taste the pink ;).

With the Brewers incoming and also Wong crew to paint, I really want to try different ways of painting! I want to try the vibrant way of painting with less reliance on washes and devlan mud! Any help/suggestions are welcome.

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Beared-itorial – Bradford Summer Bash Report

So that was the week after the tournament before…..or something like that!

Welcome to the coverage of my first Guild Ball tournament over in Bradford, this was unusual as it will be the first tournament I have attended in which I have played 4 games in a day (usually 3) and also by the death clock timing rules.

Game 1 vs Fishermen

Result: 0-12 with 0-3 goals scored.

Team Picked: Ox, Princess, Shank, Boar, Gutter and Decimate

The team was picked for its long melee reach and fastness. It didn’t work against the experienced Craig, kicking off to the Fishermen probably wasn’t the best thing that could happen for me either.

In the end there was nothing I could do to counteract Shark scoring first turn and then it went downhill from there really. I will know next time that I need to protect the ball better from Fishermen but also I need an effective way of getting it back off a team before they set up for many goal chances..

I have been very used to opponents being dragged into a mosh pit a little so a strong keep away game is something I have encountered so far, hopefully lessons were learnt

Stand-out moment – Shark running away like a coward, after Ox had said hello..

MoM – Shark

Game 2 vs Engineers

Result: 12-0 with 1-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Ox, Princess, Shank, Boar, Gutter and Decimate

A chance to try the set up I had picked, specifically to deal with the Engineers ranged game. It worked pretty well helped by an early take out of mainspring via Gutter. Plus the idea mentioned on couple of podcasts of passing it between my players to get the 4”dodge of the slower players. Would have worked even better had Ox not consistently (during the day) missed Boar :( how do you miss someone that big.

Stand-out moment – Decimate scoring a cheeky goal for the win.

MoM – Princess for playing with the ball all game till Decimate asked nicely for it.

Game 3 vs Masons

Result: 12-0 with 0-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Ox, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Gutter and Decimate

Knowing I was against all that armour I had to go heavy with a way round it. So Shank was dropped for Boiler, again this was another brutal game in which I ate through his crew. He was a very new player (playing games 2-5 of Guild Ball). He was somewhat taken aback by Boar and his whirlwind of death he brings to the board.

He was very unfortunate not to take out any of my models out (Boar was very close to getting squished), being engaged with Brick, Harmony and Marbles!!

Although this is my second game against Masons I am still stunned by what Harmony can do as damage output, the girl can hit.

Stand-out moment – Boar munching through Marbles, Harmony and Rage in one game.

MoM – Boar

Game 4 vs Engineers

Result: 12-10 with 0-0 goals scored.

Team Picked: Ox, Princess, Shank, Boar, Gutter and Decimate

Final game and again the Engineers would be the opponents, which meant going back to the same list that had done me so well. In the end I came away with the win JUST. The ball was more or less forgotten as Princess again played with it, before giving to Gutter who just couldn’t get close to the goal as mirror-Gutter and Rage were lurking. It was very much a seesaw game with one player then another being taken down. Until Ox finally did enough to take out Velocity (needed to sit down after this one)

Stand-out moment – Ox needing full INF to take down Velocity for the win at 10-10.

MoM – Ox


So for those keeping track that means I went 3-1 with a +14 differential which considering my goal was 1 win and a positive diff. I see that as a pretty good day. It also bagged myself 4th overall which is my highest ever finish in any competitive play which is just scary really lol. I will now retire and never play Guild Ball again…

Lessons from the day

So what have I learnt from this tournament then as far as Guild Ball goes (my 6-10 games played).

Masons – Masons are a tough cookie to crack for a beginner due to their generalist area of play and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone starting out. Especially if you do not know the other factions very well either, as knowing what is coming your way with change who and how you play them.

Kick-off – Kick-off is incredibly important for some teams, if you have to kick off to Fishermen it is an uphill struggle. Likewise kicking off to Butchers means you have to go to them (something you don’t want to do so much), especially as it is pretty easy to have Mascot stalking around keeping out of trouble with the ball. In earlier games it didn’t make as much as a big thing as it did in these tournament games.

Princess/Mascots – Speaking of Princess I am finding, I am not using her as perhaps she was intended with regards supporting either Boiler or Brisket. What she seems to be doing is being a point of INF to be given elsewhere and a holder of the ball and play keep away with it for the game. In all 3 games I won I received the ball and got the ball to Princess within the first turn or 2. She then kept it till I could either find a gap for a possible goal score or just avoided the speedy models. If you don’t have the ball means you have to come play the beat up game with the Butchers ;)

Brisket – Brisket maybe going on the shelf for a while (at least while Ox is captain, why I am finding that is;

Princess cannot back up both her and Boiler. Her damage output is not as scary as the other options (even though Dirty Knives is nasty).

Meanwhile Decimate (and a lesser extent Ox, Gutter and Shank) offers me a very similar goal threat for less INF expenditure. So I can have a 18” threat range on 4 dice (with cost of 2 INF before shot) with Brisket or a 15” range on 3 dice with Decimate (costing 1 INF). Now in some games I could well regret that 3” difference however I don’t think it is too different like-wise 3 vs 4 dice when you only need 1 success will generally mean you are ok with either.

Decimate also brings something similar to dirty knives as well as the very useful (for Boar and Ox) second wind means she is just seems to fit better for me at the moment.

Death Clock – This was the first time in any sort of organised play that I have dealt with the death clock. I have to say I found it much less stressful than timed turns I am used in WM/H. Admittedly I am playing Butchers so the decisions about finding goal scoring angles are less…….important. However not in any of my games did I feel too rushed and didn’t drop below 5 minutes left in any of the games.

Death Clock does feel right for Guild ball

Late Start – An unusal start to the day for this one, instead of the early morning start we had a leisurely start of after lunch time. Which meant a late finish, I am not sure how I feel about this. As both myself and the missus were waiting for me to leave (almost like the wait to go on holiday) which was odd. It hasn’t put me off such timings but would make me think more about attending then a more usual time (distance of event being chief in these thoughts).

A great day overall and my thanks goes to Pundit Dave for running it

Games This Week

Apart form the Tournament I managed to get in a game versus rich of Guild VS Gremlins. It was Brewmaster vs Lucius which ended up 7-6 to me.

An unusal game as I knew Brewie would struggle with your average Lucius list (too much ranged) and I was right. The only reason Brewie survived was because of Stilts and soulstones!!

I did try the Lucky Emmisary and have to say it has potential the Destined 0 action is amazing for what it hands out to the crew.

Man of the match has to be the Rooster Rider though, over the space of the game he killed 2 austringers and put a dent into the Doppelganger!!


Dont forget your chance to win that Alchemist Guild Ball team is still on, only a week to go!!!

Vassal Ball

I am also trying to get a better grip on who plays Guild Ball on vassal so please sign up on the FORUMS or the new FB page.

Hobby This Week

Still resisting the urge to do any other painting other than BCB lists just to get it them done so the current to do is 3 heavies the end is in sight.

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Start of the BCB painting has arrived on the blog in the shape of a LOT of Drudges. So glad this is only a 35pt tournament :)


Reflex Servitors

Ball that go BOOOOM!!

I am looking forward to halving the Prime Axiom lay a carpet of these guys down :D

Beared-itorial – 5 years old

Happy Birthday me

It has now been 5 years FIVE YEARS!!! I have been running this blog, that is a ridiculous amount of time and yet I still don’t have global domination… Maybe next year.

A lot has happened in the last year, but at least I still keep going (gone are the days of 2 posts a day, yes I use to post twice a day everyday at one point o_O) and more importantly I enjoy doing this even if only 3 of you read this its better than just me shouting into the wind..

Games This Week

This week I managed to have an Emmisary-off, with my first run out with Ramos VS Jack Daw in Guard the Stash. Ended coming out with a 10-8 win but it was a brutal affair with me wiping the JD crew off the board but not quick enough to make the VPdiff bigger.

What I did learn was that Rail Golem could be a better pick than Howard especially with reactivate (the positive flips is pretty powerful more so against JD). Also the Mech Rider is just a scheme runner unparalleled. Plus with a nod towards my 10T roots Angelica is handy with her pushes.

The Emmisaries are powerful don’t get me wrong but the Arcanist and Outcast ones are very different beasts. I like the support and scheme marker fun of the outcast BUT it doesn’t feel like it is pulling its wait cost-wise (perhaps in my mates crew he couldn’t get enough trinkets out and not enough friends nearby to use the Destined action to its fullest).

While the Arcanist one hits reasonably well and the attacks although not heavy damage the fact there is Ca involved is very helpful. Plus the 3 card draw for destined was very helpful, in my case removing 3 rubbish cards out of the deck.


Dont forget your chance to win that Alchemist Guild Ball team is still on.

WAAC T-Shirts

Due to family concerns, the shirts are going into hiatus for a little while BUT I am sure they will be back soon.

Hobby This Week

I am ready for the Guild ball tournament woohoooo models painted, goal ready and a week early ;)

Now onto my BCB lists which only need 1 warcaster, a colossal, 1 unit, 2 solos and 2 unit leaders to go…

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Managed to get 3 games in this :O

First up I have started a campaign (with tweaks as there are only 3 of us) to tie in with the Nythera worldwide stuff.

I took a lose but at 35 points, having 2 strong henchmen plus some summoning is very powerful perhaps this will level out as we grow but I predict some hard times for my gremlins. On the flipside I did manage not to take too many injuries and got critical strike skill for MacTavish..

Second game I decided to try out Seamus who managed to run out winner 10-9 against Yan Lo very brutal game. I have to say I really enjoyed the Irishmen and his jumping around plus the Belles are just brutal. I also tried Sloth as well and he is a great tarpit I ate through so many AP of my opponents with his slow bubble and hand depletion he offers alongside the belles. Would definitely consider him again with Seamus.

Final game was me running Wong for only the second time against a Collette crew taken by Adrian (first time). Have to say although I came out 10-6 winner it was looking like a draw until turn 4. I can see Collette being very scary but from this game she needs something big and nasty in her list to distract the opponents stuff. Sammy did get to create a stuffed piglet for the first time though :)

I still like the idea of Gracie/Old Major in the list to saddle Wong around more zapping is needed..


Is now live so make sure you donate for a chance to win that Alchemist Guild Ball team :)

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Hobby This Week

I have Decimate and Gutter for my union extras for the Butchers and I have 2 weeks to get them done for the tournament. Time to kick it up a gear!!

Plus I have finally started painting BCB list stuff :O

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.


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