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Thunderbear – Chiaki the Niece

The girl who seems happy to be followed around by her great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandad, its Chiaki the Niece on the Thunderbear articles.


She doesn’t not have the greatest of stats; Low Df, average Wp she has a decent number of wounds. Overall nothing exceptional but she is a bit less directly confrontational than others. Plus she is a pretty nice price for what she does as we will see..


On to her abilities;

Manipulative – Causes a Wp duel if you want to hit her with an attack action before she activates.

Innocence – She can move all conditions on her to a friendly Ancestor model she means she can keep herself going well. Epecially if something like Izamu can take the damage from burning etc. better than her.

Incorporeal – Always nice as she has no defensive triggers.

All these abilities help protect her BUT they are easily worked around by various opponents so don’t rely on them to keep her save..

Attack Actions

Sacred Knife – Low Ml 4 and rubbish damage. If you are using this something has gone wrong or you hoping for her to ping the last point of damage off something..

The Calling – A 0 action that has average Ca ability targeting Wp, the damage track is also low but it also hands out Insignificant till she next activates or she dies. Interesting her trigger makes these better during the game;

  • Memory in Song – Tomes – Adds Chi Condition to her that boosts her Ca.

Memories Past – Needs any 7 to succeed and is resisted on Wp, allows you to remove 1 condition from target. This is one of powerful abilities it also has a handy trigger;

  • The Cleansing Death – Rams – Heal the target as well.
Tactical Action

Purity – Needs any 7 to succeed and all enemies in range must succeed on a Wp duel or be pushed 4″ away from this model.

  • Face in the Crowd – Masks – The trigger reactivates the Manipulative ability.

Pull of the grave – This costs 1SS and adds another Attack action:

Pull of the Grave – An average Ca attack against Wp, it hands out Slow to the target.

  • Relentless Beckoning – Masks – This trigger allows her to take the action again.

She makes a great support piece, with the condition removal and healing. She doesn’t really want to be on the frontlines but thankfully she can be behind the big hitters just pinging away conditions as and when needed.

She can be useful in most crews as she also makes an OK scheme runner as she can keep moving and ignores some stuff due to incorporeal.

She works well with all masters but 2 that approve of her are: obvious one is Yan Lo for the theme point of view but also she can give the Chi she generates to Yan Lo to help him really start churning out the Chi..

The other is McCabe who enjoys hitting stuff that is already slowed so her Upgrade works well with this.

Beared-itorial 2015

The big news is obviously the new Colossals and Harlequins.


New engines of destruction on the same chassis makes perfect sense for PP and have to admit I like the look of most of them. Wished they had been more different just to help differentiate from the wave1 colossals.

Although from a production (real and fluff) stand point it makes sense to use the same frame. Will be interesting to see these in hard plastic (I assume) and I am sure the rules will be exciting. Sadly the one I am more likely to pick up in the new CoC one I am not a fan of. The change is not enough for me and the new hands are really disappointing.


Wow was not expecting a ‘full-ish’ release for them. 2 units, transport and character releases as well as a Codex is a bit stunning if I am honest. Very tempted to pick them up at some point if I can drag myself away from painting Malifaux stuff..


Speaking of Malifaux…Wyrd have re-promised the Brewmaster kit!!! With new renders being seen in the Chronicles. Here is hoping we actually see more Gremlins soon I miss my little guys.


The other interesting news is that Spartan Games have got themselves the Halo license which is pretty dam big really!! We have already seen fleet based game being spoilt, hopefully we will see a ground based game as well. I want a warthog ;)

Hobby This Week

Work continues on my #ToMB2 Outcasts been really enjoying the change in pace from the 10T both playing and also painting.

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Thunderbear – The Lone Swordsman

Another Thunderbear article this time I am looking at the loner of the group.


He is pretty nice with decent Df and Wp while his Wk and Cg are ok as well. He also has decent number of Wds as well


On to his abilities;

Hard to Kill – As he has no Df triggers this at least makes him bit more survivable.

Bullet Proof – This means he can reduce any Sh action damage which surprisingly is very high and as such means he can take a hit on his way in before he gets close and starts chopping.

Relentless – Means he is immune to Horror duels, which is very handy thing to have against a lot of different crews.

Attack Actions

My Father’s Sword – Decent Ml with nice damage spread although the weak damage is still bit low for someone who is very choppy. He does rock a lot of triggers;

  • The Perfect Cut – Tomes – Allows him to ignore Armor, Hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, and Incorporeal on the damage which can be pretty scary.
  • Karmic Strike – Rams – Damage may not be prevented using Soulstones, which against SS users is pretty big if you get a big hit in.
  • One With the Void – Crows – Ignores all negative modifiers to the damage flip.
  • The Sword Knows the Way – Masks – Can place the Swordsman in base contact with the target.

All have some uses but I think most times you will be wanting Tomes or Rams over the other 2..

Tactical Action

You Shall Not See Another Sunrise – Interesting 0 action, he discards 2 cards and names enemy Enforcer/Henchman/Master he then gains reactivate. However if he cant kill the target by the end of the turn then sacrifice the Swordsman.

Wander the Earth – A nice free push in any direction for his other 0 action. More likely to happen early game as it means he can be at the midline turn one with this…


Interesting model that brings just pure chopping to the board for 10T. He is a missile that will target one thing a turn and try and make it very dead by the end of the turn. He is surpsingly robust on the approach thanks to H2K and Bullet proff, as well as being faster than expected with the push he can use early turns. I can see him killing more enforcers than henchmen and masters as his damage output can’t be relied upon to do the job against soulstone users (unless you have a lot of good rams).

It is also going to be better to target models that have already activated allowing for 4 possible attacks which should kill most enforcers..

Beared-itorial #Vappafaux Report

So that was the week that had Vappfaux in it. My first time competing at the event and only my second tournament.

So how did I do? Well 13th out of 26 is respectable with a 1-1-1 win/loss/draw ratio and point’s differential of +2VP

Now under the rules of the sweepstake I can take that as 2-1 ratio as dammit if I don’t lose, than surely everything else is a win, yes?!!

Low Down

The event was well run by Chris and the environment was a pleasure to play. Too often us gamers are shoe-horned into an area but the space available at York Race cours, there is enough room to swing a tiger never mind a cat! The malifaux community is also a great one, everyone is friendly from the all-powerful Joel Henry to the chap who isn’t even on Twitter (shocking I know). You can even rub shoulders with minor celebs who wear flat caps ;)


Speaking of the community thanks to the raffle and sweepstake (which was won by a Mr M.Patterson who got the 2-1 and +2Vp spot on) they also raised over £100 for WAAC as well (thank you one and all).

Tournament Report

But let’s get down to the tournament shall we. We played 3 rounds and I got to play against mainly new people which is awesome. Something that was common to all of them was that none of the games got past turn 4 unfortunately this hit some of a VPs but something I need to be more conscious of in future tournaments.

Also I lost my master in every single game and it only bothered me in one game. I hope I am starting to see the balance between Master being alive and scoring VPs. Finally shaking off the shackles of the Warmahordes thinking perhaps..

 ROUND ONE- Chris @CDHay

Strategy: Extraction

Schemes: ALitS and Protect Territory for me and Protect Territory and Assassinate for Chris

My list was (I though Dreamer was on the cards so wanted to deal with Teddies)

  • Mei Feng (Seismic claws,Vapormancy)
  • Emberling
  • Kang
  • 2 Katanaka Sniper
  • Toshiro (Command the Graves)

Chris’s list was

  • Collodi (Fast upgrade, Something else)
  • 4 Stitched
  • Widow Weaver
  • 2 Marrionettes

Result: Lost 7-9

I breathed a sigh of relief as (double) vent steam really meant he had to waste a lot of AP actually getting to my stuff. In the end only a sniper and Mei Feng died (big thing with Assassinate picked) on my side. While I had a race to kill those Stitched difficult with healing around.

In the end I was a little too cautious and didn’t have enough markers down to claim full points on ALitS which in the end cost me a draw.

But a great game, very cat&mouse as far as things go with both crews somewhat cancelling each other out.

I almost caught Collodi as well with Kang but the coward ran away with that built-in trigger.

MVP: Had to be Mei just for shutting down the opposition so well.


Strategy: Headhunter

Schemes: ALitS and Plant explosives for me and Plant explosives and Breakthrough for Neil

My list (I was locked into Lynch for this one would have liked Mei in this situation but my own rules are rules);

  • Lynch (Expert Cheater,Woke Up with A Hand,Endless Hunger)
  • Hungering Darkness (Smoke Grenades (which I Forgot)!!!)
  • Stitched Together
  • 2 10T brothers
  • 2 Illuminated

Neil’s list was

  • Raspy (Ice pillars)
  • Cassandra (something something)
  • Snowstorm (Imbuded energies)
  • Ice gamin
  • Metal gamin
  • Wendigo
  • Soulstone miner

Result: Drew 8-8

So I made 2 what I think are big mistakes in this game. Completely forgot about smoke grenades which meant Huggy was even more vulnerable to Raspy than he already was!!

Second was running up the Stitched together to engage models that had already activated. This gave my opponent full plant explosives instead of less.

MVP: had to be the little stitched, not only did he eat Cassandra (and reduce the cache), he took out the Wenidgo (Red Joker damage J ) but he also nearly dealt with Snowstorm as well. Single-handily giving me my headhunter points!

I was really nervous about this match up and rightly so Raspy hits like a truck and giving Cassandra frozen heart as well to ignore my horror was just mean by my opponent and totally OP (not bitter, honest). But my Brothers did their job and deal with ALiTS for me as I wanted them too.

ROUND THREE – Mark @BraxJaxon

Strategy: Stake a Claim

Schemes: Bodyguard and for me and Protect territory and Plant Explosives for Chris

My list was; (Wanted to try Ama no Zako she what she was like)

  • Yan lo (Brutal Khakkhara,Fortify the Spirirt,On wings of wind – Used once and then forgot, doh!)
  • Soul porter
  • Ama No Zako
  • Guid Pathfinder
  • 2 Tengu
  • Yin the Penangalan

Mark’s list was roughly

  • Kirai
  • Lost love
  • Chiaki
  • Datsuba
  • Yin
  • Seinshin

Won 8-4

What this came down to was I could get up on number of Stake Markers and stay up. Yan Lo trick with a clockwork trap suggested by @BigBoyBucky to me worked a treat 2 severe hits and Yan Lo is sitting pretty on 3 Chi at the end of turn 1!

Ama no Zako did little as she was my Bodyguard and I used her more for pushing my own stuff around with her 0 action pseudo-obey. So never got to see her damage potential.

My MVP has to be Yin, she was a pain with her negative flips. She also handed out negative flips to Ca and Wp against Kirai for 2 turns. Apart from that she just locked stuff down in engagement range nicely!

So that was that great event I enjoyed immensely! Even losing to the power gamer didn’t affect my day (love you Chris).


Some of the crews that were on show;







The Show

During lunch we had to time to enjoy Vanptrak (sp.) which as always was a great mix of traders. Most with a heavy slant towards historical but still very enjoyable.

I also got to pick up these two;

These will be my Jack Daw Crooked Men ;) but that is a tale for #ToMB2.

Hobby This Week

A break this week, while I recover :)

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No real update this week as I have gone tournamenting :)

I may see some of you around Vappa in York today.

Just as I was happily dealing with all my Malifaux we get new Harlequins for the Eldar….I may actually pick these guys up now they are plastic, but my word will they be a challenge to paint!!

Hobby This Week

Having started the #ToMB2 project expect some Outcasts painted soon. But hopefully can try my hand at other stuff.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

We Dont Do Numbers But We Are Organised

Originally posted on Flock & Awe Podcast:

We are back for the new year and we are dropping numbers as we reached a number the Hobbit can’t deal with….

In this episode we catch up on the news, then we discuss the new years organised play packs for Warmahordes and Malifaux. Then we do hobby resolutions and stuff..

Also we have lost a Batman, if found please keep him.

Episode DIRECT download

How can you contact us


Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners.

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The big news this week has to be Wave 3 beta of Malifaux and the ‘mutation’ of what the avatars were and now are.
Go have a read on Mr Justin’s reasoning HERE.
I think it makes absolute sense to go in the direction they have done and I applaud Wyrd for being so transparent with this.
I am just disappointed we will not see what the 10T and Gremlin avatars could have been :(

As for my current thoughts, I am on the whole liking what I am seeing obviously some tweaks are needed but on the whole some good miniatures to be added to the collection.
I will be taking part in the beta once Vappa is out od the way so more room to experiment ;)

I will be trying the deadly sins band as let’s face it, the idea is ab awesome one :)

Hobby This Week

I am done, I will go into next weekends Malifaux tournament in York, FULLY painted for the models I have. Nothing like a deadline to keep me on my toes!!

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