Muck Spreading the Farmers – Harrow

Well this one is going to be a Harrow-ing post…(sorry, not sorry).


His speed is pretty average, as is his TAC and as his KICK. His DEF is a bit meh and he doesn’t have no ARM either. His INF generation is average but he doesn’t have an average maximum.


Charmed (animal) – Gets a boost to his DEF against animals. This is fluffy for a farmer but in game is not going to help too much really.

Rapid Growth – At the start of the maintenance phase before conditions are sorted all friendly models in the aura get healed a little bit. Really helpful to have around and the size of the aura makes it worthwhile.

Look Busy! (captain) – A great trait that allows you a free use of the character play Sow the Seeds when he is near a captain. Very powerful and easy way to get the Reap & Sow mechanic going..


Decent playbook for him with good momentum generation (4/5 columns) he does suffer from the first column no MP curse though. He brings a little bit of damage output but really he is all about get his play off. But he can knock down or tackle for momentum as well. Which is always handy. He also has some pushes for when he needs it.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, grants +1 DMG to character plays and playbook damage. Seen elsewhere and is still nice on some of the other models in farmers (looks at the donkey).

Sow the Seeds – Costs 1 guild ball (2/3 hits), Lets you drop a harvest marker down when you do this play. What is really helpful is it is NOT once per turn. Which means there is the potential to hand out 4 harvest markers a turn. Which can easily feed most of the team.


He is going to have a big old target on his back, as he generates so many harvest tokens that dealing with him will be high on your opponents list as removing those markers will neuter a lot of your other players. So keep that in mind, beyond that he is a great support piece that is going to help the entire team at some point during a game!

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JB Terrain Review

As 40K starts to explode as it always does with a new edition time, I needed some new terrain to cover the board!

There is loads of MDF terrain out there, but I need something that looks good but isn’t too mad or expensive. Step forward a chap I have used before for some other pieces of terrain. Who had exactly that, nice not overly complicated terrain at an amazing prices!!

You can check out his eBay shop here (There is also his Facebook profile as well). This time I came looking at a couple of the ruined buildings which have a decent footprint.


As you can see I have a couple of different sets so let’s get these bad boys together..

Soooooooooo much mdf the house smells amazing at the moment 😀


Nice big chunky pieces for my ham-fisted ways…


The tiny windows are great for calling LoS blocking but also are easy snipped and broken to allow you to have firing areas if you wanted.


Its big, offers plenty of cover and also allows some height to games, something I have always liked (too much 2Dness happening on my tables).



Couple of nice details here and there with the broken windows and cracked walls and very cool and add a little something if like me you are too lazy to texture your MDF..


This one below was the hardest part of the kits I had with the extra little edging to the building, nice touch but be careful with the thin MDF.


So the builds on all these are realllly easy, in fact you could easily keep them as flat pack and build when you need them as the joins are really tight and as such should stay pretty robust for a while. But like all MDF the layers will split slightly eventually, so caution if you go that route.


Big enough to hide a Knight, but enough levels that normal troops can also use it. Pretty much perfect for what I wanted.


So overall great little (big) kits to have around at a really cheap price and these kits are easily made more in tune with some the grim dark dark of the far future by adding some plastic pieces to the walls if you wanted to for more details.

So price then well remember when I said these were cheap how about less than £10 each for a decent sized foot print of MDF? Pretty good right? Now what about if I said that if you contact John directly and say ‘Bear made me do it’

For the next 30 days, he will offer you 20% off ebay prices which lets be honest is an amazing discount! The clock is ticking…

Oh you want the link very well here it is LINKY he is adding to his range all the time so keep your eye out.

Skinning the Hunters – Skatha

I am not even going to try a pun this one out…Just let it go!!! Its Skatha.


Her speed is average as is he TAC (perhaps a little low for a captain) while her KICK has a healthy dice pool but only average range. She brings the usual amount of INF to the board for a captain and she has good DEF but no ARM.

Legendary Play

Winter’s Night – A legendary that increases the teams manoeuvrability. All enemy models within the pulse get a frost token. This means when they get hit by a hunter you can remove the token from them to gain an additional push-dodge playbook result. The uses are pretty interesting as you can really get you team moving either out of trouble or into a better spot for a cheeky goal. Worth doing when you want a player to be in a certain spot, will certainly make hunters better at some crazy goal scoring vectors, hope you have brushed on your trigonometry.


Nature’s Chill – At the start of her activation she can drop an AoE of fast ground. Which is great for some of the slow team members. Do be cautious using it though as it sticks around till the end of the turn. So is a viable option for your opponent as well.

Light Footed – Seen before means her average speed is less of an issue as she can go where she likes.


Decent playbook for her with great MP generation (all columns). She brings a little of everything but pushes in her playbook. From momentous damage, tackle and dodges but also she has access to knock down (probably only on the charge though), while the play she can trigger is a nasty one so you will only see that on charges unless she has help.


Cold Snap – Costs 2 INF or 1 guild ball (5 hits), this is an AoE with a decent range on it that hands out a little bit of damage and also Snared. That is pretty nasty as she can tag multiple models with the DEF debuff which helps the entire team out.

Snowball – Costs 1 INF, really unusual play this one. She basically creates a new ball to kick around during her activation (no sneak goals though). What it does allow her to do is generate some MP by passing and as such lets you gain some extra movement from herself or a friendly by spending said momentum. It also allows you to get a certain mascot into a different position should you need it.

Blessing of the Moon Goddess – Costs 1 INF, nice little bonus to the hunters (as it can be given to multiple models), the next time the make a successful attack against an enemy they can add an additional dodge to their playbook result. That is pretty powerful as it allows the entire team to be a bit more manoeuvrable, it can also ensure you generate MP. Lets say you hit a model with tough hide and your only chance of MP is that 1 DMG that wouldn’t get you any MP as no damage. But with this you get a dodge as well so is now a viable choice still and gets you that MP you would have missed out on.


An interesting captain that brings a lot utility to the team. You have someone who can easily speed up the team in the right places, via Nature’s Chill which is direct increase in speed. But her ability to grant additional dodges to anyone is pretty powerful as it allows the team to be in better positions if planned right but also allows them to quickly get out of trouble or unfavourable engagements. She also hands out Snared at a good range which helps everyone get the results they need more often while the uses of Snowball are interesting and something that could take a while to fully unlock.

She is also a decent threat herself but it is her plays that will help drive the rest of the team towards victory.

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Skinning the Hunters – vHearne

The grumpy old man is back and this time he is tired…well I assume he is tired if he is moving around when the moon is up!!


He is big man slow as you would expect, his TAC is average and his KICK is also average, his DEF is meh but he does come with some ARM. He also brings the average amount of INF but can’t use as much.


Winters Blessing – Grants him with a boost to his movement while he is in rough ground. Coupled with Light footed it makes him have a much better threat range. So worth using this as much as possible when you can.

Lunar Eclipse – Any place in the game is powerful, one that can happen multiple times is scary. If the enemy model suffers damage from Hearne while it is snared he gets to be placed within 1” of the model. This allows him to move around easily and also grants additional movement he would normally have. In theory you could allow him to jump from model to model with his reach to get where he wants.

Light footed – Means he doesn’t need to worry about terrain which is a great help as he is an old man.


Decent playbook for him with good MP generation (4/5 columns although that 1 is in at the 1 position which is frustration when the dice fail). He has easy access to both knock down and tackle (both early and momentous). He also has a handy double push and also some momentous damage. Which is always nice.


Skewered – Costs 1 INF or 2 guild balls (5 hits), we have seen this before on his first version so is the nasty 3 DMG and also handing out Snared, generally he is only getting this on the charge due to its location unless he spends the INF.

Last Night – Costs 0 INF, a pretty nice play that sort of borrows from the Blessing of the Sun Father. It allows a model to use a character play by spending Momentum instead of INF. Possibly situation but if you are high on MP or low INF this is still a pretty powerful play to have around as an emergency. Does need some planning on who would get the most out of it. But otherwise pretty nasty.


The old man has turned from the sun father but he has kept a lot of his movement tricks even though his base move is still bad.

As always time to look at a comparison between his two versions, the stats are more or less the same, the only difference is vHearne getting more INF which is always nice.

Their playbooks are pretty similar as well, with Hearne having a Guild Ball to trigger Singled out. There is a change-up on where the results are however, vHearne has both Tackle and Knockdown much earlier in the playbook but Skewered (2 guild balls) is still at the far end of the book. They both however suffer from the dreaded no momentum on column 1 though..

Hearne has his heroic for free character plays while brings the play to allow you spend MP instead of INF so slight version in play for them there. Both versions have movement high-jinx but both ways are very different and offer different thought processes about how best to use him.

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As you read this today I will be taking part in my first event of the year :O and also my first Dark Age event ever!

Now Dark age is having a bit of resurgence recently and locally is kicking off in a pretty decent style and hopefully this will be one of many event locally.

So I have 2 factions Kukulkani (K3) and the Dragryi Air Caste, alas the Dragryi are not in a fit state of painting to be seen outside. So that means it has to be my first love the K3 and all their death magic funs.

The tournament is a 4 round 500pt day so that means I must have a 500pt list with a 150pt sideboard if I wish. Which means I need a pretty robust list but rather than over thinking things I can take most of what I own give or take. So here are my choices and why;


I have spent a long time deciding if to take him or not due to his points cost. What swung it in the end was the games are short (an hour) and I haven’t had too many games and no idea what I will see on the table plus never played some of the new missions. So I needed smaller lists to stop me going insane and being too slow. So dropping 2/5 of the points on one model made sense. Never mind he is a beast, brings free bio-energy every turn and great fun to have around and an amazing model J

Devoted Priest

He is a pretty cheap activation but also lets me play around with the K3 rituals hopefully helping ping the right models with the right things. Also should Cabbie go down I have someone who can use all that bio-energy.

Supreme War Captain

Everyone needs a leader and he can do some work for me if he gets in the right place. The only issue is he is pretty expensive but can go about unsupported to a certain extent.


I need a super cheap activation in the list with all the beasts I can have in it plus he can help as a little scheme runner that people could ignore.

2 K3 Warriors

Gives me some more activations with guys that can hit pretty hard if I need them to, yes they die to a stiff breeze but then most things do!


Doom Seer

For when I want some speed or just extra chances of critical hits plus it’s a fun model.


Much like his friend, he is cheap but also helps me balance the numbers a little.

Devoted Priest

Toss-up between a priest or a warrior, in the end went with a priest as the extra rituals on the board may be helpful.

On the whole I imagine I will be running the list I have, unless I need numbers then the War Captain gets dropped for the Doom Seer and Priest. Or if I think I need speed I can add in the Doom Seer and Harvester for the K3 Warriors.

So I do have some options, just a question of do I make the right calls at the right time 🙂

Games This Week

Did manage a cheeky play though of WWX which was pretty brutal and good fun, so looking forward to the full release in September for that.

Hobby This Week

Work continues with the death guard, I now have the BoP box so have the terrifying job of a 20man tac unit to do. That is going to be challenging, we also don’t talk about the nearly 1500 points of Custodes I appear to have collected OOPS!!

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