#WAAC ing the Hunters


Hello to everyone, I have something really exciting to share. But first the plug, in 2014 I lost my Mum to Cancer, the MacMillan Nurses were amazing in looking after my Mum but also my Dad and I wanted to give back to them. So the First Year we raised over £8000 so it was worth doing again and Last Year he hit over £4000 over the year. This year I have a Humble total of £2000 to hit £15000 overall!!!

So please if you want to help with a donation, run an event, raffle some models please let me know :)

Now for the exciting bit, the amazing guys at Steamforge (Mr Loxam is a God ;) among men) have agreed to let me raffle off a full 6 man Hunters team which the postal service allowing will be with the winner on the Friday before Salute!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately for me, they are going to be sent straight from Steamforge HQ so I wont get to see them early :( boooooo ;)

So have I made you wait long enough yet?


  1. 1 Raffle ticket = £1 donation to https://www.justgiving.com/waac2016/
  2. Multiple purchases are fine (MOAR tickets = MOAR chances) so feel free to give me all your monies ;)
  3. When you donate please ensure that you say Hunters in the comments
  4. Please make sure JustGiving have your email (you may need to log in) as I will need those emails to contact the winner. IF you don’t want them to have your email feel free to drop me a DM on social media.
  5. The draw will be made on the 11th of April 2016 to allow Steamforged as much time as possible to get the Hunters out (and the flakey postal services)
  6. The aim is for the winner to get the team early but we asked 2 things do NOT spoil the models or cards till Saturday! and we can’t be responsible for the postal service so don’t moan if they don’t turn up in time :)
  7. I am not responsible for rules governing other countries, with regards raffles/gambling so you as individuals will need to take responsibility for those not me.
  8. Finally remember WAAC has a new meaning Wargamers All Against Cancer!


If you are reading this and you are at Vapnartak over in York come over to the Steamforge stand and say hi as I will be demoing Guild Ball all day :)

Games Played

Loads of games played this week (it was LGC night visit this week), which meant that I have got in 3 games of Guild ball.

All of these were against Union with Alchemists all of them coming up with loses, I have found that I am struggling with generating MP with the chemists and it is something I need to work on. I am too focused on hurting players with damage which is leaving me starved. This is something I need to deal with as a hangover from my time with the Butchers and Brewers..

I have also managed to get a game in with Ironsides versus Hamelin in which I managed to get a 7-5 win, the new Gaining Grounds schemes are interesting and are going to need some work to figure out before tournament in 2 weeks :)

Painting and Hobby

I have the challenge of getting Ironsides painted up in time for the tournament :) what could go wrong. I am also churning through the Armada models which I am loving painting..

I am still building up my Arcane emissary at the moment as well, needs lots of Green Stuff work, still loads of time, right?

I will admit my losing streak has me looking at my fully painted morticians for the next tournament, hopefully when I start painting them it will sort me out and I wont drift to the deadside..

As always make sure you check out my sponsors they always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.