Busy bee again this week as WAAC slowly consumes me 🙂

I did manage to get some painting done though which is always a good thing!!

Games Workshop

The terrible realisation that I am no longer excited by GW releases has hit!! The orks are coming and well I am not interested, the idea of them finally having a big kit (stompa doesnt count due to separate rules needed) is not getting me hot under the collar!

These are orks I love orks even if mine have gone to a new home I have always loved orks but I now feel nothing. I did think it was just me not liking any of the latest releases but no, the week release schedule has killed the excitement for me personally. Perhaps I am too entrenched in other games at the moment but in the past when that was the case a GW release was always something to look at and maybe get a little excited about.

Now the magic has gone there is no more excitement because we have been blitzed to new release death. Weekly releases means no-one can keep up, there was hope that GE would start to fill in the gaps of the catalogue of older models (looking at you Chaos) and despite the rumours we are not seeing anything but the average month of releases spread over 2/3/4 weeks.

I gave it a chance but weekly releases has numbed me to GW, maybe in time I will come back round but for now after the initial ooo new model moment I think I will just paint what I have.


I have broken my KS duck for the year! Its another one that has caught my attention that can be played by rest of the family AND also is not hugely expensive (free postage in UK is always a winner).

So what is it that made the bear crack? well it is Luchador the Dice game go check it out as it looks like good fun BUT also it is second edition but they have an option for those with the first to buy in to upgrade to 2nd which is a nice touch as well.

Paint/hobby Corner

Nearly finished my Gremlin bits that I have to do, but I have finally finished some Eldar pieces 🙂 so thats Jetbikes and Shadow Spectres done!! Now the planning starts for some 10 Thunders fun.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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