Beared-itorial 60!!

Apparently I have done 60 of these things now, which is mightily scary :S So seems fitting I am going to spend the time ranting a little about, yep you have guessed it.

40 7th edition

So it is going to happen eventually, the surprise is only after 2 years. But then with the speed in which they have eaten through updating codices are we really surprised in the end?

So lets look at some of the rumours (even though there are White Dwarf pictures floating around it is only an article not the actual rules yet).

Psychic Phase – I like this, marries up well with WFB and to be honest getting all the powers done and dusted feels simpler than dealing with. I don’t buy the internet issue with it slowing down the game! Only slow magic phases in WFB are when you are dealing with Vampire Counts!

New Mission Cards – Supposedly we are seeing the possibility of the objectives changing through the game. I approve of this makes the game feel more dynamic, I hope it also means no hiding of objectives etc.

Daemonology – This could just be silly, so very very silly.

Unbound/Battle Forged – This the big one, the one that has caused the most rage (beyond the actual new edition)

It makes sense with all the talk about Forging the Narrative, maybe we should have seen the warning signs in their battle reports were they took anything!

The bonuses for using the FoC will be very important when facing an unbound list, so I will reserve judgement on this. But basically we now have 40K and Apocalypse in the same format, which I am sort of OK with.

So now we wait and see what happens later this month!

Nephilim Bloodseer

It’s finally here πŸ˜€ Would have liked a more static/noble stance, feel he is a little to leaning forward for me. But otherwise pretty cool.

In other scary news, it is amazing what the Hobbit (Kev Bryant) managed to do with his scratch build of it since he got bored with waiting;


The spoilers are out and I have to say, they are looking very cool both as models and rules. Am I tempted? No, not at all…..why are you looking at me like that?

Not sure about the facemask/helmet but the rest of the model is lovely..

Interesting model but the least interesting model for me.

This is my favourite heavy of the 3, its just nuts πŸ™‚ although I am worried about mold lines on the chain sections!!

Love the idea of the clamps just because I think of clamps from Furturama πŸ™‚

Drudges are drudges, wish there was a little more types as there is a lot of reputation, which is a shame now these are just plastics (general issue with PP units) but I do love the mind bender.

OK I admit it I will be getting the book and maybe a battlebox if there is one but we shall see if that happens.


No games this week, but I have managed to construct everything but Punk Zombies for my Yan Lo crew. I have to say Izamu is has to be my favourite Malifaux model I have owed, stunning piece. Suppose it helped he was easier to deal with compared to other Malifaux plastics..

Paint/hobby Corner

More work on Necrons and trying to get my second Prime Axiom done, which will be more brassy than steely like the original one. At least to help me not mark damage on the wrong one πŸ™‚

I am also trying to get going on the Eldar again as I have had a bit of a lull recently and really need to get at least a useable force painted..

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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