Soo much time I have lost this week, real life getting in the way means a sad bear

Horus Heresy

Well the 3rd book has been previewed by Forge World:

With the Imperial fists, Iron Warriors, Raven Guard and Alpha Legion coming I am pretty excited by how they will show the differences between IF and IW.

and I suppose we have to mention Horus himself:

He is certainly impressive, but part of me feels for what he represents he isnt impressive enough, how they could have achieved this I dont know. Maybe I need to wait to see what he is like in real life as that base makes him look a little small..

Also I may not be doing HH, but my word I like this model..

Paint/hobby Corner

I have done a tiny bit on some Boomhowlers but at the moment not much else.

I have my eye on doing some more legion painting soon just to break things up again since it is 4 months since I painted any of my LoE.

I am also musing on a Marcus crew for Malifaux and some of the basing fun I can have with a lot of beast models..

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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