Scratch Building Tanks Tutorial by Kamui

Over on the Creative Twilight blog (which does a lot of good stuff go read them), they have slowly been going through an extensive tutorial into scratch building tanks.

Even though my orks have been passed on there is still some green in me so this tickled the hobby buds (like taste buds but shinier).

So for those lazy out there I have collected the links and stuck them belwo (you really need to see this process)

  1. Getting started
  2. Basic structure
  3. Detail
  4. More detail
  5. Tracks
  6. Weapons
  7. Finishing touches

and for those that are even lazier here is a comparison shot of a Chimera and the tank..

Told you it was awesome 🙂


6 comments on “Scratch Building Tanks Tutorial by Kamui

  1. I really appreciate the blog pimping!

    Yeah, Kamui’s tutorial on that is crazy. I love scratch-building but I can’t say I would have gone through all the work he did. I think my patience would have worn out halfway through the process.

  2. I’ll second Thor’s thanks for pimping the blog!

    I’m glad you like the tutorial. I hope it inspires some people to do more scratch-building. For me the details are the fun part because that’s what makes the difference between a finished model and a tank-shaped box. It’s not the easiest way to build an army but it is rewarding!

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