Exulon Thexus

Well, after winning Mr Thexus at the BCB, figured I may as well have a look at him….What this now means is I have a target for next years BCB for a pink army. Yep, I am going Merc well Cephalyx anyway. So what does the floating Brain bring to the table? Its been a while and I am incredibly rusty but lets have a little look shall we 😉


As a floating brain Thexus obviously gets pathfinder and he can actually move pretty well. Enough to keep up with the rest of the army while not needing to run so much. He has amazing amount of Focus which grants him a massive control area obviously. Then things start to go downhill a little, his RAT is very poor but he doesn’t shoot so that’s not too bad. His straight offensive abilities are based around average MAT and very poor Prosthetic Blades this guy should not be in combat or anywhere near combat.

Now defensively its also not so good, Thexus is basically part of the old man club with Nemo and Sevvy. Thankfully he doesn’t need to be anywhere the action with his control area.


Obviously he is a Merc who will work for Cryx but as for contracts he is Selective and as such will only be found in Cephalyx contracts. This means he can’t be found in other contracts to really mix up choices, it does make sense from the background.

As mentioned he is very squishy, even if he sat on all of his focus, so he has 2 things that help with this. He gets Sacrificial Pawn with his Monstrosities which helps against any range hurt coming his way. Spell Driver allows his Monstrosities to be arc nodes for a small amount of damage to them. So again keeping him out of melee range of most things, although extreme charges will catch him.

Further to support his pets there is Aggressive Reaction which allows his battlegroup to run/charge for free when an enemy model is in his control area. This adds a little focus efficiency from turn 2 onwards, allowing you to make sure your monstrosities are in the right area for some spell channelling or smashing face.


Thexus’ feat is Telekinetic Tide, which is pretty simple one. All enemy non-caster/lock models are pushed in any direction a small distance. A simple feat that is also incredibly powerful, with that huge control area means you can in theory catch nearly every enemy model. The 2 obvious things you can do is clear area for an assassination run but also to help clear an area to score on scenario.

However other possibilities are to pull a unit out of command range of the unit leader or pull stuff out of combat etc.


Interesting spell list for him, in that he has no upkeep spells which makes for some interesting choices.

  • Deceleration – His only direct buff for his army, gives a bonus to DEF and ARM against ranged attacks. Helps deliver your army as they don’t generally have a lot of shooting themselves.
  • Hex Blast – Thexus shooty spell that everyone will know. Probably only worth it against packed opponents (which is possible with the feat), It is also handy for setting up other things as it removes animi and upkeep spells.
  • Influence – A little bit situational as you again need models bunched up or they have reach but in the right instances (like the feat 😀 ) this can be nasty to use. Khador Demo Corps with back swing to hit 2 of his mates for instance..
  • Pyscho Surgery – This is a great spell as it heals all your monstrosities by the same possible amount as what the Spell Driver ability causes, which is incredibly helpful.
  • Rampager – Very powerful spell against Hordes, yes it cant target character beasts but all others are fair game. Allows you to take control and take one hit, not only is this nasty when used against a heavy hitter but you can ensure they are in position that is better for you.
  • Telekenisis – An incredibly powerful spell as it is a place you can change the facing of the model hit never mind the movement involved…Hands out those lovely back strike bonuses and also stops charges.


He is an pretty selfish caster with only deceleration around to protect his army not that he cares for such things, although he can at least heal his monstrosities as he abuses them.

But with his feat and spell list he can at least bring the enemy closer to where he wants them and on the odd occasion cause mischief within their ranks.

Currently the Cephalyx are a limited contract to take for Mercs but still pretty effective. As everything is so cheap with a mountain of muscle one choice or simply infantry spam. However it is very easy to run both in the same list as you can squeeze a lot into even 35 points (this is the size I am planning at the moment) as these 2 lists show.

  • Thexus +5
  • Subduer – 7
  • Warden – 6
  • Wrecker – 7
  • Agitators x2 – 4
  • Full Mind bender unit – 6
  • Full Mind slave unit – 6
  • Overlords – 4

Whilst at tier 4, it is possible for ambushing mind slave units.

  • Thexus +5
  • Warden – 6
  • Wrecker – 7
  • Agitators x2 – 2 (one free)
  • Full Mind bender unit – 6
  • min Mind slave unit x2 – 8
  • Dominator with Croe’s Cutthroats – 11

Both are pretty scary with at least 2 heavies and 20+ infantry each certainly nothing to be sneezed at. I am sure I will be looking at other Cephalyx choices in the coming weeks because I have not fallen under their spell at all….

Would be cool to here other peoples thoughts on the cave dwellers and how they have found them.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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