Alpha Bear Post 1

Welcome to a new series of articles that like the Bayou Bear and Thunder Bear set of articles I am going to be looking at something specific for Malifaux. In this case it is going to be the beasts Marcus can take outside of faction (as well as in-faction later on).

As always this is to help me get to grips with stuff but also maybe help others.

Now these are going to be considered only for Marcus so anything they can do in faction will not be covered, as such it will be more chatter rather than laid out like the other articles.

Say hello to the Alpha Bear articles 😉 So to save on blog space I am covering 2 factions today (mainly as they don’t rock many beasts really); its Guild and 10 Thunders..

Guild Hound

Very cheap minions that work best in multiples (2/3 being the case usually, unless you fancy spamming for giggles). This is because although insignificant they can ignore it if close to another hound model (like themselves or Canine Remains).

Companion is also in there which lets them ensure they keep within range of each other, so you can have a nice cheap set of scheme marker runners who support each other as they can be a decent distance apart yet still able to drop-move-move-drop between them.

I can’t at the moment think of a 6 point combination that can drop 2 scheme markers AND move 6” at the same time. Even Silurids and their leap is still a point more expensive, while gupps can’t move quite as far and suffer from a larger base.

But they are pretty vulnerable as there are no defensive abilities/triggers and on top of an average Df and Wp. This is why you need multiple dogs as losing one of them can stop the dog pack idea which what makes them so cheap stops working..

They may also charge for 1ap if the target is near a scheme marker and they can in theory hit as hard as a rail worker if you get the Ram for Critical Strike (with a huge Cg range), but really you should be looking at charging in only after they have completely dropping markers everywhere..

Dawn Serpent

This guy is one of the most expensive minions around which brings some shooting to a beast list.

He can shift pretty well with decent Wk and Flight which helps get him where you need him. But what else do you get for all those soulstones? Well he can be extremely hard to take down with hard to kill on top of his 0 action Calls unto the Chi which allows him to heal a point for each model with a Ca action which can mean a decent amount can be healed in the right situation.

He also has Counterspell which is situational BUT against things like Lure and other double suite actions means they are incredibly hard to get off (beyond the spending of soulstones for suites).

He is a beast that can hit, incredibly high Ml and Sh which is why you pay so much for him. His Breathe Fire which is the range attack that also packs a blast at moderate and severe damage as well, although not high actual damage it can also hand out Burning to the primary target as well. Its melee attack Fangs is pretty standard damage track but can also hand out poison as well.

The Dawn Serpent brings a range threat that only the Rogue Necromancy brings to a Marcus list but the Serpent isn’t limited by the only shoot once an activation like the Rogue which is nice.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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