Bayou Bear – Mah Tucket

A special Bayou Bear this time as I am looking at Mah Tucket, but this is always being written to help me get something on her Pull My Finger Wiki page as well..


First up her stats and she is in a very nice place (for a gremlin);

She has good Df and Wp coming in above average while her wounds are also pretty decent, but really what is expected from a master. She should be able to stick around for a while. Importantly like Somer she is Ht 2 so wont get devoured like Ophelia can! Her Wk is OK while her Cg is only another inch on that which is a shame for the melee gremlin master!!

Cache of 4 is pretty good as well and she will be using them. Overall nothing spectacular but she is solid from a straight stats point of view.


Next up his standard abilities that he has access to.

Get Off My Land! – This is an interesting ability that allows her once Initiative on the 1st turn is decided to push 8″ if she discards a card. OK she can’t cross the centreline or take interact actions. But it does set her up nicely to pressure the opposition as she can be almost across the entire board after she activates. It is a bit of trap though as it gives her a first turn charge threat range of 19″ which is awesome but she would be very isolated with that!

Do It Right! – Once per Turn if a Gremlin in LoS fails any Ml Action, she can sacrifice the model to give all other Gremlins a positive flip on Ml actions for the rest of the turn. Now as this is just a failed Ml action you can use a gremlin to miss something on purpose even your own stuff. Just to get this going, naughty? maybe.

Chores – You get a bonus depending on which card you flip for initiative each turn.

  • Masks – Friendly models get to ignore severe terrain
  • Crows – When a friendly model is killed, anything within 1″ suffers 1 point of damage
  • Rams – Friendly models gain +1 Ml
  • Tomes – When a friendly Gremlin is killed you can draw 1 card

These are all interesting choices, they only one that is a bit lacklustre is Crows as so much has a longer range on Ml attacks that there will not be much in that 1″ bubble which is a shame.

Attack Actions

Giant Wooden Spoon – Low range but does have a decent Ml of 6 which is targeting Df. While the damage track is reasonable for a spoon coming in at 3/4/5.

  • Mask Trigger – Reposition – After damaging she can be pushed up to 3″ in any direction
  • Tome Trigger – SMACK! – After damaging the target can be pushed up to 4″ in any direction
  • Rams Trigger – Critical Strike – Add +1 damage for each Ram in the final duel total

All have their place depending what you are needing to get done.

Horrible Hollerin’ – With a Ca of 5 and a TN of 11 against the targets Wp plus excellent range of 12. Means this is something that is reasonable to get off. What it does is allow you to push the target 5″ in any direction, but you can only target a model once! Very handy for dragging something closer to you for a charge. As anything in range will be chargeable afterwards.

Tactical Actions

Mah has 2 different Zero point actions that are either defensive or offensive in nature.

Too Much Makeup –  If she discards a card she gains the Disguised condition. This means she can not be targeted by Charge actions. Which we all know is pretty powerful, on top of her decent stats.

Let Mah Handle This – Again she can discard a card, to push 6″ into base to base contact with a friendly model (and LoS) and then push the target 6″ away. This is actually very nice as it saves your AP to hit things with.

How I wish the next one was also a Zero point action 🙂

Aim For the Sore Spots  – An unusual ability that uses Ml as its stat, but what this means is any bonuses received for Ml count towards achieving this. The TN is 14, so you will be looking for an 8 to get this off. It grants The Bane of Kneecaps condition, which means she gains +1 Ml and extra 2″ on all Ml attacks, which is very nice.

  • Crows Trigger – Thwap! – After succeeding she may immediately take a (1) Ml Action, which helps with this not being a zero action 😉

Time to look at some of her upgrades, I am going to look at just those specific to Mah as the generic ones have been well covered. Plus I think they are generally best placed on henchmen and enforcers usually.

 Bounty – Is a 1 soulstone cost upgrade which: Allows all friendly Gremlins within LoS to gain the following Trigger to all Sh Attack.

Crows Paid In Full – After killing a target you can draw a card. This is interesting if you adopt a lot of shooting and keep Mah in view of them. OK gremlin shooting isn’t the best generally but any bonus is worth while.

 Out for Blood – Is a 2 soulstone cost upgrade which: This adds a trigger to the Aim For the Sore Spots Action.

Rams and Tomes – Cripple ’em – Mah can make a Charge Action (only use this  Trigger once per turn). This is huge as it can mean if done with her first AP she can get 4 hits out of her activation and even at weak damage that is a fair amount to hand out.

Know the terrain – Is a 1 soulstone cost upgrade which: This grants Mah the Diving Charge ability.

This lets her do Charge Actions while engaged and may ignore intervening models and terrain when making a Charge. This combines with Out fro Blood and means she can catch people of guard.

Lead Lined Apron – Is a 2 soulstone cost upgrade which: This gives Mah Armor +1, which just helps with her survivability.

So overall what sort of upgrades will we be taking for Mah? basically you should be looking at taking all of them except Bounty. As they all come together to make Mah a walking missile of green death!!

Thankfully bounty can have its uses but both Trixibelle and her Totem can be given the upgrade. So you can still get the benefits for your gremlin shooting.


I don’t see any bad match ups here for Mah, obviously reckoning is going to be one she could have a good go at. While the others she is ok at but it becomes about her build rather than her naturally..


Now for the schemes that work OK with Mah, she is going to be pretty good at the more killy ones that she can do herself. So Assassinate and Murder protegé are OK with her. As is Make them Suffer as she can be a whirlwind of spoony death.

Due to her speed (and crew) she could be pretty good at deliver the message and outflank as well. Basically like a lot of melee based masters you will rely on your crew for achieving victory while Mah goes and makes a pain of herself.


Very different master to play from other Gremlins but it is one that could be fun, especially against the less tough masters (or those) that sit more in the backfield as they tend to be squisher and she can get there pretty quickly.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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