Bandua Review

In todays post I will be looking at some terrain from the Bandua Wargames chaps over in Spain. They have a nice selection of stuff on there but today I will be looking at a couple of pieces from their Designed for Infinity range. But can be used in any Sci-Fi based game really..

There are 3 pieces I am going to be looking at some lets look at each in turn.

All of them come in a nice baggy with a picture of the finished article, they don’t come with instructions in there but most are pretty self-explanatory so there shouldn’t be any major problems.

Grain Container

This is the most unique piece of MDF scenery I have come across, because it is dealing with a tube.

Which turns out to be a piece of specific cut plastic, very nice idea.

The bits are very nice and clean, with plenty of little details added to the MDF. It goes together pretty easily and is pretty robust once built even with the plastic tube being the bulk of the piece.

As you can see it fits well into the 28/32mm sized games and will act as good cover for most games.

Radioactive Containers

On to some more containers, these are a bit easier as hexagons make more sense and as we all know hexagons are the future πŸ˜‰

These are a great way of bulking out your terrain as you get 2 containers in this pack. They stack really well as well so adding variation over the standard shipping containers.

As before really easy to put together, although harder than the grain container, mainly due to lining up the sides correctly with the ends and braces.


Final kit was also the biggest;

Although my pictures don’t show it this is also the one offering the most possible layouts of the building

Once the frame is built it is pretty much up to you how you build the walls. Even the doors have the option to be open or closed.Β  A bit of work would allow you to have both options for during games.

A very nice kit and came with a little hackers console for games of infinity. Again the building and kit are top-notch no issues at all.


The rise of the MDF scenery is continuing like a steam train, so people need to do more to stand out. Some of the stuff Bandua are doing is looking great and for those with an infinity leaning will love their work. But there is nothing to stop other games making use of this stuff as it fits well into most Sci-Fi based games.

Make sure you check out their other options such as the painting stations as well πŸ˜‰




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