Bayou Bear – Whacking a Bush

If you go down to the Bayou sometimes you get a surprise you don’t expect, like sneaky Gremlins rather than just drunk ones 😉 Today I am going to be looking at Bushwhackers.


These guys are generally above average across the board, almost super Gremlins. With 6s across all stats (with the exception of their Wk which is lower). They even cost 6 so these are solid stats in any faction but very good in Gremlins!


So what about his abilities then:

Get Off My Land! – Interesting ability that allows a move (more than they can walk/charge) after Initiative is flipped on the first turn, if they discard a card

Which means generally they can be close to getting shots off first turn or just use it as a general repositioning. (to counter a counter-deployment of your opponent). Yes they cannot cross the center-line or make Interact Actions during the first turn, but it is still useful.

Lay of the Land – While in cover, this model receives the cover bonus (negative flips) from everything other than melee attack Actions. Very nasty as it makes them harder to hit even from things like Ca attacks.

Boost Their Confidence – Interesting these guys don’t have Reckless, but this does go some way to mitigating that. After a friendly Gremlin fails with a shooting attack, then the Bushwhacker can suffer 2 damage to take a shooting Attack against the same target without spending any AP.

Yes it is more expensive to do than reckless but it is an out-of-activation ability which is always powerful!

Attack Actions

Fryin’ Pan – Average Ml attack which does okish damage. But it does have some nice triggers

  • Mask – Reposition – After damaging, the bushwhacker can be pushed a short distance in any direction.
  • Tomes – SMACK! – After damaging, he can move the target in any direction.
  • Rams – Critical Strike – We know this one for adding +1 for each Ram in the total.

So nice ways of moving around either yourself or the enemy. While Critical Strike will be scary if you have Lenny around as well.

Trusty Rifle – Decent Sh ability with great range as well although low damage as you would expect from a long-range rifle. Handily though they ignore the effects of cover and worth noting they do +1 damage if they had benefited from Focus.

  • Mask – Reposition – After damaging, the bushwhacker can be pushed a short distance in any direction.
Tactical actions

Playin’ Possum – Zero action that allows the model to create an area of soft cover around them if they discard a card. Which works wonderfully with Lay of the Land.


Thematically they fit with Mah Tucket (I am expecting them in her starter box). However I think they work well as flanking troops although best to keep them as a pair.

They can dish out an OK amount of damage but it is the range in which they do this that makes them worth taking. That and they are pretty robust,no defense trigger but decent stats means they don’t need their hands holding.


More reliable Gremlins than Bayou boys but can certainly operate outside of the usual bubbles of effects Gremlins have (although they do work well within them as well). Damage is lower but more predictable and then can be handy in melee as well.

Great objective sitters with the ability to get cover regardless. They work better when they accompany something else more than likely another Bushwhacker. They wont replace a Bayou Gremlin but they do have a place as flankers or just distracting pieces.



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