As you can see for the updates WAAC continues to slowly grow and I havent been driven insane yet πŸ™‚ or have I?

Anyway this week has seen more Orks being on show and I continue to be uninterested in the release schedule, still struggling to see why we cant have the book straight away. Well this month is Bears Birthday so trying to see what I fancy and it is going to be a tough one, sensible part of me wants to round out my CoC the magpie in me wants more Malifaux…


Oh my isn’t she a beast, loving the grown up nature of her.

Judging by her fluff as well, we will see a warlock her can tailor her beasts during the game πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing her on the table..

Although model balance could be interesting with that tail.


Its been a while but I am stumped with Malifaux. Been trying out Misaki and she has not slotted into place like the other masters I have tried. Somer, Ophelia, Yan Lo I am comfortable with (not good just comfortable) while Brewmaster and Ulix I have at least tried and got some bits down.

But Misaki the slippery minx is an enigma to me. Having been so use to masters that need to interact with their crew so much. Having a pretty selfish Master is very odd to me and I feel like I am missing a trick, this is compounded by me over reaching with her against models that she can’t take down quickly.

Need to learn masters are not her target but anything else is (well unless the master has not got a good number of Soulstones). Back to the drawing board with her, although at this stage I am tempted to get out Mei Feng and see how she fits with me and come back to Misaki.

Paint/hobby Corner

Change of pace this week, I have got another friend slowly into Malifaux πŸ™‚ but he wanted Guild 😦 in particular Peredita πŸ˜₯

Having picked up a metal version as part of a swap, we came to an agreement which meant I had to paint them as well. Thankfully he is not fussy so managed to knock out the whole crew in 3 evenings which wasnt too bad.


As you can see they are ‘tabletop quality’Β  despite the bad picture and flock still drying. Fun to paint as I always liked the Guild metals.

But what this means is I now have no excuse this week is the start of the Monochrome Yan Lo crew, I am both dreading and excited by this.. Hopefully I can achieve something I like (wont win awards but that isn’t why I paint).

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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