Rivet Wars – A first look

This is ashamedly borrowed from Final Gamez, mainly because I apparently made him make a Cap’t America paint job……I didnt honest.

I rarely blog about anyone elses games.
I never blog about my warhammer collection both 40K and Fantasy. GW Don’t really need my support.
Though now I am not actually writing my own, it seems I can talk about the few that catch my attention.

Rivet Wars though from the first moment I saw the kickstart I thought okay this looks interesting, why don’t I have the funds to put money down! I didn’t so I waited, and waited hoping it would go mainstream.

Several months down the line, and a lot of keeping my eye on the web site, watching the how to videos and the production of the whole thing long after the kickstarter had finished. I am floating around in amazon and it pops up in the lists, so having a bit of cash I picked it up and here it is.

If you want to read the rest of the of the thoughts you know what to do 🙂



One comment on “Rivet Wars – A first look

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