Muck Spreading the Farmers – Grange

Grange I can’t think of a decent pun, I found myself farming the depths and coming up empty.


His speed is average, while he is a bit meh for his DEF with no ARM as well. His KICK is decent, although his distance is only average. His TAC is average for a captain but his INF is great more than nearly anyone else in the game (but he can only take 1 more INF for the pool to max out).

Legendary Play

Huge Tracts of Land – Allows him to drop 2 harvest markers nearby, so 3 for 1 turn in the game. Which is very healthy and will help most of the team. It also creates an aura of Sturdy as well, with their general low DEF this has to be a good thing.


For the Family – A decent aura that makes the whole team much better at passing. Which is only a good thing, what you will need to keep an eye on is the bonus is only for passing not shooting. So makes it easier to feed models the ball but finishing off can still be tricky so choose your targets wisely.

Lend a Hand – With his 2” melee zone this makes the ability very nice. What it means is crowding out debuff from him is even nastier. Also means that even captains are going to be cautious getting close to him if they need a high playbook result.

Planting Season – Lets him drop a free Harvest marker during his activation. Farmers need them, not much else to say.


Decent playbook plenty of momentum generation, reads almost like a Brewers playbook! Decent amount of knockdown and also damage output while also some pushes in there for when you need it!


Constitution – Costs 1 INF, hands out Tough Hide so model suffers 1 less DMG for the turn. Always great to have around against certain teams and less so against others.

Honest Labour – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild Ball (4 hits), a sort of mini boost for the rest of the team. Any friendly model hitting an enemy with his melee zone gains a boost to their TAC and DMG. This means everyone can get the equivalent of singled out and tooled up. Which is a pretty nasty thing to have around!


Like a force multiplier for the farmers, he makes the rest of the team much nastier be it via honest labour or just extra harvest markers on the board. In a similar way to Ox, he wants to be in the middle making sure he helps out his team but also he is going to be a pain for your opponents to work around as he has a reasonable bubble of denial around him which although can be worked around the fact your opponent needs to work around will make it harder for them to play their game!

Make sure you check out Leodis Games for all your Guild Ball Goodness.


Skarrd Starter Box Review

I have my hands on the new Skarrd starter and boy is it a lovely piece of kit! Like all the newer boxes it comes ready to go 500pt army/crew/gang/gaggle. It is certainly feels like great value with it coming in with 8 models with plenty of options because of it.

The box is as we are seeing very nice with full colour picture of the models (and generally great artwork)


Everything is well package but something that really stands out is it looks like we have 3 different materials for the models! With 2 types of resin (look at the colour difference between Warhead and the others) while the tribal father is all metal.


So what do we get in this set then, first up the Tribal Father


I love him! He is so different from his original model (which I still like as it matches the Brom artwork) and more importantly easy to put together.
Yes he is relatively static but he it suits him as the leader who can do so much evilness with his weapons he uses his mind more.

Plus he has a creepy vibe of come here let me help you with that pain *cue evil laughter*.

Next we have the big guy in the warhead, now this is the only older sculpt in the box but then he is already pretty impressive who towers over the rest of the box.


So glad his body is resin, if in metal he will be a lethal weapon..


Nice and easy to stick together and even with the different materials the hands line up well.


Yes he has one of the older sculpts so can appear a little flat, however he is dynamic enough that it is not as noticeable compared to say the old tribal father!

Time for some buzzblades, and boy are these lovely models they are certainly striking and for the cheap choice in the faction they are actually very imposing!


Easy enough to build with no issues as it is just arms to attach.


And because I actually own some of the older types of models, here is a scale shot to show you the difference.


As a side note due to the big difference in the models and how much I like the quirkiness of the older models. I think I am going to do some tweaking to the models to make them into Warblades to use alongside my baby buzzblades 😉

Finally we have the Harpies, the black sheep of the box!

These are as you can see troublesome to put together, not horrendous (I am looking at you spiderlings) but compared to the rest of the box, a step up on the hobby side of things.


The joints are small and like anything like this I cannot recommend super glue accelerant enough.


The finished product however is amazing and worth the effort but I must say be cautious with these


These new box sets are great value for what you get in them, a fully functioning army that can go toe to toe with many lists in the game (not the super competitive ones but meh). It also gives you access some nice variation within it and this has to be one of my favourites of the starter sets so far! Because who doesn’t love a good cannibal?

Finally, the family photo with everyone together..


Now for those in the UK I cannot recommend my tame supplier enough Leodis Games, he does great work with the malifaux community and is working hard to do the same for Dark Age as well. Go give them a try you wont be disappointed 🙂

Dark Age Faction Specific Secondary Deck Review

So Mr Steele was at it again and sending me shiny things to make me only want to play Dark Age…Should start calling him Siren Steele!!

Anyway, what I have in my hands is the new Secondary Objective Deck which adds some flavour to the objectives in your game.

The deck is the same quality of the 2017 secondary objective deck for those that have it. For those that are cheap like me and use print outs they are nice and you are missing a trick..

What does the deck bring to us then? Each faction, not sub faction just parent ones get 4 new secondary objectives to add into their deck.

On first inspection there is nothing that all the different sub factions should be able to do, so no-one gets a penalty for taking them in. They all have some nice names so of the CORE ones are my favourites.

I think overall this is a great idea and adds some faction flavour to your secondary decks. Are they easily/harder to do than other standard cards no not really as the spectrum of difficulty is so vast anyway between the cards (and factions) means they are just nice to have. Pick them up and give them a try, the only thing I would have liked is the ability to select the cards you want to buy as there are some factions I don’t play (although I have lots of friends all of a sudden even a Brood friend 😉 ).

#warmongerssecretsanta 2017

What is a #warmonger?

The #warmongers are THE community of wargamers on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter and play tabletop wargames then chances are you’re a warmonger and don’t even know it. Search for #warmongers and you’ll quickly find a happy bunch that’ll welcome you into the fold with the minimum of teasing. Make yourself known and you’ll quickly find yourself with lots of new friends.

What is the #warmongers Secret Santa?

The idea is a simple one. The #warmongers are a very close and friendly group of people who spend a great deal of time supporting one another’s hobby so it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do to exchange presents over the Christmas period.

How Will it Work?

Anyone wishing to take part can complete the form below by Sunday 26th November 2017. You will then each be randomly assigned someone to buy a present for and given their name and postal address. The only consideration will be geography as it wouldn’t be fair for us to expect members of the community to send parcels to the other side of the world.

Once you’ve been given a person you can buy them a present. But remember, it’s a secret! If you know the person and what hobby project they’re working on then by all means head down that route but most of all it’s meant to be a bit of fun. The spend limit will be £10 or whatever the local currency is excluding postage. You don’t have to spend that much but try not to go over. Obviously we can’t impose restrictions but dont be silly with things that will get stopped at borders e.g.

  • Perishables, Adult or sexual in nature, Offensive, Sharp objects, Fluids, Glass, anything that could or will go boom.

Parcels must be posted no later than the 11th December 2017 to allow for postal services to be shit and please include in the parcel a note giving an idea of who you are, your Twitter name (if applicable) and a festive message.

When you receive your parcel please leave a comment on this page telling us what you’ve received and tweet some pics using the hashtag #warmongersSecretSanta.

Up for it?

Please fill in the form at the link below.