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Karina aka Kevin

To go with a male Tara I wanted a male Karina. Thankfully the TTB box sorted that for me..



Gaming Thoughts – Pigfinity 2015 Aftermath

Originally posted on 2screens:

A bit of an unusual blog post here – rather than the usual tournament report, this was a tournament which I was running – so while I can’t give a round-by-round breakdown, I can at least detail some of what went on for the day!

Pigfinity was dreamed up by myself and current Pigmar Wargaming Club Chairman Jez in 2014 to run on the same weekend as the Wargamers All Against Cancer event which was organised by Dave Wilkinson. Dave’s plan was to have 24 hours of sponsored wargaming to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support Group, and last year was so successful in raising money that he decided to do it again this year, so we decided to do the same. You can still donate to this year’s fund by visiting Dave’s JustGiving page here:

This year I offered to run Pigfinity, which was definitely a…

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Tara aka Trevor

In the distant past I didnt want a Nightmare version of Tara so I wanted to make my own…

This led me to think about what to base it off, if I got a Death Marshall box to make a couple for Tara it left me with a spare. Made sense really :)



No games played this week, as I was beign social  (I know right) and had podcast editing to do. Its hard work making us sound that bad..

Much painting was done and much pondering was done on new masters.

So why do I do it to myself? always looking at new masters/factions/games. The truth is I don’t know, I have always had an active imagination as I am sure many wargamers also have, it’s why we can accept plastic/metal models are in a life or death situation and how we can create some stunning pieces of art (well the good painters can anyway, how I hate them).

But perhaps this is also why so many are afflicted with #HobbyADD?

If left to your own devices how often do you start thinking wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Frozen theme Perdita crew to make my little girl giggle or clearly all the mindless zombies need to be in office attire and Nicodem converted into a CEO.

So what is the answer to this? Simple don’t work/drive/have kids/partner etc.. when we are bored we start thinking and that is when the trouble starts..

So cast off your family and all work so you can concentrate on all those models you have in your boxes/cupboards/under the bed.. so then and only then can you concentrate on what you have rather than new shiny things.

Obviously this would only work if your boss, partner agree and the kids leave you alone…

Think we are screwed, anyway back ressers….I mean Guild I MEAN Gremlins

WAAC T-Shirts

Its pay weekend so why not help out WAAC with your very own T-Shirts from here: WAAC T-SHIRT

Nythera comes

The Worldwide Wyrd event is gearing up, I have signed up for some fun as I will be taking part in both a realfaux and a vassalfaux campaign :) which means the might of the gremlins will be amazing.

To be fair it was touch and go between what faction I was actually going to run but the little guys won out in the end…

GenCon Watch

The Gremlins have arrived!! WOOO

Hobby This Week

So completed first 6 members of the butchers, now to wait for some union players to show up see IF I can get them painted in time :) I may have started painting some constructs as well…rather than the sensible Merc lists I have for BCB.

Make sure you check out my sponsors the always friendly if in South ‘Yorkshire’ gaming store the Outpost where you can get 20% off RRP on their site.

Guild Ball #WAAC team update

Well here you go 2 team members down.


That means not long till we go live on the raffle.

#WAAC Weekend is HERE!!

WAACThis is the weekend for WAAC, so if you can get some games in, paint those models or create that amazing piece art/diorama/wall and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

But IF you can please donate if you hobby this weekend it’s for an amazing cause that everyone can be touched by in someway.

If you want to donate this is the place

If you want to a T-Shirt this is the spot

For those waiting for the raffles, they are very close only one or two models to go and we will be ready to launch :D


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