Meat The Butchers (S2) – vBrisket

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran trail is the once darling of the Butchers, now altogether grumpier its Brisket time.


She is fast (and one of the fastest in the team). Her TAC is average as is her DEF (with the expect ARM) and she has average INF as well. KICK is the best in the team and only matched by her original self.

Character Traits

Above and Beyond – Every time she scores a goal her INF increases by 1, this is an amazing ability as each goal she scores actual gives Butchers 2 extra INF (one from this and one for the goal). This makes the usually lower INF Butcher teams very scary, so expect teams to gun for her to stop this happening..

Support from the Wing – While she is near the edge of the board she spends 1 less INF to charge. This actually makes her pretty efficient with the INF you give her, is this trait really important? Probably not but never forget about it as extra INF to hit people (or score a goal) is never a bad thing.

Unpredictable Movement – Great for keeping her out of trouble but obviously not as powerful as she doesn’t have the 2” reach.  However it will keep her out of trouble from most.


Her playbook brings momentum on all columns and nearly all of it is damage causing (who’d of thunk it in Butchers). She has access to some dodges but also reasonably easy access to tackles both momentous (3/4 hits) and non-momentous (2 hits).


Quick Time – Costs 2 INF, it is pretty expensive but the extra 2” is going to help her get to big threat range but it also helps out some of the slower Butchers on the team. Giving the likes of Boar an extra boost early in the game (or get him unengaged) is going to be pretty scary for you opponent.

Balls Gone – Costs 2 Guild Balls (4/5 hits), it is momentum generating (if you don’t do damage with it), when you need the ball elsewhere quickly it is very effective. Obviously be wary of Close Control as this is still counted as Tackle, but if you are ready to launch  up the pitch for a shot on goal then this is more fun than an ordinary Tackle. It does allow you to move the ball to someone who can use it better than she could do at that point in time as well.


She is still a great goal threat for the Butchers with an impressive threat range. She can however be pretty nasty on the charge coming into any DMG boosts, speaking of charging she is very INF efficient as her cheaper charging means she doesn’t necessarily need more than one INF on her. Even with her standard 2 that still means a charge and then a Kick (pass or goal) is possible. As I have mentioned she doesn’t need the wing play bonus but it is  certainly you will find yourself using. The most impressive thing for her is the extra INF she brings to the board when she scores, she scores 2 goals that is an extra 4 INF you get to play around with and in a team like the butchers that is a lot of extra smashing..

Comparison between Briskets –  We have gone from happy skipping around the board scoring goals and cutting people to moodily moving round the board scoring goals and cutting people.

The threat range on the Briskets is exactly the same it just costs an extra INF for vBrisket to achieve the same but she also loses out on an extra Kick dice (no super kick). However Quick time will help the rest of the team as well not just her.

vBrisket did lose the boost to her DEF from charmed but with more women appearing on the pitch its harder to get that bonus anyway, she also lost the love for Princess (extra 2 TAC) but she gained a bit more TAC anyway and can now go roam on her own.

The biggest lose is perhaps no Dirty Knives, as the -1DEF was a great thing to have especially when Butchers like to hurt people, this is balanced out by the possible increase in INF that vBrisket brings with goals helps as there is more INF to play around with.

Both are still great goal scorers but vBrisket can bring the hurt a touch more and at a lower INF cost with correct placement, while normal Brisket is a bet goal threat as she needs less INF for that super long goal threat. Going to be a tough choice between the two..

Raising the Morticians (S2) – vGraves

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

Next on the Veteran path is the even more insane Graves if that was possible.


He has average speed and his TAC is also average. His KICK is reasonably he isn’t a striker but he can at least be reliable with the ball. His DEF is on the low side but he does get plenty of ARM (very Masons) and his INF is average.

Character Traits

Creation (Vileswarm) – Like a few other choices out there, Graves lets us bring back a mascot for the cost of 2 momentum. In his case it is Vileswarm, this makes the rats very nasty missile as long as you except you will give up 2VP for them after that they can exploded as much as you want..

Heroic Play

Packmaster (vileswarm) – This grants Vileswarm extra DMG while it is near Graves, this is nice and makes the angry rats that bit more dangerous to have around. I am surprised that this costs MP to activate but it is worth considering if Graves himself has left someone very close to death.


He has plenty of momentum generation although not on all columns. He does have a momentous knockdown (but more likely to get on the charge), he has a lower knockdown with guild ball which is worth considering. He can push models around and with his 2” reach he can annoy any shorter reach models with this. He can do some reasonable damage but a lot of it isn’t momentous generating. This playbook certainly feels like a set-up playbook, he comes in and sets up for others to do nasty things to the player he is engaging..


Blood – Costs 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), hands out the Bleed condition to the model hit. This ups his damage output and means that you might want to activate him later in the turn to make the most of this to stop the opponent removing it. Unfortunately you can’t gain the bonus from the next play if the enemy dies to Bleed due to timings.

Gravedigger  – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (2/3 hits), this can be a pretty nasty if timed right. If a model is taken out  by the end of the turn then the spooks gain a bonus VP. This is an amazing ability that other teams are going to be worried about. The dream is of course to get casket time on the same model for 5 VP for one take out…


He is an interesting player, he is sort of a support player (Vileswarm loves him) but then brings some extra VP for almost free if your opponent has a model near death.

This means with the whole spook control them is given an extra twist as he will control the momentum your opponent uses. Due to his 2” reach he can knock someone down and give them Bleed, this means they have to spend MP to remove it. Then with Grave digger up that is more MP spent keeping that model alive or giving you bonus VP. He is going to want to really hit models that have already activated as well, to really make that MP balance even worse for your opponent. Especially if he plies everything into one model that has just activated. He is also not too bad with the ball so later game while he is worth up the board he can  always have some cheeky shots on goal and should score.

Comparison between Graves –  We have gone from insane to insane with rats.

So the vGraves loses some TAC and DEF but he gains ARM and INF that gives an interesting balance as more INF is great while the DEF/ARM sort of balance themselves out.

In the later game the normal Graves speeds up as more enemies have been damaged and so he gets a boost on his charge range, while also handing out lots of bleed if he gets the scything blow. The vGraves cant hand out Bleed like Graves can due to no auto-bleed anymore. However vGraves has more variation in his playbook (addition of Knockdown is great). However the bonus VP is very nice if you can get the right set up for it.

So vGraves is a scalpel to help target one model and make its life a misery. While normal Graves is more a thresher just trying to hit as many models as possible..


It is a sad weekend, but I have to hope that we can still make a difference😦

But for now back to the warm embrace of shiny

Games This Week

Managed a couple of games of Guild Ball, first time with my Alchemists against Spuddy’s new Morticians (changing team quicker than I can). Ended up coming  out 12-6 winners with 2 goals as well. Even managed to get a turn 1 goal with Vitirol something I have never managed before. A second game this time with the Hunters and I managed to come out 12-8 winner in that one as well, although that was down to a failed shot to win by Scalpel. I am slowly getting better with the Hunters but boy am I struggling with which team to put out with them still.

Another game of infnity which I lost 3-4 against the Haqqislam, slowly trying on the various options seeing what I like. So much choice!!

Hobby This Week

More Gasland painting and some Nomads as well, as I look to clear some space to paint up the Hunters next month in time for the August event I have on the cards..

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Fermenting the Brewers (S2) – vSpigot

Veteran players, which are variations on existing characters as they progress through the story arc. This means I have an actual comparison to make at the end between the type versions of a player.

So who comes up first, well it had to be the reformed character of Spigot, the footballing god is back..


He is average speed for a player in guild ball and his TAC is also in that area. His DEF is on the low side but he does have ARM. His INF is an average amount as well, while his KICK is great it is on par with most other strikers in the game and in Brewers is only outdone by a Heroic Play boosted Friday.

Character Traits

Match Fit – If he has the ball then he gets a boost to his MOV, which actually makes him Fishermen fast.

Close Control – Once a turn he can ignore the first Tackle result against him. Pretty powerful as it will cost at least 2 INF to get the ball of him. However knockdown (or Rough Seas on Corsair) will ignore this, so be wary against he is hitting him.

Paint on Your Boots – While near a board edge he gains Poised, which means he gets 1 free counter-attack. A very strong ability to have on a ball handler, combined with Close Control he can be an incredible holder of the ball.

Heroic Play

Back to His Best – This gains him +1 DEF, putting him to the average end of DEF rather than meh, but also he gets to make Kicks without the INF cost. This means if he is in Goal range he actually only needs 2 momentum to have a shot on goal and momentum is not something Brewers struggle with. It also means when the dice fail you, you can have another try without worrying about needing INF to kick.


The usual short playbook (compared to TAC) for a Brewer and he has momentum generation at all columns. He has a MP Knockdown but that is probably only going to be for charges. However, he does have a momentous tackle on column 1 which is great. He also has access to pushes and some non-momentous dodges (with tackle) which could be worth it, once the team has momentum on the board already.


Goad – Costs 1 INF, this play is a great way of messing with one player on the board. Imagine Shark having to move away from your Goal or making Princess leave the area in which she can help Brisket/Boiler. This works even better if you can move afterwards as generally you will be out of threat range of all of players this way.

Balls Gone – Costs 2 Guild Balls (2 hits), it is non-momentous, but when you need the ball elsewhere quickly it is very effective. If you are ready to launch Mash/Friday then this is a great way of ensuring they have the ball.


He is a great taker and user of the ball, can can certainly go get the ball off anyone apart from some of the really fast Fish players who can stay out of his threat range yet still threat themselves. However once he has the ball, he becomes something pretty scary, extended MOV and already decent KICK means he can threat a long way (in fact only a fully boosted Friday with normal spigot heroic and her own can out-threat vSpigot). Brewers now can play very football heavy and yet still keep some of there I am going to stamp on you feel.

Comparison between Spigots –  We have gone from the support speed/kick buffing drunk Spigot to the selfish I want the ball glory hunting Spigot.

Losing Tooled Up, football Legend and Time’s Called means you are going to have to look elsewhere to get some extra speed  (esters) and the slightly reduced damage output for a player will of course be a loss for the likes of Hooper (and Scum😉 ), but you gain a player who can show everyone how to play football…..Usually on his own!! But also means you don’t need to bunch up to ensure players are getting all the boosts available.