We all love Willie and to be honest he needs grey hair, how it isnt white I have no idea..


3 comments on “Willie

  1. That is (what I assume) a shit-ton of dynamite. Shouldn’t really be smoking around that.

    What game are these guys you’re uploading these days, Malifaux?

    What paint range you use? (enough questions for a post!)

    Love what you did with the metal on the base.

    • It is dynamite yes. May add in some cotton wool smoke actually now you mention it.
      Had not considered that 🙂

      Paints are mainly GW as it means I can walk round corner from work to refill. But I do use some army painter, P3 and vallejo as well.

      Yes these are mainly Malifaux models, I have a tournament coming up so trying to be fully painted for it 🙂

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