Adepta Piraticus

So thanks to some Gits on Twitter looking at you @robhobart and @TheBlueHeretic.

I have been mulling with the mad idea of Pirates in sppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccceeeeeeeee.

Its one of the few things GW havent touched upon alongside vikings, vampires, templars, monks etc. So with this in mind what does the internet have to say? Well after some searching and surprisingly not much stuff was found but I did find 2 pieces of (eight) awesome.

This artwork for a Space Marine Pirate with shoulder padded parrot in tow. Now this is Cool!

I also found this on which is even more awesome and also something I couldnt hope to match!!

You can see close-ups of sexy HERE. It has help give me ideas for a possible loyalist army of pirates. As we know Pirates are the Robin Hood of the sea…

Which Dex

First up which Codex is going to work best for the Sea Salts, the obvious one is going to be Space Wolves. I mean Vikings and Pirates are pretty close right? Now one that I thought could also be close is Iron Hands, hear me out.

They have a lot of augments and love keeping vehicles up and running, and what do Pirates have/need? Peg legs and Hooks alongside needing to keep their ships in order. See not completely insane!

So at this point we are going with a loyalist rule set. Next up is the sort of models you would need for such an endeavour..


The easiest one is to use Broadside Bart from PP as a Captain, done!

Then we have the difficult position of should pirate marines be converted SM or CSM. Trouble is I can see uses from both sides.

Vehicles are easy just stick one of the sails from the Dark Eldar kits on the top… Job done πŸ˜‰ The biggest problem is that you think of space pirates you immediately go to steampunk look and I think anything else is going to be difficult to get past. Especially as I see Terminators as Big Daddy types from Bio shock.

It’s almost to easy to make the leap with them! So clearly the models are going to need some work but the idea of a power hook instead of a power fist could be VERY funny πŸ˜‰

I suppose then we will need lots of beards involved so a nod to the space wolves could be in order.


This is a tricky one, as any sea colour like above would work, but most pirates seem to be black/reds/browns. OR we just run with this;

Naming Troops

Moving onto a linking a pirate crew to choices within the SM army I have borrowed a list made up HERE, which will do very nicely. From this we can tweak and what not to see where we end up..

  • Captain – Chapter master/Captain
  • First Mate – Chaplain/Company Champion
  • Bosun – Company Champion/Veterans
  • Navigator – Librarian

  • Master Gunner – Techmarine
  • Cook/Surgeon – Apothecary
  • Cabin Boy/Powder Monkey – Scouts
  • Sailors – Marines

While all vehicles need good ship names Mary Rose for drop pods (google it πŸ˜‰ ) for instance.

So overall am I insane?



Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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