Busy Bear is busy this week! Managed to go to a great event over in Halifax Ran by Mike3838 on the wyrd forums. In which I managed to get a few games in, one with my new Yan Lo crew (dont judge me). I have a great game versus MythicFox, and also a henchmen game!

Suppose the other big thing is congrats to Mr Hugo from Ichiban painting for getting his line of G&G brushes funded on KS (HERE). They do look like very nice brushes, which is probably why I wont back just because I abuse my brushes and would be to scared to use them :S

Something I found

Mechanical Warhorse have created some lovely wound trackers for models. Now at the moment it is for round bases not round lipped bases, but these have a few uses for both Warmachine (remember to measure for the actual base) but also condition marking in Malifaux (poison/burning etc.) ones to watch out for then!

Forge World

Bravo to FW this week for releasing the 30K army list (and legion list) as separate books! Especially at the same price as a 40K codex, this is a huge well done from me and now means I will need a lot of will power to ignore the idea of a 30k army. I will be strong……….honest!!


So the hobbyfaux event then, was a great idea and would to see another happen again. Tournaments are good fun and it is surprising what you can learn in a small amount of time, however this sort of event was a lot more relaxed and great to play against people you wouldnt normally. I have no pictures, never even entered my mind :S

But I have to say Fanboy3 sending some merch over the Pennines to tempt us, while they also had MiniPainting Lessons over for people to ask questions or just watch him paint some sexy models. So I managed to get 3 games during the day 40, 50 and 25SS respectively.

Game 1 – Having managed to build my Yan Lo crew the night before and due to the time we got there. I ended up playing against my buddy and his bloody Ressers! Anyway 40SS game Yan Lo vs McMourning ended up a 8-8 draw.

Highlights include a dying Izamu taking Rafkin with him, the Niece taking poison off Yan Lo all the time, Ashigru actually being pretty hard to shift and Yan Lo jumping around trying avoid everything to claim some points for Protect territory.

Game 2 – Playing against the mighty MythicFox and his Kaeris crew. I decided to give Ophelia another go just because I have in the past struggled to get her (and Young LaCroix) activations right, plus treating her too much like a Warcaster/Warlock means she couldn’t do what she needed to. I lost 10-6, mainly down to not having the speed to get to the strategy markers to claim them meant I had an uphill battle.

On the plus side I did managed to hand out a lot more hurt than in previous games with the Kin, so I am feeling a little happier with how she can play. Although I still feel I will generally only take her if I have to kill anything. Most other times I generally reach for Somer.

Did avoid the crux that is Lenny and didnt use and let the cards decide when I have dumb luck πŸ™‚

In other news Pere survived the game some how…

Β Game 3 – Due to time this was only a Henchmen game, in which I used Francios VS Kang. I ended up winning this 7-6 mainly as we both did well on schemes but forgot about Reconnitor :S

Have to say a fun game with low model count and can see me playing a few more Henchmen games just to shake it up a little. That plus I managed to create the unkillable Rapheal with Dirty Cheater who really annoyed a rail golem πŸ™‚

Overall a great event, that more people should look into, something bigger than a club night but more relaxed than a tournament πŸ™‚ Bravo Mike3838..

Paint/hobby Corner

I have been playing around with those salty necrons, you may have seen on Wednesday and I have also been painting Legion again.

Been a while since I painted any due to burnout prior to a tournament last year, but I am back on them and hoping to get another chunk done. Certainly in time for the new book I want my Epic Abby..

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.



2 comments on “Beared-itorial

  1. Sounds like a good event. I’m interested in the whole ‘bigger than a club night but more relaxed than a tournament’ thing – how was that billed and how popular did it prove? I would be worried that it would pull in neither the casual gamers nor the hardcore tournament people.

    Also, only losing 10-6 to James is quite a feat, he is among the strongest Malifaux players I’ve ever faced.

    • Think there was around 10-12 people there, so not bad for a start. With about quarter counting themselves beginners then myself and mate who know their crews (sort of) but lack knowledge beyond that.
      Could see it growing with a push, but needs a reasonable local community. As you say not the pull of a tournament to drag the likes of the tractor massive up north πŸ˜‰

      Cheers, his early game speed did me for the strategy. Another turn and could have maybe push for some more points due to really hammerig his crew.

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