Monks of The Low River Review

This will be my first review of some of the new Malifaux plastics. I have discussed in the past the older plastics (my gremlins and the madness of Burt’s head being in 3 parts), but this is my first box of Mk2 plastics. Yes I am dipping into 10T before you ask 😛

The box is nicely done with the artwork (and the shiny M2E badge). I have to say I am still getting use to the odd shape boxes they are using, having got so use to the blister packs and the old box types. Daft hang up but meh.

Inside the box we have the one piece sprue for the 3 monks and the M2E cards (which are soooo much better than the old booklet types much easier t deal with) and a handy piece of paper pointing you to the online instructions. Nice way of saving on paper but stick the info on the box to safe a bit more (environmentally friendly bear)

The detailing on the models is crisp but not over the top, on bar with GW in my opinion for level of detail. I do have slight issue with have the have the pieces separated, it does feel like each one is too many pieces but I am being picky with that. The only other worry I have is how thin the staffs are, so very very thin.

Below are pictures of the models on sprue (pictures better than words…)

The build was relatively straight forward, no online instructions needed in the end. They fitted together well and the only issue I had was the one monk who only had one had for a connection point. He was a bugger so instead he is resting the staff on his knee!!

Clean up was easy with the mold lines being in ok places to deal with, but again the staffs were the problem for clean up.

Overall great models, with some stunning details. But like with some other Wyrd models the staffs are perhaps a little thin to be dealt with comfortably, both with clean up and transport. Apart from that a great kit to deal with 🙂

You can pick up your own Monks from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150



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