These posts seem to be coming along more often than before! Has it really only been a week?


Unusually this isn’t related to the Cub, but to some new Chaos Space Marine shiny things. With the Hellbrute and Crimson Slaughters (supplement) codex coming. Are things looking a bit more interesting for CSM, considering all the moaning about just 1 build possible? Time will tell but even if the HB isn’t the best choice for its FoC at least it will look awesome doing what it can.

BFG Space port

Shout out to Mr Lee one of the Shellcase writers for his amazing BFG space port;

It is very very nice I think you agree πŸ™‚ He needs your help deciding on the colours, so head on over and give him a vote HERE

Flock and Awe

Speeding along the with more regular episodes so check out episode 11 where we look at Infinity.


Still trying to figure out which Master I should look at first Wong OR Ulix! Pigs or Fireworks… I am liking the idea of Wong and some of the Shenanigans he can do, however I do have a soft spot for bacon.

Warmachine ‘rules’

An interesting thing appeared this week from the PP forums around if a unit has models of a certain sub-set then does the whole unit count as that type for spells.

You can read the thread here!

It has certainly brought some interesting ideas to the fore with Murdoch and Merc units, as he is a trencher. Which means Finn now can desperate pace a lot of different units. Faster dwarves could be an interesting one. It certainly sets a precedent, one that makes sense as rules as written. Was that the intention all along who knows but I can see Finn becoming popular all of a sudden πŸ˜‰

Interesting one of my eCaine test lists from a while a go had Boomies with Murdoch and trencher commandos and Finn as I wanted to give them a go. Now it seems I was onto something without knowing, which is the story of my life really.

Paint/hobby Corner

I have finished the next batch of CoC so expect pictures……eventually!

I have finally got round to building my Boomhowlers for no other reason than I really should get them sorted and I have a Vengeance event coming soon so be shame not to be fully painted (I need all the points I can get)

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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