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Out(Bear)Cast – Trapper

So for my first Bear(out)cast article I am going to be looking at the much-loved/hated model the Trapper.


Middling stats with OK Wp and average Df while he can move when needed and surprisingly good Cg why he would who knows..

They are also Rare 2 so you can’t spam them for some reason, which is a great shame ;) Obviously they are Mercs hence why they get around a lot and are a great price for what you get if played well (therefore I don’t expect much)


Armor - Standard for the Korps always handy even if there is plenty of ways round it.

Freikorps Suit – They all get the suit (cue MiB quote) which means they can ignore damage from pulses and blasts which is great against so masters.

From the Shadows – They are sneaky so can be deployed anyway near enough great if you get to deploy second. Although I am not a fan of the deploy in/on a tower as yes it is very cinematic BUT not fun for the other person (or you if obey etc. is about).

Attack Actions

Rifle Butt – If you are using this then you are in trouble!! Rubbish Ml and just bad damage track, only use this if you are bored…

Clockwork Rifle – the reason for the Trapper! A sniper rifle that has built-in positive flips and boosts the range if you focus. It only has an average Sh value but that is countered by the positive flips it can use! The Range is decent to start with the focus-induced bonus is just nasty!

The damage track is not bad and you if you focus there is a chance to get the straight flip on damage to cheat in a high card.

  • Mask Trigger Reposition – This is built-in and allows the trapper to push after succeeding. Handy to hide him after he has annoyed the opposition.
  • Ram Trigger Critical Strike – Increase the damage for each Ram in the total, generally this will mean only +1 for the trapper but still makes the gun even scarier even at min damage.
Tactical Action

Retreat to Cover – The only 0 action the trapper has and allows them to push out of engagement if they discard a card. Very handy as it means he can’t be tied down so the enemy either needs to concentrate on them or risk being shot at continuously.


A great piece that will annoy and cause a fair amount of damage! What is going to be the hardest part of using them is how aggressive you are with the From The Shadows. Too much and they will be eaten first turn. Deploy normally could affect how much damage they kick out in the game.

If you have been reading my after action reports, I am finding the threat of them greater than the actual damage you can really dictate where your opponent goes as they do not want to be LoS of them, use this to your advantage. But be wary of very fast models.

Thunderbear – Kamaitachi

The Super Ferret is here, time to look at the generic totem for the 10T faction..


The like guy has decent as his movement (so he can keep up which is important) while his Wp is not good which is a shame. But for the price not bad.


On to its abilities;

The Winds of Fortune – Once per turn when a nearby friendly model attaches an upgrade card, then you get to draw a card. At the moment this only really works with 2 masters but both wouldn’t say no to such things.

Insignificant – So no Interacting but he is a minion so still counts for some strats and schemes.

The Howling Thunder – Along same lines as Winds but this time when an upgrade card is discarded (or removed) then it can heal some damage and also get a free push. Scary what this can do speedwise for some models.

Attack Actions

Razor-Edged Talons – Average Ml attack that does low damage but it does come with a built Mask to make trigger easier;

  • Flay – MaskMask – Like in Neverborn you can cheat damage regardless of the number of negative flips associated with it.

Katanaka’s Flame – Low range, high Ca 7 attack targeting Df allows you to discard up to 2 cards to hand out burning to the model.

Tactical Action

At the Crossroads – A 0 action that allows the little guy to discard a card to push Leader or Minion (poor enforcers and henchmen) their Wk.


The little guy certainly helps with master mobility but this is something most don’t strong with but then every little helps. At the moment they are 2 masters that really sing when having the Ferret around. Shenlong and McCabe with the cycling of upgrade cards happening with these two masters, perhaps with McCabe getting the most as he has more targets for the upgrade card shifting but still worth considering for either gent.

The End

Originally posted on Flock & Awe Podcast:

This is the End, my friend…

Thats right we have finally done it we have covered the whole of the End (of) Times for WFB. In a mammoth 2 hour episode Ryan talks like he has never talked before.

Join us as we take a whistle-stop tour of the End or is it the Beginning of WFB as we know it.

Episode DIRECT download

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Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners. Any episode suggestions are also very welcome.

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Out(Bear)Cast – Librarian

The Korps book keepers are very handy to have around on a field trip..


Middling stats with good Wp and average Df and can moves at an average Wk but has no charge.

They are enforcers so can take an upgrade which in most situations will be Oathkeeper I think just because the fast is so effective.


Armor – Standard for the Korps, good but there is plenty of ways round it.

Freikorps Suit – Ignoring damage from pulses and blasts can be huge against certain match-ups.

Nether Fluctuation – A small bubble but pretty nasty as it removes built-in suits on Ca, Sh and Ml of enemy models. Positioned right there are a lot of models hurt by this.

Attack Actions

Ancient Words – Their attack has a good Ca value so watch out incorporeal models. It can be used at range or while engaged which is very useful. The damage track is also not bad .

It has a Tome suit built-in and needs an extra one for both its triggers;

  • Surge – Upon succeeding allows you to draw a card. Handy for the for the first attack if you are using Furious Casting to balance the books (see what I did there).
  • Resonance – Deals blasts on moderate and severe damage (for slight reduction in actual damage). Very nasty against clumps of models.

Interesting triggers as they are based on the same suit you can decide each time which one is beneficial the free card OR blasts.

Tactical Action

Furious Casting – 2AP action that lets you take 3 Ca actions against the same model (not the healing action though :( ).

Healing Energy – Needs any 7 to hand out a healing flip which is pretty nice. If the leader is an outcast you can cast this more than once which is just gravy!


Great utility piece as healing can be very powerful ability to have around, especially when you can do it twice in outcasts and is not that difficult to get.

While a decent attack that can be used as a way of giving your hand a boost or just hurting bubbles of models. I worry that the Nether Fluctuation is a trap as I don’t really want them that close to the enemy if I can help it. Casting from a distance seems much nicer option!

This is more so as they can make a great bodyguard target if you play them in a support role hiding behind a heavy hitter who is being constantly healed. I actually think I would use one of these in most lists to the extent of being auto-included (nearly) possibly even over the dreaded trapper.


Well WAAC seems to have started bubbling along :)

The #WAACChallenge

Buy a cheap model, paint it, sell it on the difference goes to WAAC nice simple easy!! What are you waiting for???

Ah yes link to the RULES there you go..

#WAAC Salamanders

The fun of building a 40k army is a serious one, especially when an idea for a raffle explodes and you are nearly at 2000points!!

Help is still wanted so if you want to take part go pester @EvilKipper on Twitter or head on over to his blog. HERE.

#WAAC Dice

Will be happening again I just need to sort some more bits out :)

Guild Ball

Has started to ship to the KS backers but also is starting to appear as retail as well. This has me pretty excited to be fair, although I didn’t back them I can see me picking up a faction (or 2)With the Alchemists being the faction of choice. Love the imaginary of them!


Well didn’t see that coming from GW (I know rumours have been around for a while but you know RUMOURS). We are getting some AdMech to add to all the Imperium stuff, have to admit will be cool with a Knight and these guys together, maybe add in some Storm Troopers as hired help for them as well. Bugger don’t need ideas like that :S

Will it be a full codex I will be very interested to see

Hobby This Week

I have nearly done Month 2 of #ToMB2, which means I have been painting the odd other bits from Neverborn to getting my backside in gear and may start painting some Mercs (don’t tell Kev).

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

#ToMB2 Month 2 – Strongarm Suit

Another model down in the #ToMB2 count, only Bishop to go for month 2 now :)

I do like this model, plus I am really happy with the base with him smashing the pipe up


As we month 1 I will be taking better pictures at the end of #ToMB2.


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