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Meat The Butchers – Brisket

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the star of the show, the striker for the butchers. Brisket.


She is pretty fast alongside some of the other members of the team she can leave Boar and Ox behind though. Her TAC is average, while she has the best Kick stats of the butchers currently both for dice pool and range. Her DEF is average but she does have ARM to help with that, her INF stats are also pretty average.

Character Traits

Unpredictable Movement – When an enemy model gets into her melee zone she can make a 2” dodge move. This makes her very hard to pin down, however it is only once per turn so a clever opponent will force you to take it early and leave her high and dry so be careful.

Charmed – If a Male attacks her, her DEF gets a bonus. Again a nice little bonus to have although the balance between males and females means she can be pretty well protected from a lot of models. But don’t bank on it all the time.

Attack Support – When she is close to Princess then she gains extra TAC, which is pretty good as it is a pretty big boost.


Almost to reiterate the feeling that Brisket is the superstar of the Butchers any result in the playbook can generate momentum! Her damage starts low but as we have seen buffing damage is not an issue for the team!


Super Shot – This boosts her Kick stats to make her pretty accurate and is a shining light in goal scoring, in a team that just hurts people as standard.

Dirty Knives – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 3 hits). A targeted enemy takes a hit to their DEF, takes a point of DMG and also gains poison. Pretty nasty for something that has reasonable range on it. Again buffing friendlies by debuffing enemies is great way round a lot of models.


She is the goal scorer for the butchers and she is pretty good at it! Don’t be afraid to use her in that way as the rest of the team can deal with stomping teams into the dirt let her goal hang ready for the off chance that you can get the ball to her!
In a goal scoring position as she will generally not let you down!

Meat The Butchers – Boar

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the Big Man Boar.


He is the slowest moving Butcher which makes sense for something so big. His TAC is huge, he has scary amount of it although his Kick stats do suffer as you would expect. Like all big monsters he has very low DEF but unlike others he has no ARM. He does have some healthy HP and ways to keep going as well. He generates 1 INF and can use 1 INF, so basically the most efficient model around. As to why we shall see from his traits.

Character Traits

Bezerk – If he damages a enemy model he can make an additional attack without spending INF (this is not an infinite loop). This means he is self-reliant on himself and no-one else really.

Furious – He gets to Charge without spending INF. This means he can generate a few number of hits during his activation with little INF around.

Regenerate – At the start of each maintenance phase he heals 2 HP. Which on top of his vast number of HP to start with. He will keep ticking unless some series effort is but into him.


He has a pretty full playbook, with plenty of damage around plus all none damage is related to a debuff (knock down or his plays) with a bit of pushing in there as well.


Hamstring – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 3 hits). This hands out a big negative to MOV -4 which means generally they won’t be getting away from him.

Rabid Animal – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 8 hits). Target loses a point of INF they have on themselves. Incredibly nasty in a resource management game!


A self-reliant monster that takes his one INF and goes on to try and ‘generate’ more as he goes. He has the potential to create 4 attacks from that 1 INF so he can be scary. He comes with some nice debuffs as well which just adds insult to the injury he causes.

Like a lot of the big men he makes a great target for team buffs as he is pretty straight forward; STOMP!!

EDIT: always remember you dont need to move first ala WM/H. You can knock something down freeing an engaged Boar up to get his free charge.. ;)

Beareditorial – Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Report

So that was Grumblin Gremlin at the Grid.

My first time at the Grid and its a fine little gaming area, I would imagine can be cold in winter as with all these industrial park units. But with the hosts being Scottish I doubt complaining would work ;)

So how did I do? well in the end I came 10th out of 16 and a result of 1-2 with a VP diff of 0. But losing to 2 top 20 players I don’t think is an embarrassment.

Round 1

Connor Barker (@Proximocoal) playing his Gremlins. I lost 9-6.

I used the list I had planned;


While Connor had Ulix and 3 warpigs!!!

I took Protect Territory and Power Ritual and scored max points for both but didn’t get a single one for the strategy. In the end not taking into account close deployment was my downfall. Warpig charges first turn are a thing apparently!!

I also got too greedy trying to wait for the chance to ‘bury and stand on the marker play’ with Hannah but didn’t happen so in the end wasted 2 points on an Upgrade I didn’t use!! Note to self stop being greedy and use the upgrade as is!!

An enjoyable game for sure but lessons learnt about close deployment (in casual games generally just do normal deployment or flank).

Round 2

Was against a nice man called Nick. He was rocking a 10T crew lead by Lynch. I was looking forward to this as I love lynch in 10T. I won the Game 9-2


My list consisted of the same as above but I dropped Lazarus for Bishop (with Oathkeeper). I realised just as we were about to deploy that the Strategy was Interference which is the Reconnoiter alternative NOT Turf War one (Blasts bit pointless when you spread out).

In the end the only thing left for Nick was an Illuminated sat on for the Outflank points.

With the deployment being Flank with it made sense to take Breakthrough, as it was in a way easier BUT my second scheme was Bodyguard and I didn’t get far enough away with my Librarian to score full points for it.

Nick was lovely and a joy to play and once he gets his head around Brilliance will be hard to deal with. That and if his cards give him a break.

Round 3

So this was an Outcast off against the very good Maria! She took Jack Daw and I lost 9-5 in the end I scored full for Breakthrough but only managed 2 points with Spring the Trap!

Went for the slingshot Viks, plus student of conflict, double trappers and Korpsmen instead of ronin and Vanessa. Wanted lots of minions as they didn’t give away points as much (didn’t work).


In the end, my cards where not great and Maria knew what to do to my Viks crew she pulled me apart relatively easily. In the end I failed to kill anything :( but a fun game regardless especially against Maria’s amazingly mental models.

What I have taken away from this tournament is that Viks don’t fit well with me, they are an all or nothing crew BUT without the fun of the Gremlins. So I will continue to use them but maybe not as much as I had planned.

Von Schill remains the Boss Man, love him and the Freikorps. Although I need more practice with Hannah. Going forward I am planning on Running Tara and Levi for a while to see how they fit in with me. Plus what they offer over Von Schill.

I think I will be dipping into Neverborn and Arcanists soon as well for a bit of variation. Plus Brewmaster is coming so close I can also taste the shine :)

Hobby This Week

I am in post-tournament lull so nothing to see here..

However this week I have been very Guild Ball orientated so a new system is getting bigger on my time. Something that has happened in a while.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

McMourning for MacMillan #WAAC2015

WAACThanks to the amazing guys from Wyrd I have a McM crew box coming to form part of raffle prize.

So whats the plan, I need many peoples help, as I want this to be a very nicely painted crew (hence I aint touching it).

The theme is Green as you will have guessed, apart from that all things are open. Obviously the Nurses have to look amazing as damn it the MacMillan Nurses are what it is all about.

So the plan is to create a 50ss crew to raffle off, this means the following;

  • Need help forming a nice list
  • Suggestions for basing
  • Volunteers for painting
  • Any models lying around you don’t want would be awesome to help as well
  • Some basing suggestions.

I will update these things as they come in, so we have the following models coming and names of who is painting them;

McMourning –

Nurse 1 – (@NationOfLee)

Nurse 2

Sebastian –

Canine Remains

Flesh Construct –

Zombie Chihuahua

Miss Pack (donated by @AdrianMills73)

Deadline is end of July for painting/donations of models to be complete so we can raffle off in August.

I will update this as things progress and for those that are wanting to help monetarily looking at £2 a ticket. More money = more tickets.

Everything to go through the WAAC2015 and make sure you tell me you are entering in the comments of the site

NOTE: Non-UK entry is allowed but you will have to help cover postage costs :) Although please keep in mind that I dont know anything about rules for such things in other countries so please check yourselves first before entering.

Meat The Butchers – Princess

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the most loyal of mascots…..Sorry did I say loyal? I meant vicious perhaps slobbering. Todays post will be looking at Princess.


She is pretty fast with good base MOV which means she doesn’t need INF to keep up with most of the team. Her TAC is average while we wont mention her Kick stats, although image of a dog humping the ball into the goal is hilarious. Her DEF isn’t too bad and surprisingly she also has ARM as well. Not bad as things go.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – A few mascots have this, basically if you she dies you want it to happen early in a turn! As when she does get taken out she grants you 2 momentum and also all models gain +2 TAC and extra MOV which is very nice in a team like Butchers.


Nothing to major on her playbook, although she can generate momentum with almost any result. Which is handy plus she can tackle (I will let that image settle :) ).


Blood – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 2 hits). The target model gains the Bleed condition, which is nasty but also the condition Butchers like

Rabid Animal – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 3 hits). This hands out a big negative to MOV (-4 is very nasty) and it also hands out poison!


Nice doggy this one, take your arm off she will. Like he master (Ox) she is a bit of a force multiplier as if she dies that is good if you have things left to go but also she has relatively easy access to Bleed which we will see helps a few of the team members.

Meat The Butchers – Ox

So I have been playing around with the butchers recently, so thought I would dip into looking at each team member then wrap it up in a team posts. So if I can convince people to help out there will be a series of Team Talks covering all the guilds

Todays post will be looking at Ox the head honcho


As a leader he is not too bad across the board. His MOV is average for a heavily set gentleman. While his base TAC is pretty good, he should be able to get some decent number of hits to fire up the playbook.

His kick is not impressive there are better captains for kicking with, both with distance and dice pool. His DEF is in that also pretty average, however he does have some ARM to help counter act this. Finally he is generating a lot of INF like all captains but he is also not too greedy about taking it off others. He also has a low melee reach so will be easy to lock down for some opponents, although he probably won’t be locked down for long.

Character Trait

The Owner – All friendly models gain +1 DMG to character plays or via the playbook. As it is an Aura he also benefits from this. Butchers hurt people, this helps.

Legendary Play

Get’ em Lads! – Another aura play that is the same as The Owner plus it hands out -1 ARM to enemies. This is incredibly nasty as stacked these grant +2 DMG for a turn in a reasonably large bubble. Literally there is going to be dead space around Ox as no-one will want to be near him.


Ox has a good mix of plays he can do with his playbook. He has a reasonable number of momentum gaining choices which is great. While also being very good at moving around as well, he also has the ability to knockdown a model reasonably well with only 4 hits needed.


Tough Skin – costs 1 INF and allows him to increase the ARM of a nearby friendly model. But unfortunately he can only do it once per turn.

They Aint Tough! – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild ball (equivalent of 2 hits). This hands out -1 ARM to target enemy.

Butchery – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild ball (equivalent of 7 hits). Friendly models gain +1 DMG to target model for playbook damage.


He is the great force multiplier for the Butchers on a given turn he could be granting +3 DMG and -1 ARM reasonably easily to him and his team. When the minimum damage a model can takes goes from 1 to 4!! They are going to take models out quickly!

As he generates lots of INF BUT doesn’t use much more you can play he efficiently! He sets models up to be pounded. He doesn’t necessarily need to do the pounding himself.

As he is the force multiplier you need him to go early or after a model you want out of the game has activated, then simply set up and stomp.


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