Bayou Bear – Old Cranky

We continue the trip down into Bayou today with a look at Old Cranky the generic totem the gremlins now have access to from Wave 2.


He is one of the most expensive totems you can pick up, but in the right builds he is going to be worth it.
His Df is a little low but pretty average for a gremlin, his Wp is better than most of them of though, age and experience I suppose. His Wk is reasonable but he doesn’t have a Cg at all. He has the same number of wounds as a normal gremlin. Generally you want to keep him out of harms way so he can use his buffs!


Next up his abilities and for me this is where he shines and the reason to keep him alive as long as possible.

Duck! – Allows friendly models within 3″ to gain plus flips on Df duels, which is very nice. Especially on a master or piece you want to protect.
Wizened – In a similar way he also creates a decent sized bubble of +1 Wp. This is one of Gremlins weak points so anything to help boost is very handy. Makes Lenny’s Wp bad rather than laughable.
Old Scavenger – Once per turn when a friendly model dies within the same bubble as Duck! he can add a  Soulstone to the pool. This is a great ability, however it could be seen as a bit of a trap as he is too valuable to your gremlins to be that close to the enemy. So you will need to work on your balancing act, if you want to get the most out of it. On the plus side gremlins are easy to kill so at least you know you can get it off 🙂

Attack Actions

Walkin’ Stick – Very low Ml one of the worse around with low Rg and pretty low damage. You do not move Old Cranky into combat EVER.

Sawed-Off Shotgun – Average Sh but very low range of 6 means he will be in must models threat range for charge or even walk! Damage track is still pretty low however it does have blast damage which is always handy.

Slug is a trigger on Crows – Instead of blast markers you get to make an additional damage flip (uncheatable) against the same target, which can make the damage pretty scary. But at the expense of shooting again. Great trigger with the usual negative effect you expect in gremlins. This will generally make things wary of getting to close without being in combat.

Tactical Actions

Let Me Tell You a Tale, Sonny – A zero point action that allows you to discard a card to draw a card. Always handy if you don’t have suit you wish in your hand.


Any crew would benefit from some of Old Cranky’s abilities, boosting Wp is very powerful for the light guys and he makes a nice handler for Lenny.

It is also worth keeping him close to your master as again the Wp on top of Df positive flips means he is going to be making it harder for any nasty surprises.

As for which crews he fits into? Well, any being the generic totem. However he will struggle to replace some of the more orientated totems (Penelope and her bubble of pig control). But masters who can be tweaked with Old Cranky are Mah Tucket and Ophelia as they gain something else that their own totems dont bring.

However the stand out for me is Somer, the skeeters are nice missiles but require an upgrade card to make them worth while. Which if you are taking 2 of them means they are more expensive than Old Cranky plus with Somer being the more static master those bubbles become more important and as you are likely to have Lenny around as well, then he also gains from those bubbles!


An interesting totem that doesn’t really change how most master will play too much (exception of Ophelia, as she will probably not bother with her upgrades if using Cranky), but he does appear to be made for Somer in my opinion and a very viable option over the skeeters.


2 comments on “Bayou Bear – Old Cranky

  1. Love these blogposts about the Gremlins, they’re very helpful for someone trying to get back into the game.

    I really wish Old Cranky had a model!

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