Dystopian Wars Tactics

I have been asked to have a look at posting my thoughts / ideas on Fleet build / Tactics for Dystopian Wars.

I am a bit cautious about this as I find these things are down to personal opinion and feeling, after all that’s what makes the game one commander controlling his forces against another. So here goes remember this is my opinion and may not win you your next game !

Of course if you do win I take full credit 🙂

Just lately I have been looking at what are the best / most useful small ships to take for my RoF fleet, the choice being between the Lyon Frigate, chevalier Destroyer and Alma frigate.

They are all as you would expect close, however, I do wonder if the Destroyers are worth taking at all ? Looking at the stats there are a lot of the same figures on each card so let’s focus on the differences.


The destroyers only have rockets which are subject to AA defensive fire OK they have the pack hunter MAR which adds at most three dice to your attack but does this make up for that? Not in my opinion. The Alma’s have the same fire power but it’s gunnery with no defensive dice, they can also move over land at will and have a 360 ark of fire.

The Lyon has dual fire power although it lacks range band three, forward firing torps and broadsides, the torps are subject to CC defence but if you can manoeuvre to use both it’s still quiet a punch for your points. The cost is a factor with the Alma’s at 35 the destroyers at 30 and the Lyons at 25.

Of course in the small category you also have the Requin attack craft and the Epaulard submarine but both those have more of a specialist use and would not be a standard take, in my fleet at any rate, although there is talk of an Epaulard mk11 a’ la’ Toulon mk11 which could make it more useful in general play. In conclusion I would take the Alma’s if I could afford it and the Lyon’s if I couldn’t, of course you need to make your points allocation for a legal fleet and that can cause a bit of a juggle as well but there again the Alma’s can be useful as the higher points cost means you can look at different mediums or heavies.
During the course of writing this I have been to Salute and spent an interesting time talking to the Spartan guys about the new Dystopian Wars rules version 2.0 it appears that they will not be going to the three colour dice system as most people expected so we await this with interest, release date is late May.

Happy Gaming Guys.


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