Rivet Wars after playing thoughts.

After Final Gamez had some initial thoughts on Rivet Wars HERE

They have dipped a little further with some more thoughts after getting some games in..

So finally got to play Rivet Wars the other night, had a couple of games.

Only did the first two scenarios, which didn’t involve using the cards. 
So lets start with the basics, we know I like the models, I think they are genius and very simple but so detailed and so amazing and rather cute! Let’s not deny this they are. 
Now the rules work, and I think we interpreted them fairly well. So if we got it wrong then I have just played a really fun made up game, if I got them right then I just played a really fun game that someone else made.
And it is fun, it’s very fast, no need to worry about army lists and that, you start each turn with an allowance of deployment points, which you can’t carry over! An rivets which you can. So working out what’s going on the table is done on a turn by turn system.

To continue reading hit the link..


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