I dread to think what is coming soon, with how quite 2014 seems to have gone in this final quarter of the year. Christmas time could be a doosie.. Although with only Infinity V3 on the horizon it’s still a low simmer at the moment.


Although I have removed myself from the temptation of WFB, I have to say I still keep my eye to the ground on all the rumours and watch how the End of Times releases are affecting players with each new titbit of info..

I have to say the idea of crazy characters does seem a bit wacky but I wonder how long this is sustainable for as it is a very different selling strategy from before for GW.

Big monster kits are great for release weekend numbers but after that surely that is it (generally) and if people are doing this it means less infantry is being bought which was the were surely how money was made in WFB?! 30-40 man units that sold in 10s was a clever way to help people slo-grow but also keep steady revenue coming in.

Now if as a player you go character heavy you only need to spend the minimum on infantry and units in general, is this a way of helping people get into the game a little bit more as less actual models are needed (even if one or two are expensive massive ones). It is going to be interesting to see how End of Times continues and what this will mean next year with the supposed next edition of the rules land.

Strange and interesting times for WFB players and those bears that always have a soft spot but couldn’t deal with so many models to paint of the same thing!!

 Painting & Hobby

But speaking of painting the same models, I have finally built my 3 units of Clockwork Angels and my word am I glad I will never be doing that again. Lovely models but pain in the backside to put together!!

As always I am painting Malifaux stuff but I have started to get a little jaded with them, so naturally I am looking at other stuff to paint to keep me sane…

As always make sure you check out the guys at the outpost who now over 20% off RRP on everything on their site.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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