Dystopian Wars V2 (what’s changed)

Mark has been at it again (good minion), he is going to have a look through what version 2 of the DW rules means for us all đŸ™‚ So enjoy;

Episode 1 :- where to start ?

I have had my first quick read through and from this you can see the game is going to play very differently. The main nation stats are out and certainly if you look at my French fleet as an example then you will have to rethink your squadron combinations. I want to get a test game in as soon as possible so I can get a better feel for how all the changes will work and I will come back with a further report after that.

So let’s start with the exploding dice system. Despite what I heard at Salute they have gone for the red blue black of Legions, ok you don’t strictly need three lots of dice you just need to be aware of the effect of a six when you are rolling and the terminology is as follows.

  • Exploding Red, this is as before where you get two hits and a re-roll for every six.
  • Heavy Blue, this is where you get your two hits but no re-roll.
  • Then you get Basic Black which gets you just one hit and no re-roll.

That’s one easy explanation out of the way now it gets complicated! Force List, it must contain one Large or Massive Squadron, one Medium Squadron, one Small Squadron.

One Large or Massive Model in the force should be identified as the flagship with the Commodore on board. At least 60% of the force value should be Core Force Models, (Core = Armoured Naval or Aerial) no more than 40% of the force value should be taken up by Non Core Force Models. On top of this the maximum for each size of model are as follows;

  • maximum 60% of Large or Massive models
  • maximum 60% of Medium Models
  • maximum 40% of small or tiny models

OK head hurting yet ? Now you need to consider Main Force and Strategic force (Advance Flanking or Reserve).

No more than 40% of the force may be allocated to Strategic forces. These Strategic forces allow various deployment options to you, and unless otherwise stated should never contain Large or Massive models. This is a lot of calculating designed to give a ‘balanced’ game and I suspect that it will not be quite as onerous as it sounds when you get going.

Next up Tac cards, these now replace your old card deck. There is a standard pack / deck of these and you will as time goes on get cards specific to your Nation / Selected Squadrons with which you can make up your playing Hand of cards. During the creation of your Force you select a deck of 16 generic cards you can then change some of those cards for Factional / Battle group / National Focus / Heroic Commodore cards.

Any you swap must have the same VP value as the card you are replacing and you can’t have two of the same card in your deck. From the deck you make an opening hand of two cards plus one card for every full 250 points of your Force total. The interesting part with these new Tac cards is that they cost you victory points to use them so you need to make sure you use them wisely.

To determine the winner of the game you draw a Field Order from the Field Oder pack / deck which give various Victory Conditions such as ‘ score at least 70% of the enemy Force Value in victory points’ this card is your target for achieving victory.

I am going to bring episode one to an end by saying that this all sounds slightly onerous in terms of just getting your models to the table and starting the actual game, but I suspect that once you get practiced it will become easier and quicker to get through the preparation and get onto action. I will be back with episode 2 but in the meantime I look forward to my first game and hearing from other players as to how their first games are going.


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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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