Emerald Motherships

Bit more Shaltari love today and a bit more clear red added 😉 This is proving to be a nice way of banging out the models as I really struggled as to how to paint them, this looks cool and is easy which is all win..





What do you need when you don’t have enough firepower? you go full on mental with the battleship super guns 😀

Also you can use it as a super carrier…..but that gun!!!!



Shaltari go fabulous!!

So I have been busy lately sticking some colour on things. Plus after some thoughts about making this blog a little more live rather than I have in the past. 

Here is my WIP of my Shaltari for DFC

All the red 🙂

Which is actually turning out to be an easy job just lots of stages. So this is a brass basecoat and nuln oil wash. Then a seal followed finally by pink elephants…..

Sorry I meant Tamiya Clear Red….boy is that stuff some gooooood shit 😉

Now comes the hard part carefully  adding details with messing up this won’t go well.