#WAAC Commission Painting


Big thank you to Mr King for this offer during his Summer off from Uni, the young Whippa Snappa 😉

In 4/5 weeks I’ll finish Uni for the academic year and so have a 4 month long holiday (No, this blog is not about rubbing this in :P). So a few weeks ago I came up with the idea of doing some “commission” painting. I say it like this because it’s not your typical commission painting. I’ve been improving my painting over the past year and just want to keep that going. Problem is that I need models to paint. So my offer is to paint your models for little to no cost. All I would ask is you to pay postage, and then if you want to make a donation (mainly to cover cost of paints) it’s up to you. My painting is probably table-top standard. It might sometimes be slightly better or slightly worse. Best place to see pictures is looking through twitter (@Lemonconstruct).

If you want to, please get in contact with me, best place is twitter or here in comments. I won’t be painting much till exams are over, and I won’t continue after summer holidays end. This could mean I wouldn’t get an order finished or started even (depending on popularity).

Any other questions let me know.

Edit: Recently The Bear (@docbungle) has launched WAAC (Wargamers All Against Cancer) in support of this anything I make of this painting will be donated to WAAC

Commission Painting Idea

Want to get some minis painted? Want to help WAAC? Then click the link and make the lazy student do some work over the summer 😉


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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