Sky Fortress

What’s in the box review for Republic of France Dystopian Wars Vauban class HQ Sky Fortress

Inside the box you get all the parts to make one Vauban Class HQ Sky Fortress and nine Tiny Flier Tokens.


As you can see the usual good quality from Spartan, very little cleaning up required although there was a bit more work than usual needed on the tiny fliers and one of the under slung sections on the Fortress was a little bowed.

This is a very large model a true leviathan of the sky’s and as such can unleash a lot of fire power with four main (P) turrets as well as broadsides, torpedoes and rockets. The (P) turrets only have an offset arc of fire of 180 degrees which makes it impossible to get all guns on one target which is a shame. As usual with the RoF close range is where you gain and also as usual the CR rating is lower than you would like with 10 being 2 less than the sea going dreadnought, you do have 12 hull points though.

Electrical defences and security posts certainly make it a difficult target to take by boarding, and the radio network MAR gives you an extra game card (so you can have six) at least before ships start to get destroyed ! To finish a couple of shots of the assembled model, enjoy.



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