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We’re all going on a Bear Holiday

The next few weeks I am off on my annual migration so there is going to be no new posts till I am back.

I may get to do some reblogging if I get chance but nothing major. Normal service will resume once I have had my sleep :)

The Alchemist Formula – Katalyst

So now it’s time for the big guy in the Alchemists line up, Katalyst


He’s pretty fast for a big guy, good TAC, but low DEF and no ARM. Kick is better than many big guys, and his INF stat is also not the worst in the game. He also has 27 health boxes, I believe the highest in the game.

Character Traits

Elemental Infusion – Katalyst only has one trait, but it’s potentially a good one. When he attacks an enemy model with conditions he can gain the following bonuses depending on the conditions the target has – Poison = +2 TAC, Bleed = -1 ARM and Burning = +1 DMG on playbook damage results. Pretty nifty.


Four options generate momentum, and two of those trigger character plays. Katalyst is one of two Alchemists with KD.


intensify– Cost 2, RNG S Pulse 3″. A play he shares with Flask. All enemy models with 3″ of Katalyst take 2 damage if they are suffering from conditions. Super fun if you’re opponent has bunched up a little, and his 40mm base ups the ante a little.

Rabid Animal– Cost 2 Guild balls (three hits), RNG P. Target suffers -4/-4 MOV and gains poison, the perfect play on a charge for Katalyst, getting that +2 TAC for his next attack is rather nice.


Katalyst can do surprising amounts of damage if he can hit models with conditions, and your opponent has bunched up a little. That said players learn pretty quick and tend not to bunch up, and remove conditions as soon as they can.

While he has 27 health boxes don’t expect him to hang around for long if you do put him in the middle of a force determined to take him out. Once knocked down he is giving away an extra dice when hit again.

The Alchemist Formula – Vitriol

Vitriol is next up in the lab


Vitriol is straight out fast with great MOV stats, better than many strikers TAC, great KICK with higher than average DEF but no ARM. INF is pretty standard. She is also the only Alchemist player with a 2″ melee range.

Character Traits

Cover of Darkness – Did I say that Vitriol is fast? Well how about a bonus 2″ move when she starts an advance benefiting form cover. This makes her insanely quick.

Skilled within Shadow– Vitriol gains +2 TAC against enemies benefiting from cover. You should not that this does not allow her to ignore cover so you end up with +1 TAC but it’s still positive.

Hidden Damage – To round out the cover theme she gains +1 DMG to playbook results when the enemy is benefiting from cover.


Three momentous options, and early tackle and two results with three damage are all pretty sweet. Vitriol also has a low score push/dodge to get away from markers before shooting.


Smoke Bomb– Costs 1 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″ So Vitriol gets all those cool benefits from all things to do with cover right? Well once per turn she can make a smoke cloud that grants cover! It’s almost like they planned it that way!

Clone – Cost 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (three hits), RNG S. Clone allows Vitriol to ignore the next Character Play or Playbook result against it, and dodge 2″ just for fun! Nice ability to help keep her safe and sound.


Vitriol is a really potent striker, from cover she can hit the goal from 19″ away, or further if you hit and dodge before heading for goal. She has good DEF and clone helps, but she really doesn’t stand up to concentrated efforts to take her out. She will score buckets of goals, even if my own Vitriol is on a 50% miss rate!

The Alchemist Formula – Mercury

Now we move onto Mercury, the fire man


Mercury is pretty fast for a midfielder. average TAC, but above standard KICK with average DEF and a point of armour, like his co-midfielder Calculus. INF is perfectly average too.

Character Traits

Burning Spirit – Move up to Mercury, or start your activation within an inch and you’ll be burning.

Tactical Advice [Flask] – If he is within 4″ of Flask in the maintenance phase he gains an INF bonus.


Nothing too exciting here, only two momentous results but and early tackle is handy sometimes.


Fire Blast– Costs 2 INF, RNG 8″, AOE 3″ Neat play that not only deals two damage, but also sets models hit on fire (burning condition for the rules peeps out there!). Also if other models end or move through the AOE they gain burning too. Handy to slow down those enemies.

Flame Jet – Costs 3 INF , RNG 6″ Pretty simple, three damage and burning if you hit!


Mercury is pretty much exactly what you expect for an Alchemist midfielder. Pretty solid with a good kick stat. Getting burning out is great for slowing down the enemy, and the AOE can funnel people where you want them to go.

The Alchemist Formula – Calculus

Next up for the Alchemists is Calculus, one of two central midfielder’s for the team.


Calculus is on the faster side of MOV stats. Lowish TAC, standard KICK with average DEF and a point of armour, not that common in the alchemists. INF is perfectly average too.

Character Traits

Poison Fumes – Move or activate within an inch of Calculus and you’ll be poisoned. Now she can’t just wander up and poison you, but it’s a neat ability.


Four columns with only two momentum generating results seem’s low, but then if you’ve got Calculus leading the fighting your probably not getting the best out of her.


Blind – Costs 1 INF, RNG 6″, AOE 3″Nasty play that will cause enemy models to lose -4″ Mov and -4 TAC! One dice means you can’t rely on hitting every time, but with bonus time it’s a very good play.

Noxious Blast – Costs 2 INF , RNG 8″, AOE 3″An AOE that remains in play. Models hit take damage and the poison condition. Enemy models that move through, or end their activations in the AOE become poisoned. Nice play that gets conditions out on the enemy pretty consistently.


Calculus is a solid model for the Alchemists, bringing two good plays to the pitch. With some Armour she can take a little bit of damage, but don’t go get her stuck into the heart of the enemy or she will die.

Awe of Sigmar

Originally posted on Flock & Awe Podcast:

We jump on the bandwagon and talk about Age of Sigmar and what we know so far (not much).

We wanted this out fast so the usual top-notch editing isn’t there and for that well meh.. This is a reaction piece that we are sure to revisit once some bedding down has happened for the system or whenever Ryan has 13 armies for it whichever happens first..


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Any reviews/comments are welcome as we strive to be the best wargaming podcast for you the listeners. Any episode suggestions are also very welcome.

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