Bayou Bear – Little trouble

Carrying on the Bayou bear articles, I am going to look at a double team like no other.

This first article will look at Burt Jebsen and then I will look at Gracie. With some cross-over between the two.


He comes in at the almost standard cost for a named Gremlin (which means you have nice way of chopping and changing easily 🙂 ).
His Df is pretty average coming in at a 5, while he is one of the few gremlins with decent Wp with a mighty 7!! His Wk is pretty average and Cg is not impressive but still better than his Wk. He has an average number of wounds which is helped by some of his abilities.


Next up his standard abilities;

Slippery – When he is attacked, he can pass the attack onto something close by to be the target. He is also immune to damage from pulses! This is great for having Gracie around as he can hand the damage onto her (as she can take it better). But it is also worth considering  doing it when low on health to keep him going alongside Hard to Kill. Worth noting as it has to be a legal target Ml actions could be harder to avoid if your model placement isnt spot on.

Hard to Kill – Great to keep him alive that little bit longer as one source of damage cannot one shot him.

Reckless – he is a gremlin so reckless is almost a given.

Its all in the reflexes – All gremlins should have a Df trigger and Burts is based on Rams, and it is a nasty one. If the attack is successful you deal uncheatable damage to the attacker, not enough to worry anything really but it will still put a dent in anything but masters.

Attack Actions

Lucky Knife – Decent Ml attack that carries BOTH suits he needs for his triggers (this is a luxury). The initial damage output is pretty average but can be augmented by triggers!

  • Critical Strike on Rams – hands out +1 damage for each ram in the duel total, what this means is if you flip a ram on top of the built one in. That knife suddenly becomes a lot scarier to deal with!
  • Sic ’em, Girl! on tombs – Again after damaging, you can push a friendly Pig into base contact with the target! Notice the subtle use of Girl, its almost like it is meant for Gracie 😉 works with all pigs obviously..

Backwater Pepperbox – An average Sh attack that carries the Ram built-in. Actual does similar damage to the Knife but with added blasts at moderate and severe.

  • Crazy on Ram and Tombs – Handy as in theory you could get 6 shoots out of him in one activation. Reliant on a lot of tombs to get it though. Still good to use action to get a couple of shoots then maybe try for Sic ’em Girl for piggy fun.
  • Sic ’em, Girl! on tombs – as above
 Tactical Actions

Crackerjack Timing – Interesting action which only needs a 3 to get off!! Target enemy model then all enemy models must pass a Wp duel or be pushed 5″ away. Now for crews that rely on each other or bubbles of effects then the possibility of being outside of these bubbles can be pretty huge. From a gremlin standpoint imagine not being in Lennys bubble of instant rams, very nasty!


A quick look at the upgrades he can take and there is only one that really stands out for me;

Dirty Cheater – A 1SS upgrade that grants the following;

Every time you cheat fate you heal a point of damage. Although low healing it can keep him going longer than usual. Very handy one to have around and honestly it is probably the only upgrade worth considering.


He has some very useful abilities that could help disrupt in certain scenarios. Crackerjack has very helpful uses based around moving things away from markers allowing you to claim them for yourself!

He has both decent attacks and without the usual tax of hurting yourself that gremlins carry! He can also be very hard to take down especially if he stays close to another target. Say Gracie 😉

He can fit in well with any master really and can go about his business without much support, in a similar way to Raphael and Francios. So that who he is really competing against (admittedly Franc gets the soulstone use bonus). However he is more reliable than either who would generally need triggers for the big damage, Burt does this more reliably and with less harm to himself!

However he does love pigs or anything he can pass damage onto (other gremlins work as well) and from a fluff stand point it has to be Gracie but really any pig will do!

For these reasons I can see myself using him in any crew. However an Ophelia crew would be low down the choices as she has 2 kin who can do similar things to what Burt can do. While both Somer and Ulix could be near the top of choices.

Somer as he loves everyone 🙂 while Ulix and Burt love their pigs.



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