Alpha Bear Post 4 – Gremlins

Continuing with the Alpha Bear posts, its time for the Gremlin Marcus although really its Piggie Marcus.

Wild boar

Having covered the wild boar in a Bayou Bear article this part will be pretty quick 🙂

They are great little missiles for Marcus and can get a surprising amount of attacks in one activation. However as they are a type of Pig you will suffer from the Hog Whisper tax so you can control them early game at least. You don’t need them charging your stuff in general..

Something that does make them pretty interesting is Root Around: which lets you eat a scheme marker that is close by. Which although is situational after dealing with their Rampage ability it can mess with the opposition.

The Sow

She is like all the 3-headed creatures in Malifaux so gains positives flips while still healthy and if you have read my Resser post covering the Rogue Necromancy we will see with Smell fear and Terrifying they have a similar flavour. The even hit for the same damage although the Sow is not as accurate.

What the Sow does bring apart from some more damage output is Summoning in a more normal way than the Spawn Mother. First we have Farrowing which means when she dies you can summon 2 (damaged) piglets before she is removed. While Birth means she can discard an enemy Scheme Marker to summon a piglet. Nice way of removing counters but you will need her to have some healing on the board as beyond her trigger for healing she probably cant do loads of summoning as she takes damage. Interesting choice though as extra models is always welcome.

War Pigs

Big piggy that is a bit slow unless it is charging which makes it pretty fast. They are all about the attacks which has OK damage track (not as good as the Sow) but has a trigger on every suite (and has to take one). All of them have some uses be it healing, pushing or handing out slow. However the big spot is the Stampede, which lets the War Pig take a point of damage for a free charge for extra attacks.


Can be considered exactly the same as the War pig just the damage track and Ml is lower. They do have Pig Charge that lets them Charge for 1ap not 2ap. The downside is they have the Set’er Off ability which means they have to charge unless near a Gremlin or something with Hog Whisperin ability. Which means you have to take a Hog Whisper or Burt Jebsen, but both suffer from the Merc tax.

They are very cheap and incredibly hard to hit due to small target but generally they will not last long. Treat them like missiles.

Overall, they let you have a laugh as pig missiles fly around the board but probably dont give you the same control you expect out of a Marcus crew..


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