Thunderbear – Porter of Souls

Following on from Yan Lo we have the little helper in the Soul Porter. If you want to feed the Chi to Yan Lo then this guy is very handy.


He is costed as you would expect for a Totem and his stats are pretty average although he can move well, while he will die to a stiff breeze.


So what about his abilities then:

On the Altar of Eternity – Friendly mode may choose not to have conditions removed by abilities/actions of enemy models, while within a big aura of the Porter which is pretty nice as you don’t want Chi being removed from Yan Lo.

Insignificant – Not surprising but a shame.

Incorporeal – He is a spirit after all but even this will not keep him alive for long at best he will survive a charge of something weak before going down.

Attack Actions

Bladed Spear – For a little guy he can hit with a decent Ca (not Ml so he can hurt incorporeal stuff as well). It also goes against Wp rather than Df. So it is something worth remembering, although the damage track is low he does have the Crow built in.

  • Siphon Chi – Crow – After damaging an enemy a friendly model within LoS of the target gets some free Chi. Now it is worth mentioning that he can give it to anyone (including Yan Lo and Chiaki).
Tactical Actions

Empower Ancestor – Allows him to push a friendly Ancestor up to its Wk in any direction. Which is great as he can help the Ancestors get moving as generally they are slow. However you cannot do it more than once against the same target.

Enlighten Ancestor – His 0 action lets him sacrifice himself to give another Chi out. It’s an interesting ability that can be used in an end game situation to power up Yan Lo more before he activates if you are planning something. But generally I hate to see the little guy go


He isn’t essential to Yan Lo, but he does grant some good effects during the game not only helping the slow ancestors get around but also don’t be afraid of getting him into combat as he can do a bit with the added bonus of more Chi on just doing any damage.






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