Bayou Bear – Feeling Lucky Punk?

So after the Somer post looking at him I thought with the help of people on twitter to not concentrate on masters for this post!

So with that in mind I am going to be looking at the hard man Francois La Croix.


So first off he is a henchmen (which means he can lead crews) which means when he has a Cache of soulstones he is sat on a healthy amount! While his soulstone cost is very nice for what you get overall.
His Df is the worse part of him coming in at a below average 4, this is made up by the gremlin god sized Wp. His Wk pretty average and the Cg is not impressive but still better than his Wk. He has a decent number of wounds and these are needed with that Df.


Next up his standard abilities;

Companion – is always nice if you have set up something for him to hit and you don’t want it changing before Francois activates.

Reckless – he is a gremlin so reckless is in abundance but this does grant him pseudo master status.

Squueel! Is the standard gremlin trigger on Df with masks. So always great to have to keep out of too much danger.

Attack Actions

Rough Rider – His gun has an OK Sh5 but he does have a decent range on it. The damage is not too bad either about average;

What really makes him dangerous as with normal Bayou Gremlins is Dumb luck which doubles the damage for taking damage. While his Loose trigger on crows gives an extra attack with the gun for the price of a wound, it is noteworthy to mention he can shoot 6 times in an activation with this.

Duelling sword – At a good Ml of 6 (with built-in ram) and decent range on it means he can have a n OK threat range! His pretty good damage track is made mental by dumb luck trigger with that built-in ram. He can in theory one shot nearly anything in the game with the his severe kicking out 10 wds!!!

Gremlin menace – Low range but with a decent Ca of 6 against Wp, which allows you to push Franc towards the enemy, at a similar range to his Cg. The added bonus is the target gains Boot Puddles which means negative flips when the target in turns targets Francois. Great if you have companioned with him prior to this, means any retaliation is hampered. More so if this is a one-on-one thing with little support for the target to call upon.

Tactical Actions

Showdown – is his only zero action which is pretty easy to get with any 5 needed to succeed. It is certainly good for when you need to do well in a duel as it grants positive flips to duel if he discards a card. Great if you hand is generally a bad one this turn as at least you can get something out of it..


Now time for those upgrades he can take;

Gremlin See – A 1SS upgrade that grants the following;
This is a zero action that allows you to discard a card to remove a condition. Cant deal with paralysis on him but interesting none the less.

Stilts – A 1SS upgrade that grants the following;
It creates a bubble of increasing height of models by 1, excellent if you are going against devour. But suffers when you consider some of Ophelia’s abilities to ignore Ht1 models in combat.

The big thing for this upgrade is ability to discard to reduce damage from an attack down to 0. This makes it almost worth it alone as he will be taking damage from himself anyway.

Team Work – A 1SS upgrade that grants the following;
All Gremlins in base contact are treated as height 2, this like stilts but you will suffer from blasts more with this.
The real La Croix – This allows Franc to move into base contact of a friendly model that is engage and then push the friendly model away. Adds some more movement fun for him although with the movement being the same as his charge (on top of Gremlin Menace) perhaps not the best choice for him.

Dirty Cheater – A 1SS upgrade that grants the following;

Every time you cheat fate you heal a point of damage. Although low healing it can keep him going longer than usual. Very handy one to have around!

Quality liquor mash – A 2SS upgrade that grants the following
Take a swig – Target model within a small area can make a healing flip. Means he can keep himself going if out on his own, he will probably be a bit selfish if given this upgrade generally.


Generally, Francois is going to be popular with any master, he is a cheap Henchmen that hits like a train. He can get by without any support, so you can send him on his way to cause damage and generally be a pain.

Throwing on the dirty cheater upgrade also boosts this lone ranger side of his game as well. I am finding him very helpful in both my Ophelia (obviously) and Somer crews; One because Kin and the other when you can out-activate he can really go to town without reprisals.


If you only want to spend much for a decent hitter you wont find better in Gremlins.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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