I have loved, loved, loved painting this guy up he has been great fun to do. Yes he is a pain to transport but I cant help but love the wheezy one!




Fetid Bloat Drone

Really fun model that is let’s be honest a bit bonkers even as far as daemon engines go! But my word does this guy get some work done for me, so much so I am planning on having a couple more!



Chaos Spawn

Never been a huge fan of Chaos spawn models and he price they go for! So solution is some undead ghouls to tick a similar box, I probably wouldn’t run all 3 at the same time but they do allow for a cheap way to fill in the fast attack slot for a Battalion.



Plague Drones

More Death Guard Nurgle fun, this time some of the Daemon drones. Fun models to paint but I will say if I had my time again I wouldn’t have added the legs. Very awkward to deal with!


Saw a similar conversion somewhere loved it and stole it so my leader is also part of his ride just to help distinguish him.



Skarrd Book Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Skarrd book and boy is it shiny

It weighs in a pretty hefty 240+ pages and all in a hardback, this continues the current quality we have seen in the previous few books of the new era of dark age well as far as Forsaken onwards I have not been lucky enough to read some of the earlier stuff.


It is worth mentioning the art in the book, as Dark Age is based on Brom art it makes sense. I have to say I love the mix of old and new in the book, You can almost feel the evolution of artwork through the book from the earlier well know stuff to the new/updated artwork.


Story Arc

This continues from the other books, but you get enough teases in the text that reading it means you are not scratching your head about the whats and whys of the characters which is a huge thumbs up to the authors. Without spoiling anything the twists and turns of how Joan and Mary get themselves into and the incoming mess the Brood will make means you will be hungry for more and waiting till next GenCon is just mean for the next installment.

Book Layout

So the book is nicely split into the different cults (and generic horde) of the Skarrd these are split up by the story arc already mentioned. Each model/character/unit gets a 2 page spread of fluff and artwork (you will see artwork is huge for the feel of this game). There has been a lot of love and attention given to all and lets you buy into every model as a real entity in the world even if they don’t get any love in story arc.

Then at the end is all the rules and cards for the models, this is handy when you need them but when the cards are all free to download it means you don’t need to cut up the book 🙂


If you are interested in Skarrd then you will need this book! If you want to keep up with the story arc you will need this book! Basically you NEED this book 🙂

Now for those in the UK I cannot recommend my tame supplier enough Leodis Games, he does great work with the malifaux community and is working hard to do the same for Dark Age as well. Go give them a try you wont be disappointed 🙂