Bayou Bear – Rooster Rider

Sometimes you don’t want Bacon (why I don’t know but anyway) sometimes you need some white meat to add flavour to your builds, then I think the Rooster Rider could be exactly what you are after.


So first off all we have a cost 6 minion which is average for most of Malifaux but expensive in a world of gremlins 🙂
His Df is average but he does have normal Gremlin Wp though, whether this is for the Rooster or the Rider its tough to say. What does make them impressive is the Wk (Cg is the same value) at a mighty 7, they can be quickly across the board with the minimum of fuss.


Next up his standard abilities;

Bayou Two Card –  A lot of gremlins have this ability and when you don’t want to waste your hand on them as you have plans afoot this makes it very handy to have

Reckless – It’s a gremlin this is almost a given 🙂

Roostercharge – This model may perform the (2) Charge Action as a (1) Action, very powerful as it means you can move and charge or charge and attack again or go focussed then charge. Allows for more options with your roosters.

Rampage –  This is an interesting one, when they are close to death (2 or less wounds) then when they take an action it  must declare a charge against  the closest legal target be it friendly or foe. This can happen even if it is engaged and also gains positive flips for attack and damage. A nasty ability if it is near your own troops but very nasty if you are in a cluster of enemies as you can bounce around charging things before you get taken down. Blaze of glory style 🙂

Attack Actions

Beak – Decent Ml and also nice damage track of 2/4/6 damage, you do have to take a trigger if you get one.

Stampede on Rams – Model suffers 1 damage and charges closest legal non-Pig target which it is not already engaged with. Again like Rampage you can make these charges while engaged, although you can only take this once per activation.

Rusty Rifle Average shooting with low damage (similar to a Bayou Gremlin gun) again you must declare a Trigger.

Dumb Luck on Rams – The trigger we all know and love.
Whoops, Ricochet on Crows – Basically you also ‘accidentally’ ping the closest friendly model for 1 damage.


These little guys will work well with anyone 🙂 they don’t need support like a normal gremlin. Due to them being temperamental when they start to take wounds. It’s best to keep them away from your own stuff therefore a flanking force anyway from the bulk of your stuff is sensible…..Yes Gremlins can be sensible!

They make great scheme droppers due to the speed in which they work, 21″ move with reckless means they can be anywhere you need them on the table in one turn.

But the possible damage output is what makes these boys so much to use they can kick out a LOT of attacks. Here is the dream outcome for a rooster rider before it dies.

  • Turn 1  – Go Reckless move up the board
  • Turn 2 – Go Reckless move around drop some markers etc.
  • Turn 3 – Go Reckless Charge something, on the second attack you get the ram trigger take a wound (this brings you down to 2 wounds) and charge for free again.
  • So we are at 4 attacks already with 2 AP left. Next action you have to rampage so charge again with positive flips, repeat for the last AP.

So that is 8 attacks, 4 of which have positive flips involved against 2 or more targets as there is nothing stopping you bouncing between 2 targets. Even at weak damage that is potentially 16 wounds spread around.

These things can really hand out damage!


Chicken missiles, this is what these guys are. A little glass cannon perhaps but whatever happens it will be hilarious. You may even do some marker drops as well..


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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