Campaign Scenario additions

A What’s in the Box review for Dystopian Wars. Merchant Navy convoy and Towns and Installations set.

At the club I attend currently we are playing a campaign and these packs have come in very handy to embellish the scenarios available.
First up The Merchant Navy Convoy.

In the box you get one Titan Class Troop Ship, two Apollo Class Support Carriers, six Medium Merchantmen, three Oil / Weapon Rigs and one A5 Stats Booklet;




The models are nicely sculpted with very little trimming / cleaning required as you can see from the pictures, unusually for dystopian wars you have one hell of a lot of small parts with which to make your rigs and ships complete, I counted 71.

The booklet describes the various versions of ship / rigs you can have and includes a sample scenario.
Next up the Towns and Installations Set.

This is a great way to get a lot of buildings for your land and or island based scenarios, we play purely Naval / Air at our club but still find this great for the campaign / scenario games. What you get in the box is :- one large military bunker plus various nations drop on’s, three medium military bunkers, four small military bunkers, six triple warehouses, ten single warehouses, three refineries, one manor house, one medium house, five small houses, one Zeppelin tower, one capital building, and three dock cranes.



As you can see from the box cover and pictures this provides you with a lot of buildings, more than enough to set up an industrial town / port and make your game table look good. Happy gaming one and all;

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