#WIPWednesday down by the bayou

I have been working on some proxies/conversions for my gremlins to give me some extra choices….Not that I have enough already mind but I am still waiting on Brewmaster (have I mentioned that before?). I have been working on 3 different pieces one being Old Cranky as I love the different option he gives Somer instead of Skeeters, then there is McTavish and some Gators for company.

Old Cranky

He has been based on a Bushido model from the Savage Wave faction, With weapon and hat from the old malifaux hats & guns accessory kit.


Next up we have McTavish and his trusty pet, this was an easy one as I had a spare Johan model lying around half-finished. After removing the Relic hammer and pistol, add a hat and gun plus some green stuff hair to hide the bits of hood I couldn’t remove. Add a lead for the gator (which is a titanforge one, very popular as they git well on 40mm bases) plus the bit of wood from the gator kit. We have the swampfiend.


Finally we have the other Gator I bought plus some green stuff ones I made using molds (using Blu Stuff)  to give me swimming gators showing head, back and a bit of tail.



Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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