What is to say but here is Commander Strykers bestest friend.

How can you turn down some pathfinding fun, I have tried eStryker without it and isn’t always the case you really need pathfinder! So I wont be leaving home without home from now on.


2 comments on “Runewood

  1. He looks good. I like his base. I’m surprised you didn’t take advantage of the cape hem, and hit that raised lettering stuff 😛 And is the silver on the bronze pauldrons there purposely? I like your color scheme, and it’s very similar to my wife’s Khador scheme. You’re pulling it off well. I’m seeing a lot of edge mistakes though, like on the Cygnus on the cape. There’s a lot of blue in there on the edges, and I don’t think your paint is blending very well in your layers.

    • Cheers for the comment. I dont pretend to be the greatest painter 🙂 I aim for tabletop standard so it looks ok at distance. I am never going to subject my jobs to CMON 😉 but always trying to improve so thanks for the spots will push to improve

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