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Steelsoul Protector

Out(Bear)Cast – Strongarm Suit

Another Out(Bear)Cast this time I will be looking at the ghettoblaster himself (sorry) the SAS.


Average Df and good Wp, like other tankier Freikorps he has decent number of wounds. He is also as fast as other Korps members with Wk being average and Cg being great.

He is enforcer so there are a couple of upgrades worth looking at mainly Oathkeeper but that is standard for most outcasts.


Armor – Better than standard Korps armour which is always good.

Freikorps Suit – They all get the suit (cue MiB quote) which means they can ignore damage from pulses and blasts which is great against so masters.

Augmented Jump – This allows him to ignore models/terrain when charging. He can also Charge while engaged. This means you can never pin him down and easily charge in one activation and charge something else next activation. Think of him as a mini-schill..

Attack Actions

Enhanced Fists – Decent Ml 6attack that has a Ram built-in and does decent damage with severe being nasty. His triggers make him that little bit scarier;

  • Pneumatic Actuator needs a Crow and stops they damage being reduced, so Armour etc. is ignored, although Soulstones can still be used.
  • Pneumatic Crush needs an additional Ram which grants a positive flip to the damage.

The crow trigger is the nasty one and will make plenty out there nervous, although any positives to damage is welcome especially against ressers and the like.

Aetheric Projector – Average Sh attack with a built-in Rams and decent range. The damage is about average for ranged attack. Like his fists the triggers are not bad;

  • Soul Vortex needs a Crow , if a model is killed then it does place markers so can be nasty for Summoners. But being dependent on killing the model is not as helpful due to not spectacular damage.
  • Aether Scramble needs a Mask after damaging then the target gains Slow. Reducing AP pf your opponent is a good thing ;)
Tactical Action

Charge Up – This is his 0 action that grants one the following, what is nice is this just happens. No discard or Flip is needed to activate it.

  • Polarized Shielding – When the Strongarm takes damage with a Ml attack the attacker takes 1 damage after resolving.
  • Charged Fists – Grants +1 damage to his Ml attack actions, makes him very scary.
  • Bright Aether – Makes the Aetheric Projector very good at hitting with a boost to take it from average to very good.

A tanky model that moves around like a mini-schill, smashing stuff with his fists (need an Arnie phrase here) and occasionally shooting things to reduce enemy AP. He can be difficult to fit in due to the cost (loads of competition) but if you are wanting a model that can never be pinned down and as such means you pick your battles. He is certainly one to consider.


The painting mojo is back for now, which means more, malifaux and shock horror more eldar (I know right who knew).

So what has tickled me this week? well nothing, I have become so engrossed in Malifaux and Guild Ball at the moment that I am struggling to get excited about anything!

I have signed up to the Breast Cancer Brawl again in October which should mean I need to paint some models before then as neither Merc list is good to go. After the holidays I will push ahead I appear to need a deadline to get anything done :)

While we all now know where I stand with GW they have burnt me out with there release schedule I can no longer get excited as there is always something else close behind it! Will stop there before I get to grumpy again.

Also well done to F&A host Kev ‘the Fighting Hobbit’ Bryant for getting BiF with his Mercs at the Welsh open last week.

Hobby This Week

Plugging away the urge to play gremlins again has meant that I am finally gearing up to paint the Whiskey Golem :)

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

#ToMB2 Month 4 – Hannah

Well we have reached the end of #ToMB2 I have finished Hannah.

One of the reasons I wanted to do the Freikorps (well that and VS is awesome)



Better pictures will be incoming soon as I capture all the models painted for #ToMB2 have to say I have enjoyed it greatly. Only question is what to do next year ;)

Out(Bear)Cast – Lazrus

He just keeps coming with blasty death…Say hi to Lazrus.


So he is nothing spectacular for is stats. Poor Df (not as bad as some though) while also having good Wp though. He has plenty of wounds but is a little slow, however in outcasts so many upgrades to help with this it is almost nothing to worry about.


Hate the Maker – Will not work if the leader of the crew belongs to the Guild even dual faction so even McCabe is frowned upon.

Armor – Better than standard Korps armour which is always good.

Attack Actions

Bayonet – Decent Ml attack with in-built Ram that does OK damage it does have good reach as well.

  • Unload Ordnance – A second ram is needed but adds some blasts to the damage as well which is great on a melee attack.

Grenade Launcher – Decent Sh attack that has good range and nice damage output with the all-important high weak damage and with blasts as well.

Assimilate – A 0 action that needs any 6 to hit the target number (very high Ca) that targets Wp. This allows Lazarus to use a 1ap action from the targeted Construct (can be an upgrade) and no declaring triggers. Interesting ability that allows you to get a free action out of him as well. Very flexible depending on what is on the board (looks at Pariah of Iron Levi).

Tactical Action

Auto Fire – Very powerful 2 AP action that lets him shoot 3 times in his activation what makes it scarier is that unlike Rapid Fire Lazarus can shoot different targets with this.

Self Repair – Another 0 action and one you will use more than the other as it heals Lazarus which is great to have. Unless you are construct heavy or have other healing in the list.


Stompy robot that fills in more congested area of 10 point enforcers in the Outcasts. If you think blasts will be important than you can’t go wrong with him especially with the very versatile Auto Fire.


As the man being eaten by the wendigo is being used elsewhere, my little guy has to do with punch a hole through the ice..


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