Well a huge weekend this weekend. Not only is it Salute weekend (and I hope those that made it, enjoyed it). It was the weekend my daughter was born 2 years ago!! Yes 2 years ago, no idea how that happened.

However I would like to thank the other half for bringing into this world such a beautiful little girl, she aint a baby any more 😦 So happy birthday Cub I know you will have a ball with your presents 🙂 Imperial Knight is OK for a 2yo right?

New Writers

Again second plug for writers 🙂 I have found ‘willing’ volunteers for Infinity, Guild Ball, Dystopian Wars. So if there is a system you don’t think I cover well OR fancy flexing your writing arms please let me know 🙂


This week in my long road to playing as much gremlins as possible I have tried Mah Tucket. I didn’t fair to well, but then over any of the other crews I have dealt with it was odd not having the Df triggers I have got use to.

But Mah is pretty tough and the speed in which she can move around is pretty respectable. A possible threat range of 15″ just within her activation is pretty nice, the only problem is she can leave her crew far far behind and that is a problem.

I will certainly need to have a few more games with her, as she has proven trick to get down in my head over some of the other masters.

I am finding that after a game generally I would have liked to have played Somer and been out-activating the opposition, it is a powerful place to be.


But now for the exciting part, Wyrd released their latest free magazine of Chronicles and well it was heavy with Gremlin artwork from Wave 2 models 🙂



Mah Tucket

Mah Tucket

Mancha Roja

Mancha Roja

Lovely Assistant

Lovely Assistant

New GW Site

Not going to say much, but it is sensible to at least mention it! Nice clean looking e-commerce site.

Lets face it that is what it is a shop front, no blog, no FAQ links. Will these things appear? who knows but for the moment GW and settled for buy stuff and use the rules as a suggestion only. I hope it isnt as the hobby is what keeps them going, keep chipping away at it and only bad things will happen 😦

Dozer & Smigg


Its been a while since I have been tempted by another faction in PP universe but these guys; They have me tempted, very tempted indeed..

Paint/hobby Corner

For those that follow me on Twitter, you may know I have been struggling with my WoC finding the motivation to keep going with them (and with WFB). But I am trying to keep going and as such I have managed to paint the hellcannon in a week and I am moving onto Knights see if I can keep this ball rolling.

Time will tell I suppose! Also still waiting on Brewmaster

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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