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Out(Bear)Cast – Librarian

The Korps book keepers are very handy to have around on a field trip..


Middling stats with good Wp and average Df and can moves at an average Wk but has no charge.

They are enforcers so can take an upgrade which in most situations will be Oathkeeper I think just because the fast is so effective.


Armor – Standard for the Korps, good but there is plenty of ways round it.

Freikorps Suit – Ignoring damage from pulses and blasts can be huge against certain match-ups.

Nether Fluctuation – A small bubble but pretty nasty as it removes built-in suits on Ca, Sh and Ml of enemy models. Positioned right there are a lot of models hurt by this.

Attack Actions

Ancient Words – Their attack has a good Ca value so watch out incorporeal models. It can be used at range or while engaged which is very useful. The damage track is also not bad .

It has a Tome suit built-in and needs an extra one for both its triggers;

  • Surge – Upon succeeding allows you to draw a card. Handy for the for the first attack if you are using Furious Casting to balance the books (see what I did there).
  • Resonance – Deals blasts on moderate and severe damage (for slight reduction in actual damage). Very nasty against clumps of models.

Interesting triggers as they are based on the same suit you can decide each time which one is beneficial the free card OR blasts.

Tactical Action

Furious Casting – 2AP action that lets you take 3 Ca actions against the same model (not the healing action though :( ).

Healing Energy – Needs any 7 to hand out a healing flip which is pretty nice. If the leader is an outcast you can cast this more than once which is just gravy!


Great utility piece as healing can be very powerful ability to have around, especially when you can do it twice in outcasts and is not that difficult to get.

While a decent attack that can be used as a way of giving your hand a boost or just hurting bubbles of models. I worry that the Nether Fluctuation is a trap as I don’t really want them that close to the enemy if I can help it. Casting from a distance seems much nicer option!

This is more so as they can make a great bodyguard target if you play them in a support role hiding behind a heavy hitter who is being constantly healed. I actually think I would use one of these in most lists to the extent of being auto-included (nearly) possibly even over the dreaded trapper.


Well WAAC seems to have started bubbling along :)

The #WAACChallenge

Buy a cheap model, paint it, sell it on the difference goes to WAAC nice simple easy!! What are you waiting for???

Ah yes link to the RULES there you go..

#WAAC Salamanders

The fun of building a 40k army is a serious one, especially when an idea for a raffle explodes and you are nearly at 2000points!!

Help is still wanted so if you want to take part go pester @EvilKipper on Twitter or head on over to his blog. HERE.

#WAAC Dice

Will be happening again I just need to sort some more bits out :)

Guild Ball

Has started to ship to the KS backers but also is starting to appear as retail as well. This has me pretty excited to be fair, although I didn’t back them I can see me picking up a faction (or 2)With the Alchemists being the faction of choice. Love the imaginary of them!


Well didn’t see that coming from GW (I know rumours have been around for a while but you know RUMOURS). We are getting some AdMech to add to all the Imperium stuff, have to admit will be cool with a Knight and these guys together, maybe add in some Storm Troopers as hired help for them as well. Bugger don’t need ideas like that :S

Will it be a full codex I will be very interested to see

Hobby This Week

I have nearly done Month 2 of #ToMB2, which means I have been painting the odd other bits from Neverborn to getting my backside in gear and may start painting some Mercs (don’t tell Kev).

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The #40K #WAAC Raffle

Go read… Please Thank you

The #40K #WAAC Raffle | Forces of Darkness 2015!.


So with the new spoils from Wyrd about the future releases, my eyes they begin to wander. So to help me feel better (stop judging) I have gone through all the factions to work out some stats about my master counts! These numbers work with context that I don’t use any of the cross-over masters in both factions only in one of them.

  • Guild & Ressers – 0 own of the 7
  • Arcanists – 2 own of the 7; Marcus and Rasputina
  • Outcasts – 4 own of the 7; Von Schill, Viks, Tara and Levi (both are proxy/count-as models)
  • 10T – 5 own of the 7; Misaki, Mei Feng, Lynch, Yan Lo and McCabe
  • Neverborn – 2 own of the 7; Lilith and Pandora
  • Gremlins – 4 own of the 7; Ophelia, Somer, Zorida and (Wong although no crew for him)

So of 49 possible masters I own 17 masters so that is only 35% of possibilities. Of the 39 unique masters I have 43%.

Of the 17 I have not played with Zorida, Tara and Levi, which needs to be adjusted. Zorida will happen soon as I am interested how she works in Gremlins. Tara and Levi are ‘count-as’ masters so I still need to work on them to have a crew usable. But again not far away either.

What about the masters that interest me?

So easy one is Gremlins which gives me a full faction and the aim is for them to be full (7/7). While ressers we can ignore as I have no interest in them (0/7), likewise with 10T I am not that interested in Shenlong so have no desire to have 10T at full faction but depends on how much I want to use Sensei Yu (5/7).

Guild I have only ever really had one love at that is Ms Flame, Sonnia. However she has similarities with Wong and Raspy, so doubt I will ever fall into Guild (0/7).

Neverborn I am only looking at Dreamer but he at least has plenty of crossover with Pandora and gives me some fun basing possibilities, however I have had plenty of times to pick him up and never really gone for it. I think I need to put him in the same category as Sonnia in love the idea not sure I will take the plunge (2/7).

Outcasts I have plenty of coverage but there is one master I really want and that is Jack Daw. Tried once or twice and love him. Tara and Levi are very much me playing around with unique ‘count-as’ models over solid uses (5/7)

Finally Arcanists, the reason for all this (and the hobby wobble) I only have 2 possible likes, Ironsides an interesting idea I am interested to see how she works. Colette and her crazy scheme marker ‘fun’ is another possible however I don’t think I can at the moment deal with her madness she plays (3/7).

So what does this mean as far as number go? Well scarily even with the those add-ons I am at 45% for all possible masters. While with the unique masters puts me at 56%.

Which possibly suggests I have a problem….BUT I would only have 1 full faction and 2 factions that are pretty full. The outcasts seem to have happened by accident rather than design like 10T.

While Arcanists will be very much be the 3 masters (perhaps I will drop in Mei if the urge takes me) while Neverborn are the 2 ladies with perhaps the Crone and the gambler dropping in if I feel the need.

I actually feel better Knowing that I will only be insane with 1 faction, while the rest I can claim no interest or only specific master interest. Thank you for listening to these ramblings..


WFB is dead…Long live WFB or something like that…

Hobby This Week

Work continues with month 2 of #ToMB2, I am v close to having my bits painted :) while my count as Tara work also keeps going.

Hobby ADD has been strong this month so I may start jumping around again soon. HELP ME!!

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The End of Times is Here


Run people run

Thunderbear – Ashigaru

Another one of those it sort of 10T focused Thunderbear articles, this time the Ashigaru which are only around if you take Yan Lo OR do some summoning with Toshiro.


So not amazing stats, but they do have a decent number of wounds fior the cost of the model. Below average Df and average Wp means they are susceptible. Oddly he has the shortest Cg I have seen beyond those that don’t have a Cg at all. He is slower charging than he is walking.


On to their abilities;

Hard to Kill – We all know it and helps with their survivability

Armor – Something else to make them harder to shift, which is always handy

Guard – Like the Komaniu they gain a Tome to their Ml attack although not as flexible as the stone dogs. Its still worthwhile, as they will generally be pretty close to an Ancestor of some description.

Attack Actions

Rusted Yari – Is their one attack and it is across the board average but at least the reach is OK.

  • Infect – Crows – Hands poison for each crow in the total. Not bad as extra damage even at the end of the turn is nice.
  • Wall of Steel – Tome – On succeeding (so no damage) then you can push the target away from them.
Tactical Action

Lunge – Allows him to discard a card to take a charge action. This is great for the reasons mentioned above with his old Cg range. It actual makes him pretty fast if he walks then uses this to charge. The second thing is to allow him to charge twice in a turn if the enemy is close together..

Brace – A scary ability for some, it hands out the condition Braced For the Charge which means any friendly models charged near them will allow them to hand out a decent amount of damage to the charger with no flips etc. need.


Nice little roadblocks that are cheap to buy in or use Toshiro to bring on. Brace is an amazing ability, one to be respected by anyone! While Lunge more than makes up for their rubbish Cg stat.


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