Bayou Bear – Thats My Girl

Following on from Burts post, time for the other half in the shapely shape of Gracie.


She is pretty expensive but she is worth it as we will see, she is on a 50mm base so takes up a big area. Naturally she hides Burt (or other gremlins) very well with the base and her height.
Her Df is pretty average coming in at a 5 (which is impressive for a massive pig), while her Wp is good but not as good as Burt/Francios. Her Wk is slow she will not be moving quickly but her charge is better. Remember Sic ’em Girl from Burt though as this makes her faster than you expect (as well as her other abilities). Her wounds are pretty high, not master level but not far off.


Next up her abilities;

Armor +2 – Always good to lower damage, just remember a lot of things can ignore it. Does work well with Hard to Kill, means she is hard to shift.

Hard to Kill – As mentioned with Burt this is always good to keep her alive a little bit longer.

Unimpeded –  Being able to ignore severe terrain does help when she is so slow.

Eat Your Fill – After killing/sac an enemy she can heal all damage. What all this means is your opponent needs to put resources into killing her, because if they don’t she will keep coming and coming.

Attack Actions

Tusks – Decent Ml attack that is above average, but has a low range on it. Her damage spread is pretty good though. She must always declare a trigger if she can this generally means you are going to have a good/bad possibility like most Gremlins!

  • Tear ’em Apart on Rams – Target takes additional damage from the attack. It makes her very good damage spread terrifying for nearly everything bar other tanks/masters. She can one shot most on severe!!
  • Lie Down and Nap on Crows – After finishing the attack her activation ends, painful if this is the first attack. Although less so if you have remembered to use Riled up.

Take a Bite – Lower Ml than her Tusks (average) and also very low damage but it does have inbuilt Crows which is handy as;

  • Eat Anything on Crows – After damaging she heals a small amount. Not to be sniffed at when it is needed.
Tactical Actions

Riled Up – A 0 action that only requires a 7 to achieve. She takes a small amount of damage and gains Reactivate, this is huge for such a nasty model (I approve Wyrd). There is a lot you can do with this, but it also gives her a massive bullseye on her.


Now time for those upgrades she can take;

Saddle – Which costs 1SS, which only her and Old Major can take.
It grants her an ability, Climb On – which means when she takes a Wk action non-rooster (important bit to avoid gremlins riding roosters riding pigs) gremlin close by can be placed in base contact with her after finishing the move. It’s a great way to have Burt with her being pulled around together.

Corn husks – Which costs 2SS, which only Ulix and Pigs can take.

It grants her an ability, Corn Husks – Friendly Pigs ending activation within LoS of her may discard an enemy Scheme Marker to heal a little damage. Very nice way of removing enemy markers and healing up your pigs!

It also hands out the Trained Pigs ability which means Piglets in LoS can take interact actions as 0 actions.

Dirty Cheater – We now know this one very well and I am surprised pigs can take it as well. Would certainly be fun to give her this as well as Burt so they are both dirty cheaters.

I think generally you will we be using Saddle more than anything else in games, just for the added manoeuvrability it grants a gremlin.


If you need a heavy hitter in Gremlins it is hard not to look past Gracie and considering her size that is difficult anyway 😉 While Burt really needs a pig to get the most out of his triggers, Gracie is fine on her own. Add to this her Saddle upgrade she is going to be popular with slower or more static gremlins as she carts them round.

However she does appear to fit better in the same types of crews as Burt anyway, these being Somer and Ulix. With Somer loving a mount to move him around to be more mobile while he is summoning and Ulix because PIGS!! But generally anyone would love Gracie to turn up, honourable mention to Wong for his glowy fun.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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